TikTok Comment Picker: How To Run a Fair TikTok Giveaway

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Last Updated: Jun 18, 2024

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Giveaways offer a quick way to generate new followers, boost visibility and brand awareness, and increase engagement. Running a contest is almost always a good marketing strategy. With the help of a TikTok comment picker, you can also ensure that your contest runs and concludes fairly and squarely. 

How does the randomized winner selection work? Keep reading to find out!

What Is a Random Comment Picker TikTok?

What is a random comment picker for TikTok? A comment picker for TikTok is a third-party online tool you can use to choose a random winner for a TikTok giveaway or contest. The tool randomly selects a winner from the comments section of the video post for the contest/giveaway. 

When using the comment picker, you can select a set of criteria for the random selection of a winner. For example, you can filter duplicate users and comments beyond the deadline. You can specify qualification criteria, such as using specific hashtags and adding @mentions to the comment entry. 

How does it work? Most random comment picker software utilizes a pseudo-random number generator (PRNG). A PRNG algorithm generates random number sequences, which it assigns to entries. When you use reliable random picker software, the algorithm also picks the winning random sequence at random to ensure fairness.

Free Comment Picker TikTok Tools

Are comment picker TikTok tools free to use? You’ll find plenty of free comment pickers for TikTok. However, the free service often offers limited features. For example, you may use the free randomized comment picker to access only a limited number of comments.

Most of these TikTok comment pickers work the same way:

  1. Provide the contest/giveaway video link/URL.
  2. Configure your contest/giveaway settings and filters. Do you want to filter duplicate commenters?
  3. Select the contest/giveaway result settings. How many winners do you want to pick? How do you want to show the random comment selection and results — with a countdown or a wheel of names?
  4. Click the Start button to initiate the random selection. 

Here are randomized comment picker tools you can check out for your TikTok contest or giveaway:

  • Rafflys. The free plan lets you pick a random comment winner from up to 600 comments. You have to sign up and create an account to use the service. 
  • Comment Picker. The free plan caps the number of comments you can select from per video and per day to 50. You can also only have one winner. The comment picker tool only supports top-level video comments; it excludes comment replies. You don’t need to log in to use the free plan. 
  • Easy Comment. You need to install the browser extension to use the tool. The free service lets you pick multiple winners randomly and simultaneously, as well as export comments. 

TikTok Giveaway Picker: 5 Tips When Running a TikTok Contest

How do you run a successful TikTok contest or giveaway? Keep these five tips in mind to make sure everyone’s happy with your TikTok giveaway picker results:

  1. Identify your contest/giveaway goal. Are you promoting a new product or building brand awareness? Do you want to gain new followers?
  2. Keep your contest/giveaway rules simple. Use tried-and-tested contest/giveaway formulas, such as “Comment with the hashtag #<insert hashtag here> and tag 3 friends!” Another popular one is, “Hit the follow button, share this post, and leave a comment using the hashtag #<insert hashtag here>!” You can also ask commenters to share why they love your brand, product, or service. Can users leave multiple comments to have multiple entries? How many winners are you picking?
  3. Offer an enticing prize. The prize has to be valuable enough to entice as many people as possible to join your contest/giveaway. 
  4. Set a short contest duration to create urgency. This strategy is advantageous only if you already have a big enough following. Also, remember not to run the contest too long, or you might risk people losing interest. You can keep participants excited by scheduling regular contests or giveaways. 
  5. Promote your TikTok contest/giveaway on multiple platforms. If you also have a Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube account, share the TikTok contest/giveaway video on these channels. 

TikTok Comment Picker: Run a Contest That Also Rewards You

A contest or giveaway can be a highly effective marketing strategy if you know what you’re doing. Thanks to social media, these prize-drive events are pretty easy to run. Whether you’re a newbie or have an established social presence, you can benefit from a run-of-the-mill social media contest. 

Do you want to increase your visibility and gain more followers? Are you promoting a new product or service? Are you driving awareness for a cause that’s close to your heart? A TikTok giveaway can deliver the results you need. 

Offering a prize that’s worth the participants’ time and effort is, of course, a must. Your prize at the end of the event is the achievement of your contest goals. You can also get a greater reward from the contest by reaching participants who will stick around beyond the duration of your event. 

A reliable TikTok comment picker can help you end a contest or giveaway on a successful note. Make sure you reach the most suitable viewers to make the event rewarding for everyone involved — for both you and your participants. You can achieve this when you sign up for a High Social plan!

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Reach more users who’ll continue engaging with you long after the completion of your contest. Start growing your TikTok today!

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