How To Make a TikTok Sound Your Alarm: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Last Updated: Sep 25, 2023

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In this digital age, smartphones have become indispensable tools for various aspects of our lives. This includes waking us up in the morning. While traditional alarm clocks serve their purpose, why not add a touch of fun and personalization. This can be done by using TikTok sounds as your alarm? In this article, we’ll show you how to make a TikTok sound your alarm, allowing you to start your day smiling.

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Things You Need To Set up Your TikTok Sound Alarm

Before diving into nitty-gritty of making a TikTok sound your alarm, here’s what you need to have:

  1. A TikTok Account: You’ll need a TikTok account to access the vast library of TikTok sounds. If you don’t have one, don’t worry; it’s quick and easy to create.
  2. A Smartphone: You’ll need a smartphone, as TikTok is primarily a mobile app. It works on both Android and iOS devices.
  3. Alarm App: While TikTok can be your source of entertainment, it may not be the most reliable alarm clock. We’ll explain how to integrate TikTok sounds into a dedicated alarm app for a more dependable wake-up call.

Finding the Perfect TikTok Sound

Wondering how to make a sound on TikTok your alarm? Well, now that you have the necessary tools, let’s hunt for the ideal TikTok sound to start your day.

Step 1: Open TikTok and Search

  • Launch the TikTok app on your smartphone and log in to your account.
  • Tap on the search icon (usually a magnifying glass) and enter keywords related to the type of sound you want. For instance, you can use keywords like “upbeat,” “morning vibes,” or simply “alarm sounds.”

Step 2: Browse and Listen

  • Scroll through the search results and tap on videos that seem promising. Listen to the sounds used in these videos to find one that resonates with your morning mood.
  • When you find a sound you like, tap on it to open the video and take note of its name.

Step 3: Save the Sound

  • Below the video, you’ll see a spinning vinyl record icon with the sound’s name next to it. Tap on it.
  • You will now be on the sound page. On the bottom-right corner, you’ll find a download arrow. Tap on it to save the sound to your TikTok library.

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Setting Up Your TikTok Alarm App – Download the Sound

You can get TikTok sounds on your phone in different ways. Here’s how to make a sound from TikTok your alarm:

Method 1: Using a TikTok Sound Downloader App

A helpful app called “TikTok Video Downloader” makes it easy. Here’s what you do:

  1.  Find the TikTok video with the trending sound you want.
  2. Copy the link to that video.
  3. Open the “TikTok Video Downloader” app on your phone.
  4. Paste the video link into the app.
  5. Press the download button.

Method 2: Using a Website Called “MusicalDown”

You can also use a website called “MusicallyDown” to do the same thing but with some extra options:

  1.  Find the TikTok video with the sound you like.
  2.  Copy the video link.
  3.  Go to the “MusicallyDown” website on your phone.
  4.  Paste the video link there.
  5.  You can choose if you want subtitles or pick your preferred sound quality.
  6. Hit the download button, and you’re all set!

Method 3: Screen Recording

You can record your screen if you don’t want to use apps or websites. Here’s how:

  1. Find the TikTok video with the sound you want.
  2. Play the video on one device (like your computer or another phone).
  3. Use another device (like your phone) to record the video while it’s playing.

This method might not give you the highest quality, but it works if you prefer not to use apps or websites.

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How To Make a TikTok Sound Your Alarm on Android

For Android users, here’s how to make a TikTok sound your alarm on Android:

  1. Download a Customizable Alarm App
  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Search for “customizable alarm clock” or “alarm app” and download one that suits your preferences. Some popular options include Alarmy, Sleep Cycle, and Timely.

  1. Configure the Alarm
  • Open the alarm app and create a new alarm.
  • Look for an option to set a custom alarm sound. This is usually in the alarm’s settings or sounds section.
  • Select “Choose from Library” or a similar option, which will allow you to access your TikTok sound library.

How To Make a TikTok Sound Your Alarm on iPhone

Here’s How to Make a TikTok Sound Your Alarm on iPhone for iPhone users. It’s just as easy as it is for Android users:

  1. Find Your Desired TikTok Sound: Start by locating the TikTok video or sound you’d like to use as your iPhone alarm tone.
  2. Visit Go to the website, which provides a way to download audio from TikTok.
  3. Paste the TikTok URL: Copy and paste the TikTok video or sound URL into, then click the ‘download audio file’ option. In some cases, the website may take you to a black screen with an audio player. If this happens, click the three dots and select ‘download.’
  4. Import to iTunes: After downloading the audio file, import it into your iTunes library, where your music is on your computer.
  5. Add to Your iPhone: Ensure the TikTok sound is in your iTunes library. You can add it to your iPhone’s saved music if it’s there.
  6. Set Your Alarm: Open the Clock app on your iPhone and tap the ‘+’ button in the top right corner to create a new alarm.
  7. Choose Your Alarm Sound: After setting the alarm time, tap ‘Sound.’ Your downloaded TikTok sound should be available to select under the ‘Songs’ tab. If you can’t find it, tap ‘Pick a song’ and navigate to it within your iTunes library.

Making Your TikTok Sound Your Alarm

Now comes the exciting part – turning your chosen TikTok sound into your morning alarm:

  1. Select Your TikTok Sound. When the alarm app prompts you to choose a sound, navigate to your TikTok sound library. Find the sound you saved earlier, select it, and confirm your choice.
  2. Set the Alarm Time. Configure the alarm time to your desired wake-up time. Be sure to double-check that the alarm is enabled.
  3. Save Your Alarm. Save your alarm settings, and you’re all set. Your chosen TikTok sound will now be your alarm tone.

Rise and Shine With TikTok – The Benefits for You To Enjoy

Now that your TikTok sound is your new alarm let’s see how it can transform your mornings:

  • Wake Up Happier. Start your day with a smile as your favorite TikTok sound gently wakes you up. Whether it’s a catchy tune, a funny quote, or a motivational message, you’ll be more motivated to get out of bed.
  • Enjoy the Variety. With TikTok’s extensive sound library, you can switch up your alarm sound whenever you want. This means you’ll never get tired of waking up to the same old sound.
  • Stay Inspired. You can choose TikTok sounds that inspire and motivate you, setting a positive tone for your entire day. Imagine waking up to the sound of your favorite motivational speaker or a clip from your favorite book.

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TikTok Sounds To Wake You Up Everyday

How to make a TikTok sound your alarm is a fun and personalized way to start your day. You can infuse your morning routine with energy, motivation, and creativity with a few simple steps. So, explore TikTok’s vast sound library, and let your alarm clock become a source of inspiration and positivity. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself waking up with a smile, ready to conquer the day ahead. Enjoy your TikTok-powered mornings.

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