TikTok Thanksgiving Recipes for a Sumptuous Holiday Spread

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Last Updated: Oct 30, 2023

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And just like that, fall is here. The holiday season is just around the corner, with Thanksgiving ushering in the excitement and cheer. Are you making your Thanksgiving meal plan for your family get-together? Serve up a sumptuous spread that everyone will enjoy with these TikTok Thanksgiving recipes!

A tablescape features a wide variety of dishes for Thanksgiving.

TikTok is the New Haven for Foodies

From chefs to culinary aficionados, moms, and singles always cooking for one, watching cooking videos is a staple. As the preferred platform for bingeing short and engaging videos, TikTok becoming a new haven for foodies and food trends is not at all surprising.

Are you looking for substitutes for an ingredient? Do you want to know how to make your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant? Need easy and healthy meal ideas for your kids? TikTok has all the answers to these questions and more!

The platform delivers more than bite-sized musical content, funny antics and outtakes, product reviews, and beauty tutorials. Recipes, restaurant and food recommendations, and the ubiquitous and “mandatory” don’t-dig-in-until-I-take-a-pic-of-the-food photos are also on the menu. So, if you’re looking for meal ideas for this coming Thanksgiving, TikTok won’t disappoint!

A Cornucopia of Thanksgiving Meal Ideas

From nibbles to a full banquet, dig into the cornucopia of Thanksgiving meal ideas that TikTok offers. These recipes for a filling and heart-warming three-course meal will give you and your loved ones more reasons to be thankful! You’re welcome!


Warm up everybody’s appetite with these appetizing starters.

  1. Smokey carrot dip with hazelnut. This Middle Eastern-inspired dip is both sweet and savory. In a food processor, just blend chickpeas, sliced carrots, hazelnuts, olive oil, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Check out @lahbco’s full recipe on TikTok. This one goes perfectly with chips, cornbread, or vegetable slices.
  2. Cranberry and brie bites. This three-ingredient recipe will be an instant hit and start a new holiday tradition. Make sure to get these ingredients on your grocery run: Pillsbury rolls (or your preferred pre-made dough), cranberry sauce, and brie cheese slices. You can also make your cranberry sauce from scratch if you’re not a fan of canned. 
  3. Creamy cheesy dip. Who says kids can’t enjoy appetizers? Serve this flavorful dip in the shape of a turkey or pumpkin. Throw some crackers and pretzels, and watch the kids devour it in the blink of an eye. The grown-ups will want to have a taste, too!

Friends share a toast with their drinks over a table filled with Thanksgiving food.


Try these filling entrées that will keep your family and guests coming back for more.

  1. Mac ‘n cheese. Add a herby twist to this classic kids’ favorite to level up your mac ‘n cheese game! Don’t worry; the children will still love it, and the grown-ups will beg you for the recipe. The recipe calls for penne pasta instead of macaroni, some heavy cream, shredded cheddar, white cheddar, pepper Jack, and a variety of herbs. 
  2. Cornbread casserole. Cornbread is a must on any Thanksgiving table. And what’s Thanksgiving without a casserole? This recipe combines both with only a few ingredients!    
  3. Crispy, juicy turkey. The star of any Thanksgiving table, this turkey recipe gives you crispy skin and juicy meat. What’s the trick? It’s brining and drying before cooking. 
  4. Cheesy au gratin potatoes. Move over mashed potatoes; a new rockstar potato dish is on the table. This gratin potato recipe makes for a great side and a midnight guilty pleasure indulgence. You’ll want to make this every chance you get! 

A person slices a roast turkey.


When you tell everyone to “Save room for dessert,” the dessert has to be worth the self-control you ask of your guests! Reward them with these mouthwatering treats!

  1. Skillet apple crumble pie. Fill your home with the smell of apples, cinnamon, and butter to get everybody in a Thanksgiving mood. Whip up this classic dessert for a comforting end to your traditional Thanksgiving dinner.   
  2. Pumpkin pie cheesecake bars. Forget pumpkin and spice. You’ll wish it’s always pumpkin season once you try this pumpkin cheesecake recipe.   
  3. Dreamy apple cake with cinnamon whipped cream. If you feel like baking, this apple cake recipe is a must-try!

A person sets down a pie on the table for dessert.

Bring Thanksgiving Joy to Your TikTok Fans’ Tables

You don’t have to be in any food niche on TikTok to recommend delightful recipes to your fans. Especially with Thanksgiving coming close, it’s a great time to engage your audiences with food-related content. And with the right hashtags, you can join conversations and trends centered around the season and reach new communities.

It’s true what they say: nothing brings people together like good food. This applies to dinners with family, brunches with friends, or a bountiful spread for special occasions. It’s just as applicable within the social media context. The promise of a comforting meal is a good enough reason for people to show up. A clip of a delectable dish is also a good enough motivation for TikTok viewers to give you their attention.

Take advantage of the coming holidays and increase your profile and content’s relevance among a wider variety of audiences. You may have to do a bit of TikTok algorithm recalibration to make sure it recommends your videos to your intended viewers. Find out how to modify your TikTok SEO strategy with suitable keywords and hashtags for Thanksgiving. Plan your Thanksgiving-themed content as early as possible to get a good headstart on the upcoming Thanksgiving buzz on the platform.

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