Is TikTok Trivia Free? All the Facts About the Live Game

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Last Updated: Oct 30, 2023

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TikTok took real-time engagement to the next level when it launched TikTok Trivia early this year. The week-long LIVE game offered exciting cash prizes and a thrilling opportunity for users to transcend their usual TikTok “spectator” experience. How do you play TikTok Trivia? Is TikTok Trivia free? Should you launch a similar event for your brand to stimulate engagement? Let’s answer these questions about the platform’s latest crowd-rousing exploit.

TikTok announcement for TikTok Trivia.

What Is the TikTok Trivia Game?

The TikTok Trivia game is a five-day, interactive LIVE event presented by Lionsgate and John Wick Chapter 4.

From February 22 to 26, TikTok users in the United States had the chance to participate in the trivia challenges via @TikTok’s scheduled LIVE streams. The platform invited the famous TikTok creator James Henry to host all the trivia sessions throughout the five-day event.

In a statement about the hosting gig, Henry James said, “Game shows and trivia have been a part of popular culture for years, and I’m thrilled to work with TikTok to bring this engaging entertainment format to TikTok LIVE. TikTok Trivia can unite people, creating an electrifying atmosphere filled with excitement and a shared sense of community.”

Is TikTok Trivia Free To Join?

Is TikTok Trivia free to join? Yes, registration for the LIVE trivia game is free. Anyone in the US aged 18 and older in the US was qualified to register for TikTok Trivia. They simply had to click on the TikTok Trivia widget on the For You feed or the official @TikTok page. Eager participants could also search for the hashtag #TikTokTrivia.

When Did the Live Trivia Challenges Stream?

TikTok Trivia held two LIVE streams per day from February 22 to 23. The first LIVE streamed at 5-6 p.m., Pacific Time/8-9 p.m., Eastern Time; the second LIVE streamed at 6-7 p.m., PT/9-10 p.m., ET.

Special Survival Rounds were held on February 25 and 26 and streamed at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET.

How Is TikTok Trivia Free Challenge Played?

So how is TikTok Trivia free challenge played?

Each regular session has 12 multiple-choice questions divided into several rounds. The trivia categories include lifestyle, sports, music, beauty, and John Wick. Contestants who answer all questions correctly split the prize money.

The Survival Rounds have 40 questions each, or as many questions as necessary until at least 500 contestants remain to share the prize money. Each Survival Round will keep going until only 500 contestants are left standing. The questions in these final two rounds also increase in difficulty.

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TikTok Trivia Questions and Answers

Leading up to the event itself, there was a lot of excitement among TikTok users. The TikTok Trivia questions and answers proved challenging enough for the contestants. Having too many winners, however, meant that each one came home with cash prizes that were less than rewarding.

The platform’s attempt at mirroring the once widely popular HQ Trivia mobile game format produced mixed reviews. And while TikTok Trivia could not achieve the same success as HQ Trivia, it was a good test run. Is the TikTok Trivia free event something you should replicate to stimulate engagement for your brand and generate greater exposure? It’s worth considering, especially if you enjoy LIVE on TikTok.

Here are trivia questions for various categories you can use for your own LIVE trivia challenge. The answers are also provided below but remember to give contestants multiple choices for each question.

TikTok Trivia Free Questions About TikTok

Here are fun TikTok trivia free questions (and their answers) to test users’ knowledge about the platform.

  1. Which country was TikTok created in? China.
  2. What did TikTok use to be called when it first went global?
  3. What is TikTok known as in China? Douyin.
  4. Who is the most followed TikTok user as of February 2023? Charli D’Amelio.
  5. What was the first TikTok video to reach 1 billion views? Bella Poarch’s lip-sync video to the song “M to the B” by Millie B.
  6. What is the maximum length of a TikTok video? Ten minutes.
  7. What is the name of the TikTok filter that makes your face look distorted? The “Face Zoom” filter.
  8. What is the name of the TikTok algorithm that suggests videos to users based on their viewing history? The “For You” page algorithm.
  9. What was the name of the TikTok trend where users pretended to be their own doppelgangers? The “Twinning” trend.
  10. What is the name of the TikTok challenge where users show their before-and-after makeup transformations? The “Glow Up” challenge.

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TikTok Trivia Free Questions for the Beauty Category

Use these TikTok trivia free questions related to beauty trends.

  1. What is a product least likely to do if it is said to be hypoallergenic? Cause an allergic reaction.
  2. What tool is essential for maintaining the shape of the eyebrows? Tweezers
  3. What organic substance is often used to add shimmer to lipsticks and eyeshadows? Fish scales.
  4. Humectants are often found in many beauty products. What do they do? Help the skin attract moisture from the air.
  5. What does the ingredient Coenzyme Q10 in anti-aging products do? Minimize the appearance of wrinkles.
  6. What do you call the biggest makeup brush women often have in their makeup kit? Powder brush.
  7. In what country did nail polish originate? China.
  8. What tool do you use to add color to your cheeks and define your cheekbones? Blusher brush.
  9. Why is lavender a popular ingredient in many skincare products? Because it soothes the skin.
  10. Which English queen used white lead on her face for her official portraits to create a look sometimes called “the mask of youth”? Elizabeth I.

TikTok Trivia Free Questions About Sports

These TikTok trivia free questions are about general sports facts.

  1. What’s the diameter of a basketball hoop in inches? 18 inches.
  2. The Olympics are held every how many years? Four years.
  3. What sport is best known as the “king of sports”? Soccer.
  4. What do you call it when a bowler makes three strikes in a row? Turkey.
  5. What’s the national sport of Canada? Lacrosse.
  6. Who has won more tennis grand slam titles, Venus Williams or Serena Williams? Serena Williams.
  7. Which boxer fought against Muhammad Ali and won? Joe Frazier.
  8. What does NBA stand for? National Basketball Association.
  9. How many holes are played in an average round of golf? 18.
  10. What color are the goalposts in football? Yellow.
  11. In what game is “love” a score? Tennis.
  12. How many players are on a baseball team? Nine players.

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TikTok Trivia Free Questions About Music

Contestants don’t need to be musical geniuses to answer these TikTok trivia free questions.

  1. Which singer has had a Billboard No. 1 hit in the last four decades? Mariah Carey.
  2. What was Freddie Mercury’s real name? Farrokh Bulsara.
  3. Who was the very first American Idol winner? Kelly Clarkson.
  4. Which member of the Avengers had a brief stint as a pop star? Brie Larson.
  5. Which pop star wrote songs for Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and Alice Cooper? Kesha.
  6. What was Madonna’s first top-10 hit? “Holiday.”
  7. Eminem’s 8 Mile is named after a road in which city? Detroit.
  8. Who was the first woman ever inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Aretha Franklin.
  9. Who is the only country artist with a Top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for six straight decades? Dolly Parton.
  10. Which classical composer was deaf? Ludwig van Beethoven.
  11. Which astronomer is name-dropped in “Bohemian Rhapsody?” Galileo.
  12. Which Alanis Morissette song contains the phrase “jagged little pill” (the title of her debut album)? “You Learn.”

TikTok Trivia Free Questions About General Facts

Try these TikTok trivia free questions that refer to general facts.

  1. What did Queen Anne Die from? A Stroke.
  2. Zurich is the capital of? Switzerland.
  3. What was the nationality of Marco Polo? Italian.
  4. Which is the world’s largest Ocean? Pacific.
  5. What is the hardest rock on Earth? Diamond.
  6. Which is considered a semi-planet? Pluto.
  7. Who was the most beautiful woman in the 50s and 60s? Marilyn Monroe.
  8. What are nails made of? Keratin.
  9. Was Oprah Winfrey married? No.
  10. Which country has the world’s longest coastline? Canada.
  11. What band was Harry Styles in before his solo career? One Direction.
  12. How many weeks are in a year? 52.

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Entertain the Right Audiences for Lasting TikTok Success

Is TikTok Trivia free event an excellent example of how the platform’s interactive entertainment strategy delivers the numbers again and again? Definitely. There were some complaints from contestants after the five-day event concluded. But the hype build-up prior to the event and the massive participation is a testament to TikTok’s strong audience pull.

TikTok videos are designed to sustain a long chain of active and reactive engagement. Challenges such as the LIVE Trivia or ubiquitous TikTok challenges amplify the fun and engagement.

Whether you’re starting to build your presence on TikTok or looking to sustain steady growth, entertaining the right audiences is your key to success. Focusing your efforts on reaching interested users gives you the highest chance of converting them into highly engaged followers. And when you have consistently high engagement, more of your videos will be featured on the For You feeds of new and potential audiences.

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