Barbiecore Aesthetic: Living in Barbie’s World

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Last Updated: May 08, 2024

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Countless girls grew up playing with Barbie dolls, and many never outgrow their fondness for the iconic toy. From its original blonde-haired, slim-bodied, American girl persona, Barbie has evolved to represent diverse body types, skin colors, cultural backgrounds, physical abilities, and gender identities. However, the doll has always remained a fashion icon through the decades. Let’s dive into the Barbiecore aesthetic for a slice of life in Barbie’s world. 

A woman wears vivid green eye makeup and covers her face with glitter-covered hands.

What Is Barbiecore Aesthetic?

What exactly is the Barbiecore aesthetic? It’s inspired by Greta Gerwig’s feminist vision of Barbie’s world, which bursts with nostalgic American fashion from the late ‘50s to the ‘90s. Picture complete ensembles in hot pink and other bold, bright, and vivid high-octane colors. 

You can wear a single hue — from your hair accessories to your coordinates and your shoes. Or channel Barbie’s more playful side with fun and exciting color-blocking — still in her favorite shades, of course! 

From Barbie Land to real life, Barbiecore encompasses classic fashion styles as varied as the character’s many personas. There’s polished, high-fashion Barbie. And there’s the well-loved girl-next-door Barbie. We also have the chic career-woman Barbie, sporty Barbie, and much more. 

Let’s not forget that Barbie has been defying norms since 1959. Thanks to everybody’s favorite It Girl, a liberated and feminine woman is no contradiction. The Barbiecore aesthetic represents hyper-femininity and empowerment. 

It’s been nearly a year since the Gerwig-helmed Barbie movie took over theaters, social media, the fashion world, and countless wardrobes. And her aesthetic influence is far from over. Are you ready for your Barbie makeover? Keep reading! 

5 Barbiecore Fashion Tips

Aesthetic Barbie evolves with the times. So it’s timely that today’s Barbiecore era transcends cultures, subcultures, and gender identities. While classic Barbie’s preferred pronouns are she/her, modern-day Barbie is no longer heteronormative. 

Margot Robbie’s revival of the multi-faceted plastic doll’s aesthetic is more refreshing, energetic, and body-positive. In fact, since the 2023 Barbie movie’s release, Mattel has been modeling new Barbie dolls after famous, inspiring women. 

If you want to create a Barbie alter-ego, here are five Barbiecore fashion tips you can use in your everyday life:

  1. If you want to embrace Barbie’s ultra-feminine aesthetic, go for everything hot pink! But any pink-toned color will do, such as fuschia or bubblegum. Or pick a style and mood-boosting, a vibrant hue that fits your personality.
  2. Pick a Barbie era! Whether it’s the oversized blazers of the ‘80s or the abstract patterns of the ‘90s, just throw in Barbie’s colors and polish! 
  3. Don’t forget to match your shoes with your chosen Barbie style. From sneakers to feathered mules and platform shoes, dress up your feet like you’re ready to rule the world. 
  4. Match your mani, pedi, makeup, and hairstyle with your colors and look. 
  5. Finish off your look with sparkling, holographic, fluorescent, or plastic accessories. Wear hair clips, jewelry, sunglasses, a belt, a bag, or any combination of these to complete your Barbie-fied ensemble.

Remember that the Barbie aesthetic is not just about what you wear. It’s also about your attitude. So dress for yourself and be confident — whatever your body type. Express yourself through fashion and have fun with it. 

Do you need more inspiration? Check out this lineup of quintessential Barbiecore outfits!

Barbiecore Aesthetic Outfits

Start filling your wardrobe with these Barbiecore aesthetic outfits! These classics will never go out of style. If you’re an aspiring fashion influencer, you can’t go wrong with having Barbie as your fashion influence: 

  • Think color pink! Barbie has always been about breaking stereotypes, but the character also represents self-expression and embracing who you are. So, if you want to be feminine, go pink all the way! Check out @kateobyrne on TikTok! She’s not shy about her pink obsession. 

High Social’s screenshot shows the classic pink Barbiecore aesthetic.

  • Top-to-toe monochromatic. If pink’s not your hue, any other vibrant color will do! Give the monochromatic style a try. Create ensembles using a single solid color, such as a lilac jacket and pants. Throw in a cream top and platform shoes, then finish off your look with lilac earrings. 

High Social’s screenshot shows fashion items inspired by a monochromatic lilac ensemble.

  • Dainty dresses. If you want the girl-next-door look, get all dolled up in girly dresses. You can never go wrong with airy fabrics, pastel colors, and floral prints. Polka dots, checkered prints, and fruity prints are other classic prints you can go with. The dress style is often summery and short, but wear whatever makes you comfortable!

High Social’s screenshot shows a model in a pink and white checkered dress.

Y2K Barbiecore Outfits

Y2K Barbiecore outfits are some of the most iconic Barbie styles celebrities have brought to life. Think crop tops paired with matching jackets and plaid skirts or shorts. Corset/tube tops or midriff tops and jeans. Hot pink tracksuits. Feathers and glitters. 

Clueless’ Cher, The Mean Girls’ “The Plastics,” Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods and Paris Hilton defined the Barbie aesthetic of the early 2000s. Here are some images for a more Barbie-inspired Y2K aesthetic:

Take a Page Out of Barbie’s Book and Never Go Out of Style

If Barbie were a TikTok creator or influencer, she would consistently remain the most followed and most viewed on the platform. It would not be an exaggeration to say that she will always remain relevant across all social media platforms. Her secret? It’s her remarkable adaptability and keen sense of social awareness. 

In reality, of course, all of the credit goes to the popular doll maker, Mattel. Their realistic and broad-minded approach to cultural shifts, both big and small, has kept Barbie a relevant fashion icon. Take a page out of Barbie’s book, and you will always be a relevant presence on social media. 

The evolution of the Barbiecore aesthetic proves that change is good and you can make it work for you. These days, it’s harder than ever to keep up with the times. Trends on social media often change in the blink of an eye. You can use all the help you can get so you don’t lose your connection with your niche audience. Why not sign up for a High Social plan?

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