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TikTok AI Analytics

Find all the important things you need to know about an TikTok profile with High Social’s TikTok Profile Analyzer — a reliable and advanced AI tool that you can use for free and with no log-in or app installation required.



Still have questions? Email us and we can help with any additional

Still have questions? Email us and we can help with any additional questions!

If you want to find out how any TikTok account is performing, use High Social’s TikTok profile analyzer tool. All you need is a TikTok username to find out general information. Some of this information includes key metrics such as total likes, views and comments, and active engagement rates. 


To grow your TikTok presence,  use our profile analyzer to see how users with similar content perform. Analyze their profiles to see where you have gaps in your content. Or, check out your own profile to gauge how well your content does.

There’s no need to log into your TikTok account to use the High Social TikTok profile analyzer. Nor do you need to install a third-party tool. However, we do request your email address for unlimited free use of the tool.

All you need to use the profile analyzer tool is a user’s TikTok username or handle. When you log into TikTok, you can find a user’s handle next to their profile picture. Copy and paste it into the profile analyzer tool, then click the blue “Analyse profile” button.

You can only analyze one profile at a time with the High Social tool. However, you can use it as often as you want, so you can explore as many profiles as you want. 

The High Social TikTok profile can analyze any profile as long as it’s a public profile. You cannot analyze profiles the owner set to private. With private profiles, High Social can only see the same content you can.

Yes, the profile analyzer tool can help boost your TikTok growth. When you survey your profile, you gain insight into understanding your audience. You’ll know which posts your audience gravitates towards so you can adjust and optimize your content accordingly. Additionally, you can analyze your competitor’s profile to get a glimpse into their engagement levels and performance. Then, learn from their successes and failures and implement these strategies into your social media content and posting plan.

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