Get TikTok Likes: Learn How To Fuel Engagement

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Last Updated: Jun 19, 2024

TikTok Growth

Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

More often than not, high engagement trumps a high follower count. If you have tens of thousands of fans but pitifully low engagement rates, sustaining social media growth would become increasingly difficult. Should you get TikTok likes from a growth service to fuel your growth?

Find out how this quick fix can help and how to do it right!

Buy TikTok Likes: Buying Tips and Things To Avoid

Don’t add a likes package to your cart yet! There are things you should know to get the most bang for your buck. 

But, first things first, you should be aware that you won’t get likes from real people when you buy TikTok likes. You’re buying numbers with no real users behind them. The goal of seeding your like count is to simulate video popularity. 

On social media, numbers often make or break a profile or post. If your post has tons of likes, more people may become curious enough to check it out. This also increases the chances of your video generating more likes from real users. 

However, boosting your like count does not guarantee that genuine likes will start flooding in. You need to set the stage, so to speak, to convert fake engagement into real growth. How do you do it? Keep reading! 

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5 Tips for a Worthwhile Purchase

If you want to take a shortcut to growth, you still have to be smart about it. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your likes purchase:

  1. Buy small quantities. Unless your video has gone viral, increasing its like count by hundreds or thousands will trigger TikTok’s spam/bot alarms. It will also raise suspicion among real users. 
  2. Make the increases random. As much as possible, increase your likes by random quantities, i.e., 37 or 62 instead of 50 or 100. Find a growth service that lets you specify a random quantity for your purchase. In a real-world setting, social media numbers don’t climb in a predictable pattern.
  3. Choose gradual delivery. If you prefer to buy in bulk because it’s cheaper, find a site that offers staggered delivery. Again, you want to mimic natural growth, so the increase should happen slowly.  
  4. Boost the like count of posts with lots of views. Take advantage of a TikTok video’s high view numbers. If it hasn’t gained enough likes, boosting the like count will help generate curiosity among new viewers. 
  5. Consider getting views and followers as well. By buying video views and account followers, you can simulate comparable growth across all metrics. This is especially important if you want to keep boosting your videos’ like counts.  

5 Things To Avoid When Buying Likes

Make sure the money you spend delivers your desired results. Avoid the following five mistakes to tip the odds in your favor:

  1. Buying likes too soon after posting. After you upload a new video, wait for it to generate a few dozen views before buying likes. Your post can’t have more likes than views. How long you wait will depend on the number of views you want to buy.
  2. Having a views-to-like ratio that’s too high. The average views-to-like ratio is 10 views for every like. To make your like count more realistic, stay below this ratio if you’re still relatively new on TikTok. 
  3. Casting a wide net when targeting audiences. Remember that you can only get real likes from real users if they’re interested in your content. Optimize your posts to let TikTok’s algorithm know who your target audience is. Make sure your content finds its way to the For You Feeds (FYFs), also known as For You Pages (FYPs), of interested viewers. 
  4. Creating content your niche community can’t relate to. Use the new Creator Search Insights tool to identify your niche community’s top searches. This will help you create quality content relevant to their current interests that will generate high engagement.
  5. Post your content when your niche audience is not active on TikTok. Refer to your analytics to identify your target viewers’ active hours on the platform. Sync your posting schedule with their TikTok viewing hours to increase the chances that they’ll immediately discover your new posts. 

Where To Get Cheap TikTok Likes

If you’ve struggled to establish a solid footing on TikTok, seeding your posts with likes can help get the ball rolling. Looking to buy cheap TikTok likes? These sites are worth checking out:

  • Trollishly. Try their free service and get 100 likes at zero cost. When you’re ready to buy, you can get a minimum of 50 likes. Increase your purchase by increments of 50 up to 30,000 likes. Take note that the site only offers instant delivery. 
  • Like4Like. Avail of the one-time free offer of 50 likes — just provide the video URL. If you want more, register for an account and start completing tasks to earn credits. Tasks include liking other users’ posts, following accounts, etc. Use your credits to get more likes. 
  • Followeran. You can claim ten free likes every 24 hours. If you like the service, their Cheap TikTok Likes packages start at a minimum of 500 likes and up to 7,000. They also offer Instant, High Quality, and Real TikTok Likes.
  • InstaFollowers. Buy any number of likes from ten to 100,000. The great thing about this site is that it lets you get a random quantity of likes. Remember that a random increase mimics natural growth.
  • Media Mister. You can choose Video, LIVE Stream, Comment, or Story Likes. You can also specify a target country, although the options are limited. Packages range from 25 likes to 100,000. Delivery depends on your order quantity; 100,000 likes take 25-27 days, for example. Gradual delivery also means the increase in your like count will look natural.   

Where To Get Instant TikTok Likes

Do you post content regularly? If you want to make sure each new video receives consistent engagement, an instant TikTok likes service is your best option. Give the following services a try:

  • InstaFollowers. Get automatic likes for a minimum of five videos or up to 5,000 posts. Each new video you publish can receive anywhere between 50 and 10,000 likes. Again, you can specify a random quantity of likes. You will also need to specify the total number of likes for your selected number of videos. 
  • Celebian. Get 100 to 10,000 likes for every new video you upload. The site automatically delivers your selected quantity every time you publish a new post. The site charges your account for each delivery. You can cancel your subscription at any time. 
  • Buy Cheapest Followers. The site offers auto likes and views combo packages. Select your desired quantity of auto likes and views, from ten to 1,500. Then, select the number of days you want to receive your auto likes and views package. You can choose 15, 30, 60, or 100 days. You can apply your auto likes and views to a maximum of three posts a day. 

Should You Get TikTok Likes From a Growth Service?

Should you get TikTok likes and views from a growth service? Is it a worthwhile investment? If you properly set up your profile and consistently share quality content for your target audience, seeding your numbers can help fuel your growth. 

If you have the budget to get TikTok likes from a growth service, sign up for a High Social plan instead! You’ll experience growth across all metrics with High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI technology. 

Instantly double your audience-targeting power and connect with genuinely interested users. This means your exposure on FYPs will generate views you can easily convert into engaged followers.  Start growing your TikTok today!

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