TikTok Username Checker: Finding a Name That Fits

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Last Updated: Dec 21, 2023

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If you could change the name your parents gave you, what would you change it to? Thanks to social media, we can pick any name we want for our profiles. Well, almost any name we want. There are nearly five million social media users worldwide. So, you can expect to see the message, “Sorry, that username is unavailable/already taken,” when you set up a new profile. As the (relatively) new player on the block, Twitter is still attracting tons of new users. Why not try a TikTok username checker to help you come up with a username that suits you?

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TikTok Username Availability

When creating a new profile, TikTok username availability obstacles can get frustrating. Does anybody really want random numbers or symbols in their username? Adding the digits of your birthday is not advisable for security reasons. 

Especially if you’re a creator or brand, you want a username that’s easy to recall and, ideally, really catchy and optimized for your niche. You also want to make it easy for other people to type your handle when they search for you. 

Creators typically want to use their real names or a very close derivative of their given names. They also have the freedom to rename themselves. But the username check often shatters hopes and dreams. So, what are your options?

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TikTok Username Check

What would be a perfect username for you? You can start creating your new TikTok account to perform a TikTok username check. Or you can try username checker tools online. Here are some examples.

  • BrandSnag. You can check whether the username you have in mind is available on TikTok, as well as other platforms. The site also has a username generator you can use to get excellent name ideas. 
  • TikTok Handle Checker. Whether you’re creating a new TikTok account or thinking of changing your current handle, this site lets you check username availability easily. This site gives you real-time results, so you can quickly snag a name while it’s still available. 
  • Media Mister. Find out if your preferred username is still available before going through the long process of creating a TikTok account. This site is free to use. You can explore its growth services, such as TikTok followers, likes, and views.

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TikTok Username Checker: Tips When Choosing a Username

If you’ve ever agonized over the name to give to a new pet, the experience of choosing a social media handle is almost the same. Here are some tips to help you create a list of choices that best suits you. 

  • It should be unique. Using a TikTok username availability tool can make the process of identifying available handles faster. 
  • It should be memorable. If your goal is to build a following on TikTok, your name must be notable and easy to remember. When users discover you on TikTok for the first time, they must not have any trouble remembering your handle. 
  • It should be relevant to your brand and TikTok niche. What’s your expertise? What’s the purpose of your TikTok account? What types of content do you want to create? Decide on a niche and the niche topics you want to focus on. Think of a name that perfectly describes what audiences can expect from you. 
  • Optimize your name. Simple additions to your name can help you hit two birds with one stone. First, it can make your handle unique and increase the chances of availability. Second, it can help optimize your name to rank high in searches. If you’re sharing recipes, for example, add the word “Cooks” to your name, e.g., JaneCooks. 
  • Showcase your personality. Especially if the username you like is no longer available, you can personalize it with words that describe you or your passions. If you create travel content, you can add “Adventures,” “Wanders/Wandering,” or “TravelWith” to your name.

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What’s in a Name? What Your TikTok Username Says About You

Using your given name as your TikTok handle is ideal for most, as this helps people who know you find you more easily. You can also get creative and modify your name to make it witty, funny, or unique. Creators and brands have the more challenging task of optimizing their usernames for brand awareness. 

Many factors influence how you pick your TikTok handle; the availability of usernames is one of these. You might come up with the perfect profile name only to find out that somebody’s already using it. The supposedly simple task of choosing a TikTok name soon becomes complicated by the unavailability of the names you like. Despite the challenges, keep in mind that the best username is one that promotes easy name/brand recall and is appropriate for SEO. On TikTok, as on other social platforms, your username can help you rank high in searches if you know how to optimize it. So, it’s not only crucial that you choose a name that represents who you are as authentically as possible. It should also give you an algorithmic advantage.
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