AI TikTok Generator: The Fine Line Between Real and Fake

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Last Updated: Mar 12, 2024

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AI technology makes image and video editing much easier and offers countless creative possibilities. But where do we draw the line between reality and AI-generated content? To what degree can you modify content using an AI TikTok generator before you cross this line? 

Here’s your basic guide to using AI content on TikTok.

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What Is AI-Generated Content?

TikTok considers any type of content that heavily utilizes AI technology or machine-learning processes as AI-generated content. 

The most common examples are videos featuring real or fictional people, places, and events generated entirely using AI technology. Any video depicting the real world but with elements modified with AI technology also falls under this category. 
Do you modify a face using augmented reality (AR) beauty filters or alter your voice with an AI voice filter? If your answer is yes, then you’re producing AI-generated content.

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Does TikTok Allow AI-Generated Content?

TikTok allows AI-generated content but requires creators to label videos as such if they are “completely generated or significantly edited” using AI. In fact, TikTok’s Mobile Effects Editor allows creators to create their own AR effects and filters. 

Content that uses real images/video and undergoes significant editing using AI may include:

  • Videos wherein you alter/manipulate the primary subjects’ actions to show something they didn’t do in the original recording. A good example is editing a video to make a cat dance. 
  • Videos wherein the primary subjects say something they didn’t say in the original recording. 
  • Videos wherein the primary subject’s face is substantially enhanced or altered so they’re no longer the same person. 
  • AI-generated videos that contain realistic images and audio. 

AI-TikTok Generator: Labelling AI-Generated Content on TikTok

You’re free to use an AI TikTok video generator to create high-quality content. However, TikTok asks all creators to be transparent about sharing AI-generated content. 

If you only used TikTok effects in a video, you don’t have to label your content as AI-generated. TikTok automatically includes the effect name in the post to provide the proper context to viewers. If you use a third-party editing tool to alter the video significantly, you should follow TikTok’s labeling guidelines.

Labeling a synthetic or manipulated media/post as AI-generated helps prevent the spread of misleading or false information. 

TikTok offers creators a few options to label their content as AI-generated:

  1. Adding text or a hashtag sticker to the video describing the content as AI-generated. 
  2. Disclosing the information in the video description. 
  3. Using TikTok’s AI-generated label before posting. TikTok also automatically applies the label if it detects substantial AI elements in a video. 

Take note that TikTok may take down any video that violates its Synthetic and Manipulated Media policy. Mislabeling unaltered content as AI-generated is also a violation of TikTok’s Terms of Service.

Follow these steps to turn on the AI-generated content setting before posting your video:

  1. On the Post screen, tap More options.
  2. Tap the toggle next to AI-generated content to turn it on. 
  3. Tap Post

Turning on the AI-generated content setting automatically adds the label Creator labeled as AI-generated to your post. You won’t be able to remove this label after posting your video. 
TikTok assures creators that labeling content as AI-generated won’t affect its distribution as long as it doesn’t violate Community Guidelines.

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Prohibited AI Content on TikTok

TikTok does not allow any AI-generated content that contains the visual or audio likeness of a real or fictional person. If you generate TikTok videos with AI, TikTok may remove your content if:

  • It contains the likeness of a public figure (politician, celebrity, business leader, etc.), and the video is used for endorsements. 
  • It contains the likeness of a private individual, including people under 18 years old. 

TikTok often takes down these posts even if the creators use the AI-generated content label. 

Third-Party TikTok Editors

The app already offers tons of editing tools to help you generate attention-grabbing content. You can also explore TikTok’s Effect House to create your own TikTok effects using generative AI. And then there’s CapCut, TikTok’s official, third-party video creator/editor. Here are more tools worth checking out!

TikTok AI generator: AI Voice Generator TikTok

If you’re looking for voice-over, text-to-speech, or voice-filter tools, these AI voice generators for TikTok are worth checking out!

AI Video Generator

If you’re looking for an AI-powered TikTok video generator, the following tools can make the video creation process more effortless. 

ClickUp’s TikTok Post Generator: This AI-powered tool completely automates the video-creation process — from offering prompts and suggestions to content creation and optimization.

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Real Versus AI: Use What Appeals to Your Fans

TikTok users place a higher value on authentic content compared to other social media platform users. 

But keep in mind that authenticity comes in many forms. You can establish your authenticity by creating purely reality-based content. You can also earn viewers’ trust by being upfront about using AI tools to edit your videos.

At the end of the day, satisfying your audience’s needs is still what counts the most. The fastest way to your target audience’s hearts is through their content appetites. But there’s also more than one way to satisfy these appetites. Understand what appeals to your audience and prioritize these needs when you create content. 

You’ll always achieve your desired results, whether you share raw, unedited videos or AI-generated content. 

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