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Last Updated: Jan 23, 2024

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What is the TikTok Ad Library? How do you use it to create better ads? Is it only for marketers, brands, and creators who run TikTok ads? Let’s answer these questions about the TikTok Ads Library and more!

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Is There an Ads Library for TikTok?

Is there an ads library for TikTok? How does the Tik Tok Ads Library work? 

Yes, TikTok has a virtual ad library. Like all libraries (both physical and digital), the Ad Library is a veritable resource of ideas and information. This particular library houses high-performing TikTok ads to help inspire creativity. 

Here’s the ultimate navigation guide for the Ads Library on TikTok.

Where Can You Find the Ad Library?

You can find the main Ad Library via the Commercial Content Library. This is where you can perform an ad search per country, ad type, publish date, advertiser name, or keyword.

You can also discover valuable ad-related resources within the TikTok Creative Center, within the “Inspiration” section. You can explore the library according to the following categories:

  • Top Ads Dashboard
  • Top Ads Spotlight
  • Keyword Insights
  • Creative Insights
  • Top Products

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Where Is TikTok Commercial Library?

Where is the TikTok Commercial Library or Commercial Content Library? The CCL is TikTok’s primary repository of all commercial content on the platform, including ads. It has its own page: https://library.tiktok.com. The CCL is available to everyone — including people without TikTok accounts. This means anybody can access the database and search through it. 

The CCL has three sub-libraries:

  1. Ad Library: This library contains all ads that advertisers paid TikTok to display to users, including inactive ads and those that advertisers have paused. 
  2. All ads report: This library contains ad activities and statistics. 
  3. Other commercial content: This library contains all promotional/sponsored content that brands paid other users to endorse. 

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How Do I Find a TikTok Ad via the Commercial Content Library

How do I find a TikTok ad via the Commercial Content Library? If you’re using the Ad Library page, you can search for TikTok ads using the following filters:

  • Ad target country
  • Ad type
  • Ad published date
  • Advertise name or keyword

The search results will give you the total number of ads that meet your search parameters. You can filter results according to:

  • Last shown date: newest to oldest or oldest to newest.
  • Published date: newest to oldest or oldest to newest.
  • Unique users seen: high to low or low to high.

If you want to search for other promotional content, i.e., one that TikTok did not receive payment to display, use the Other commercial content page. TikTok identifies this type of content via the creator’s Content Disclosure option when they’re creating the sponsored post. 

This type of content will appear in the CCL if it has at least one view while it’s publicly available on your account. It also remains in the CCL for one year after the creator deletes it or makes it private. You can search for other commercial content using the following filters:

  • Creator country
  • Posted date
  • Creator username

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Exploring Ads in TikTok Creative Center

You can find more ad inspiration within the Creative Center. Here’s how each category works.

Top Ads Dashboard

Search for ads using the following filters:

  • Brand name or keyword
  • Country
  • Industry
  • Objective
  • Date range
  • Ad language
  • Ad format
  • Likes

Top Ads Spotlight

TikTok creative experts pick out their top ads for each month. You can sort through top-performing ads for different industries. Industries you can choose from include Apparel & Accessories, Beauty & Personal Care, Food & Beverage, and more.

Keyword Insights

See popular script keywords based on the number of ad creatives using them in campaigns. You can search by:

  • Keyword
  • Country
  • Industry
  • Objective 
  • Keyword type
  • Date range

Creative Insights

Find creative patterns and learn best practices from top-performing ads. You’ll also find relevant statistics for different best practices, such as:

  • Sound on
  • Mobile first
  • Trends
  • Call-to-action

Top Products

Discover winning products in your preferred region and product categories. The page ranks products according to the number of ad creatives featuring them in campaigns.

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How Do I See My Own Ad on TikTok?

How do I see my own ad on TikTok? You can try searching in the Ad Library TikTok dedicated page using the Advertiser name or keyword filter. 

You can also view all your ads via your TikTok Ads Manager. You can use either one of these two Ad Preview feature: a QR Code or a User ID (UID).

  • QR code: You can only generate a QR code for a TikTok placement ad. QR codes are not available for catalog Sales ads, collection ads, or other placements. You will first need to generate a QR code for the ad via your Campaign page > Ad list > Preview. Choose QR code as the preview method. You can only scan the QR code using the TikTok app. The QR code is valid for 7 days.
  • User ID (UID): You can obtain a UID for your ad (applies to any placement type) via your Campaign page > Ad list > Preview. Choose User ID as the preview method. To preview an ad with your UID, Open the same app on your phone as the one you selected for your ad placement. 

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Ads or No Ads: Inspire Action via Targeted Content

Organic reach and engagement remain the golden standard across all social media platforms. But ads and other types of sponsored content are a must for building awareness. This is especially true if you’re in a competitive niche or industry and want to grow a massive following.

Whether paid or organic, your content requires effective optimization to match with suitable audiences on TikTok. Creating targeted content involves insight into your target audience’s interests and content preferences. What do they find relevant or enjoyable? How can you offer them value through your content? What kind of messaging resonates with their values or passions? 

The TikTok Ad Library offers a valuable resource for creative inspiration. Even with ads and other types of sponsored content, proper targeting is key to success. 

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