TikTok Comment Generator to Kickstart Real Conversations 

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Last Updated: Jun 25, 2024

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Video comments are the best form of engagement on any social media platform. Meaningful comments, in particular, help make a piece of content relevant and visible on feeds longer. If you need to kickstart conversations around your content, try a TikTok comment generator. 

Read on to learn more about comment generators to help simulate video popularity and relevance with an engagement boost!

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Comment Picker TikTok: How Does It Work?

Are you running a TikTok contest or raffle? In order to choose a random winner, you’ll need to use a comment picker for TikTok. How does it work? 

A comment picker is a third-party online tool that uses an algorithm to select a random winner from a video’s comments. The algorithm is based on a pseudo-random number generator (PRNG), which assigns random number sequences to the entries. You’ll need to set rules/filters for the winner selection, and then the algorithm selects the random winner/s based on these. 

Random Comment Picker

Content creators and brands run contests or giveaways to help grow their presence, gain new followers, or promote a new product/service. Are you looking for software to help you select a random winner? Here are random comment picker tools you can check out:

  • Comment Picker. Use the free service for up to 50 comments, or pay for the Premium package for up to 10,000 comments. Depending on your package, you can also apply various filters to select a random comment winner. 
  • Rafflys. The service offers a free plan that randomly selects a winner from up to 600 comments. Or select the Starter plan (up to 2,000 comments), Creator plan (up to 5,000 comments), or Agency plan (unlimited comments). 
  • Easy Comment. You’ll need to install the comment picker’s browser extension and then provide the video link content. Retrieve the video’s comments, set your winner selection rules, and then let the random comment picker algorithm do its work. 

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TikTok Comment Generator: Where To Get Them

Is your video generating many views and a decent number of likes but zero comments? TikTok takes this as an indication of poor content relevance. Soon, the algorithm will stop recommending it on For You feeds (FYFs), also known as For You pages (FYPs).

A comment generator can help you simulate high engagement and mimic rich multimedia content. You’ll find many sites where you can buy random or custom comments for your TikTok posts. Let’s explore your top options!

Where To Get Fake TikTok Comments

Do you need fake TikTok comments to boost your engagement? These third party content providers are worth a try:

  • Olly Social. The site provides an AI assistant that generates comments in seconds. The AI-powered comment generator is based on your custom preferences. The service only requires a one-time payment for unlimited, lifetime access to Olly.social’s AI-driven comments.
  • Bulkoid. Get comments for multiple posts. When you select a package, the quantity applies to each post you choose. If you select 30 comments and five posts, for example, each post will receive 30 comments. 
  • InstaFollowers. Generate Easy Content, Custom, or Random comments. Easy Content lets you select the most suitable categories for your post. Custom comments let you input your own comments for automated posting. Random comments are AI-generated. 
  • Media Mister. Get video comments or LIVE stream comments, then select random, custom, or emoji comments. The site offers gradual delivery of incoming user comments depending on the quantity of your order. 
  • Pay Social Media. The service offers three types of comments: Custom, Random (Positive/Emoji), and Automatic comments. For Automatic comments, the site allows you to set a time delay for comment posting. 

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Free TikTok Comments

You can also get free TikTok comments as seed engagement for your video or take a service for a test drive. Check out these sites:

  • TokComment. Input custom comments or generate random comments in bulk. The site converts these into sticker comments, which you can download and use in your TikTok videos. 
  • Followeran. Collect ten TikTok video comments for free every 24 hours! The service is a great option if you want a daily boost in engagement for a particular post. 
  • QQTube. Create an account to avail of the site’s free services. You don’t need to provide your credit card information. You can select free comment packages worth up to $1. 

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Connect With Interested Viewers To Generate Authentic and Quality Comments

Organic views and engagement are practically self-proliferating. When your video gets many authentic views, likes, and comments, these interactions create a snowball effect. The effect generates even more views and engagement. The more views and engagement your post receives, the higher its relevance and visibility on feeds. 

How do you initiate this organic build-up of views and engagement? You need to put your content in front of interested viewers. These viewers — your target audience — are the key to elevating your video’s relevance and maximizing its potential for meaningful engagement. 

A TikTok comment generator can give your post a much-needed boost when it’s not generating enough engagement. But this is only part of the equation. You also need to make sure that interested viewers are discovering your content. If you need help connecting with suitable audiences, sign up for a High Social plan!

High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI targeting solution is the perfect reinforcement for TikTok’s own recommendation algorithm. It helps get your videos in front of users whose interests match what you have to offer. 

Give yourself the best odds of reaching viewers who are most likely to deliver meaningful engagement. Start growing your TikTok today!

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