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Last Updated: Dec 07, 2023

TikTok Growth

Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

On Facebook and Instagram, aspiring creators and small brands often struggle to reach their target audience. Accounts with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers and sponsored content typically get priority placement on feeds. On TikTok, the recommendation algorithm is a more equitable and effective matchmaker. TikTok matches users with content and accounts based on shared interests. But you still need some sort of catalyst to convert users who see your videos into followers. Free TikTok followers trial offers are one option you can try.

Are free followers from growth services effective? Can they help you stimulate genuine growth with real accounts? Keep reading to learn how to maximize the advantages of free follower offers. 

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Buy TikTok Followers Free Trial

Buying TikTok followers offers limited and short-lived advantages. Play your cards right, and you can stimulate real growth with genuine followers by seeding your follower count through growth services. If you want to buy TikTok followers with a free trial, here are your best options!

  • Trollishly. Just provide your username and email address to claim 100 free TikTok followers. Boost your follower count by 100 to generate more curiosity among real users. Just make sure you have compelling videos to convince profile visitors to click your follow button.
  • PubTok. Be among the first 2,000 lucky users every day to claim 25 free TikTok followers. You can come back after 24 hours to claim another set of free followers. Just provide your username and email, and expect delivery within one hour. This is a good way to increase your numbers gradually but regularly. Remember that a small increase is always ideal as it mimics natural growth. 
  • TikViral. Start building your popularity with 100 free TikTok fans. Make sure your account is public. When your video drives traffic to your TikTok profile, having a decent follower count helps push curious visitors to view more of your videos. And if you’ve been consistently sharing quality content, you can easily convert these views into new followers. 
  • FollowersUp. Try their service before you buy! Get ten TikTok followers for free to test the site’s efficiency in delivery and check the quality of their followers. When buying followers, the quantity must not be more than the total video views you’ve already generated. You can also buy views and likes to parallel the increase in your follower numbers. 
  • InstaFollowers. Get ten TikTok fans for free every 24 hours. When you’re ready to buy, it’s better to purchase small quantities in separate batches to spread out delivery.

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More Tips When Buying Followers and Using Free TikTok Followers Trial

Optics plays a substantial role when building a strong presence on social media. The first impression you make on other people usually determines whether or not they follow you and engage with your posts actively. New TikTok users have the advantage of creating their identity from scratch or trying on different ones. You can play around with different content styles and creative editing techniques to find one that works best for your voice and purposes.

While you’re in this exploration stage, you can slowly build your follower base using TikTok followers’ free trial services. So when users discover your first batch of videos, you already have some numbers to draw them in and convince them to follow you. Here are more tips to help you maximize the potential benefits of buying followers and claiming free TikTok fans.

  • Choose a reputable site. Compare prices and read reviews. Make sure the site is secure; the URL should start with “HTTPS” or have the padlock icon. Send them a message to test their contact information and response time. Verify if they offer a refill guarantee and a money-back guarantee. 
  • Find a service that offers drip delivery. This means you can divide a big volume purchase into separate deliveries of smaller follower quantities. Some sites allow customers to select the number of days they want for staggered delivery. Other sites automatically apply gradual delivery for big orders. Avoid getting a substantial number of followers in a single delivery. The massive and instant increase will look suspicious, and TikTok will immediately identify this as spam activity. 
  • If possible, select a service that lets you specify a random number of followers to buy. Increasing your follower count with a random number will also make the growth look organic.

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Should You Take a Shortcut to TikTok Growth?

Getting free fans for your TikTok profile may prove favorable to your optics strategy. How? Let us count the ways!

  1. Make a good first impression on profile visitors. There’s no guarantee that boosting your follower numbers will influence your visibility on feeds. But you should always be ready to make a good first impression on curious profile visitors. You want to make them wonder why you have a decent following. Their curiosity may lead them to check out more of your videos to see what you have to offer. 
  1. Rank higher in search results. If you have sufficiently optimized your TikTok bio and videos, you can rank higher in search results if you also have a decent follower base. An account’s popularity in terms of its follower numbers is a significant factor in SEO ranking. 
  1. Improve your credibility and social proof. The size of your community gives other people a good idea of your value. If you have a decent following, more people are more likely to hit your follow button. 
  1. Provide a good counterbalance for your total views. It’s normal on TikTok to gain tons of video views even if you don’t have a lot of followers yet. As soon as your video plays while users are scrolling through their feeds, it counts as a view. So, as long as your video appears on For You feeds, you’ll continue generating views. Getting free followers or buying followers can help you reduce any discrepancy between your view and follower counts. 
  1. Stimulate organic growth. Figure out an optimized targeting formula that connects you with suitable audiences and what types of content convert more viewers into followers. So your simulated numbers will deliver more than just foot traffic but also corresponding follows. 

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Trial and Error Targeting: Increase Your Chances of Success on TikTok

It’s not too late to jump on the TikTok bandwagon. In some ways, however, finding TikTok success is more challenging these days than it was during the platform’s early years. With its number of active users quickly climbing towards the two-billion mark, the platform has become a very crowded space. This represents a massive market base that creators and brands can easily tap into. But it also means the competition for spots on users’ feeds only gets fiercer every day. 

TikTok’s recommendation algorithm is quite effective. However, the sheer number of videos posted per minute and per day can make it difficult for creators and brands to stay visible. So, it’s even more important to zero in on a specific target audience instead of casting your net wide. Focused or niche targeting is crucial for anybody who’s just starting on TikTok. And if you need some numbers to get the ball rolling, you may consider buying followers first.

If almost everybody’s using fake accounts to boost their numbers, why shouldn’t you do the same? Should you fake it until you make it? Services that offer free TikTok followers trial can help you create a picture of natural growth while you’re just starting. It can be challenging to get your targeting strategy right, but you can get expert help when you sign up for a High Social account. 

Back up TikTok’s recommendation algorithm with another AI-powered, audience-targeting tool. Increase your targeting precision with High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI technology. With High Social, you’ll get higher chances of landing on the For You feeds of suitable audiences. Start growing your TikTok today!

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