TikTok Tracker: Keep a Close Eye on Your TikTok Growth

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Last Updated: Oct 19, 2023

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

TikTok growth is all about the numbers. How many followers did you gain in the past week and month? What does your weekly/monthly follower growth indicate? How many views did your videos receive in the same period? How many likes did you get from these views? A TikTok tracker can help you keep a close eye on your performance. Keeping track of your numbers will give you a good idea of where you are versus where you want to be.

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TikTok Analytics Tracker

The TikTok Analytics tracker is the app’s native tracking tool. The Analytics tool is available to personal and business accounts, but you need at least one public video. You can access your Analytics via the app or a web browser on a desktop computer. We recommend using the latter to get a clearer picture of your performance.

Analytics has four primary sections: Overview, Content, Followers, and LIVE.

  1. Within Overview, you can track your video views, profile views, unique views, likes, comments, and shares. Data are available for the last seven, 28, or 60 days or a custom date range. 
  2. Within the Content section, you’ll find expanded insights on each video published in the last seven days. Video insights include total time watched, average time watched, watched the full video, reached the audience, video views by section, and video views by region. 
  3. The Follower section shows your follower growth in the last seven, 28, or 60 days or within a custom date range. You’ll also find your net followers for the selected period versus your numbers for the previous period. More detailed follower insights include gender, age, top countries/regions, top cities, and most active times. 
  4. Your LIVE analytics will give you up to 60 days of LIVE data.

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TikTok Follower Tracker

Is there another TikTok follower tracker you can use aside from Analytics? Tons of follower trackers are free to use online. Using a third-party tracker can give you a different perspective on how well or poorly your TikTok numbers are improving. Compare follower growth graphs to understand better your audience reach and viewer-to-follower conversions on TikTok.

If you’re looking to work with a creator, you can also use a follower tracker to see their potential reach.

Here are some sites you can try:

  • Keyhole. If you’re looking for something very similar to TikTok’s native analytics tool, check out Keyhole. The site offers paid services, so it’s ideal for brands that are on TikTok to win. You can use Keyhole’s various tools not just to keep an eye on your competition’s follower numbers. You will also be able to monitor their performance across other social platforms. 
  • HypeAuditor. Provide a TikTok username, and the site will give you their follower numbers and growth rate in the past 30 days.
  • Countik. The site gives accurate, real-time updates on any user’s follower numbers. Just enter their TikTok username.

On TikTok itself, you can easily check any person’s follower numbers by visiting their profile. Under their profile picture, you’ll see the total number of accounts they’re following, their total number of followers, and their total number of video likes.

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TikTok Stats Tracker

A TikTok stats tracker monitors all key performance metrics. It allows you to look at your most significant numbers in relation to each other. For example, you can measure your follower growth for a certain period against the number of views you received. If you’re converting a lot of viewers into followers, then your optimization strategy is on point. It also means you’re delivering good value to your target audience.

With a third-party tracker, you can also compare a competitor’s performance with yours. Use the tracker to assess the performance of a creator/brand looking for a collaboration. Or check out the performance of top creators in your industry to see how yours stack up.

Try these tools:

  • TikTok Creative Center. Visit the Creative Center to discover trending creators in your region. You can modify your search by audience region and number of followers. You’ll see their number of followers and likes and their top-performing videos.  
  • Hootsuite. Hootsuite is more than just a social media content auto-scheduler. The site also provides in-depth to help you monitor your performance. 
  • Social Blade. When you visit the Social Blade website, you’ll immediately see the top-ranking creators and their stats. You can also enter any TikTok username to look at their numbers. 
  • TikTrace. Enter a user’s TikTok ID to see their number of followers, likes, following, and videos. The site also ranks videos by number of plays, likes, and comments.

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How To Get the Numbers You Want From a TikTok Tracker

TikTok tracking helps you chart your TikTok journey. It lets you know what changes you can make in your strategy to get your desired results. It shows you how close or far you are from your goals and what you need to do to achieve them. Insights from your metrics inform you of how well your optimization strategy influences TikTok’s recommendation algorithm.

The surest and fastest way to grow on TikTok is to get your content in front of genuinely interested viewers. The good news is that TikTok’s For You feed only delivers videos that meet a user’s interests. When your video appears on someone’s For You feed, you’re already halfway to gaining a new follower and getting more engagement. Converting the view into a follow is the other half of the equation.

With the help of your Analytics and other tracking tools, you can determine what resonates with your audiences, what captures their attention, and what doesn’t. The data you collect will help you modify and improve your content to get more followers and engagement from your views.

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