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Last Updated: Dec 22, 2023

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Many of today’s leading female influencers represent the independent, empowered woman. If you have a strong voice and something important to say, or if you have knowledge or a skill to share, you can build a following as an influencer on social media. Let’s take a look at the most influential females conquering their niches and industries on social channels today. 

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Top Female Influencers

Some refer to themselves as content/digital creators. Others prefer the label “vlogger.” But many know them as “influencers.” These trailblazing social media hotshots use their influence and content-creation savvy to haul in impressive earnings. According to Forbes’ second annual Top Creator list, these are the ten top female influencers everybody should be watching. Forbes created the list based on data on the “estimated earnings, follower counts, engagement rates, and entrepreneurial activities of thousands of internet personalities.”

1. Most Successful Female Influencer: Charli D’Amelio

Charli D’Amelio ranks number five on the Forbes list (the first four are male). With 213 million followers and an average engagement score of 0.7%, her estimated earnings amount to $23 million. She represents some of the biggest brands in the world, including Prada, Amazon, CeraVe, and SKIMS (by Kim Kardashian). D’Amelio also has her own fragrance brand, clothing line, and shoe brand. The most notable detail about her success is that she’s not even 20.

2. Second Most Successful Female Influencer: Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain has 28 million followers to date and an average engagement rate of 6.25%, which has earned her $20 million. She started building her lifestyle empire on YouTube, filming her videos in her mother’s house. She has collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Lancome, Levi’s, Aritzia, and Canon.

3. Top Female Influencer and Podcaster: Alexandra Coope

Alexandra Cooper’s following of five million generates an impressive 14% engagement and has earned her $20 million. Cooper has a three-year, $60-million deal with Spotify, born from her famous “Call Her Daddy” podcast. She launched her podcast company, The Unwell Network, in September of this year.

4. One of America’s Richest Self-Made Women: Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan has a following of 69 million and an average engagement rate of 1.4%, earning her $13 million. A professional makeup artist, she started her creator journey as a beauty blogger championing diversity via “Huda Beauty” on WordPress. Her cosmetic brand of the same name is available in Sephora and Harrods. She has recently launched Wishful Skincare, growing her net worth to $400 million.

5. Top Female Influencer in Music, Fashion, and Entertainment: Dixie D’Amelio

Dixie’s 91 million followers and 0.4% have earned her $11.5 million, thanks to her last name and her independent efforts across multiple social channels. She co-founded the Social Tourist clothing line with her younger sister, Charli (in collaboration with Hollister). She has also collaborated with Valentino, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, and Puma.

A screenshot of a TikTok profile featuring a top female influencer.

6. Multimedia Female Influencer and Entrepreneur: Chiara Ferragni

She’s an Italian blogger, model, TV star, and founder of TBS Crew (a multimedia agency) and the Chiara Ferragni fashion brand. With 36 million followers and an average engagement rate of 2.5%, she has collaborated with LV, Ferragamo, Gucci, Prada, Christian Dior, and Fendi.

7. True Crime Enthusiast Turned Top Female Influencer: Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian has a follower base that’s 13 million strong and an average 0.5% engagement rate. She began her journey as a beauty influencer. Later, as a stroke of genius, she combined true crime stories with her makeup tutorials. Her YouTube series, “Murder, Mystery & Makeup,” has more than seven million subscribers. 

8. Musician, Creator, and Influencer: Addison Rae Easterling

She built her TikTok following like countless others did before her — with lip-synching videos. Soon, Addison Rae scored a record deal and debuted her album, “AR.” She has released her fragrance brand, Addison Rae Fragrance, and she will be starring in two upcoming films, one of which will star Ryan Reynolds and Jason Momoa. She has collaborated with Givenchy, Google, and Hanes.

9. TikTok Star and Radio Show Host: Christina Najjar

Also known as Tinx, Christina has built a community of two million fans on TikTok. She hosts a radio show on SiriusXM called “It’s Me, Tinx.” She has her own clothing brand, “Rich Mom Gear.” She has collaborated with Kleenex, Aldo, and Intimissimi (a lingerie brand). 

10. Household Name and Guinness World Record Holder: Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch ranks number three as the most followed account on TikTok, with over 100 million followers. Her ten-second lip-synching video featuring Millie B’s “M to the B” holds the top spot as the most-liked video on TikTok, with more than 62 million likes. Bella Poarch released her first album in 2022, titled “Dolls.”

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More Females Dominating Their Industries as Digital Creators

It’s time for more of those who identify as she/her to shine on social media! Whatever your skill, cultural identity, and niche interests, there’s an audience for you on TikTok. Let’s get to know more female content creators dominating their industries today.

Female Fitness Influencers

More and more people are motivated to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, thanks to social media and fitness influencers. Who are the female movers and shakers in the industry? Here’s a list of five female fitness influencers to inspire your wellness journey.

  1. Michelle Lewin is a Venezuelan fitness influencer who has amassed 16.2 million followers. She owns a line of health supplements, fitness equipment, and the Fitplan app.
  1. Kayla Itsines is one of the most popular female fitness influencers today. She authored the Body-Building Guide and grew her following to 16.1 million strong on Instagram, 10 million on YouTube, and nearly 100K on TikTok. She also shares post-pregnancy workouts and low-calorie recipes. 
  1. Jennifer Selter has been passionate about fitness since she was a teen working part-time at a local gym in New York. She currently has 14.2 million followers adopting her body-building tips and proprietary booty-boosting routine.
  1. Lauren Drain is an adventure junkie, personal trainer, and registered nurse. She has a fanbase of four million, following her nutrition tips and pro-level workout routines. 
  2. Massy Arias has made it big both as an influencer and a corporate success in the fitness industry. She’s the CEO of TRU Supplements, and her yoga and cardio videos have a viewership of 2.7 million.

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Female Vegan Influencers

Excluding influencers in the fitness industry, here are the top female vegan influencers to help you switch to a plant-based diet. 

  1. @FearneCotton is a British TV broadcaster, radio show host, and author. She’s also a well-known advocate of the vegan lifestyle, with millions of social media followers. 
  1. @NiomiSmart is among the most influential voices in the online vegan community. She adopts a completely vegan lifestyle, from having a vegan diet to using cruelty-free makeup and sustainable clothing. 
  1. @familyfizz is a family of vegans documenting their everyday life on social media. Their followers have been witnesses to their decade-long vegan journey and their travels around the world. 
  1. @lucywatson is a reality TV star and model who shares tons of vegan recipes on her social channels. She created Feed Me Vegan — her range of vegan meals — and co-founded Tell Your Friends, which is a plant-based restaurant in London. 
  2. @iamtabithabrown became popular for her funny social media content that often featured her veganism. Huffington Post refers to her as “America’s Mom” as she also produces lots of motivational stuff that incorporates her funny wit.

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Female Golf Influencers

Check out these female golf influencers making winning tee shots on the golf course and social media. Their follower numbers represent the total count across multiple channels. 

  1. Paige Spiranac 6,684,300
  2. Grace Charis 6,096,000
  3. Bri Teresi 2,847,400
  4. Lucy Robson 1,819,872
  5. Tisha Alyn 1,796,000
  6. Hailey Rae Ostrom 1,339,400
  7. Blair ONeal Keiser 675,271
  8. Tania Tare 637,980
  9. Aimee Cho 547,712
  10. Sara Winter 488,674

Following the Footsteps of Top TikTok Stars

Thanks to social media, anybody can become a celebrity overnight — even if only for a few days or weeks. Social influencers continue to replace traditional celebrities as brand ambassadors, and brands are always on the lookout for new creators to work with. Why does a brand prefer a content creator for their influencer marketing? Why are social media influencers more effective? It’s because their influence comes from their likeability, relatability, and credibility, whereas celebrities are popular mostly because of their talent and looks.

The influencer marketing industry has proven that a brand can achieve greater campaign success through the credibility of influencers than through plain star power. 

Many influencers draw their success from the genuine connections they have with their followers. Unlike celebrities, influencers are more friendly and accessible. They influence behaviors because they have built trust based on the relatable content they create and on real interactions with their followers. 

On TikTok, building an engaged niche community also plays a major role in a content creator’s success. High engagement is key, not the size of your following. This means you need to focus on targeting audiences who share your interests. 

If you want to follow in the footsteps of top female influencers on TikTok, figure out what works best with your niche community. If you need help growing your community with highly engaged followers, sign up for a High Social plan. With High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI technology, you can magnify your audience-targeting capability. Ensure delivery of your videos to the feeds of genuinely interested viewers. Start growing your TikTok today!

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