Why Are My TikToks Not Getting Views? All the Reasons

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Last Updated: Dec 05, 2023

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Many TikTok users have dreams of becoming bigshots on the social media platform. Understandably, people admire the influencer lifestyle, and for good reason. But there is a problem. Despite implementing all the supposedly helpful strategies in the rulebook, your videos may still not perform well on TikTok. While newbies mostly experience this, old users also face this common issue. So, why are my TikToks not getting views?

Your TikTok videos may not get views for several reasons. First, violating the platform’s community guidelines puts you in a position where your visibility drops. Also, copying other users’ content could result in low or no views for such content. Other factors, such as publishing times and the type of content, could also result in zero or low views. This guide discusses the reasons for this issue and recommends several helpful solutions.

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Why Are My TikToks Not Getting Many Views? 8 Possible Causes

Most social media platforms like TikTok possess complicated algorithms that are sometimes difficult to understand. Because of this, many users do not always understand the strategies that generate the best results. So, certain actions may result in penalties, sometimes including a lack of views. But why does this happen, and why are my TikToks not getting many views?

Community Guidelines Violations

TikTok relegates your content to the background if you repeatedly violate its terms of service. These guidelines are the platform’s codes of conduct. For instance, users who create and share sensitive content may find themselves in this situation. Also, other forms of inappropriate content, such as adult content or violence, prompt this effect.

Besides banning such accounts, the social media platform pushes them down the timeline, diminishing their discoverability. TikTok enforces this by making these profiles ineligible to appear in the “For You” feed. The platform also removes them from search results, reducing their chances of receiving views. In these situations, a user can even notice videos with zero views.

Copying and Reposting Other Users’ Content

TikTok has an algorithm that detects when you post someone else’s content as yours. This algorithm also works by blocking these videos, preventing them from reaching others. This may be the case when your content is not gaining views on the social platform. There is a convenient way to confirm if this is your issue.

Quickly view the video yourself and check if the platform counts the view. If it still displays zero, the app may have blocked it. Of course, the platform takes copyright issues very seriously. It issues copyright violation notices when this occurs and may sometimes ban users if they persist.

Your Account May Be a New One

Low or zero views are quite characteristic of new accounts. This is because it takes time for the platform’s algorithm to index content from newer accounts. In addition, such accounts rarely make it to the “For You” page. Experts insist this phenomenon occurs because TikTok takes time to verify an account’s authenticity before recommending its content.

If you run a new account, prioritize watching videos, engaging other users, and completing your profile. Make your account appear legit before you begin targeting more views on TikTok.

Having More Than One Account

TikTok pays a lot of attention to authenticity; therefore, it possesses several features to help maintain originality on the platform. Because of this, the social media app penalizes users who own and operate multiple accounts. For instance, the platform relegates a user’s content, dwindling its discoverability and viewership when the user runs multiple accounts.

TikTok can discover a user’s ownership of multiple accounts from their mobile device. The platform also discovers if someone uses one phone number or email address for these multiple social media accounts.

Creation of Non-Specific Content

Creating and sharing generic and non-specific content is another common cause of lack of views on TikTok. This issue is more popular among beginners who haven’t discovered their area and stronghold on the app. Sharing non-specific content on TikTok does not result in recurring followers since the content focuses on a wider variety of topics.

The TikTok algorithm also comes into play here. The app drops your view potential as soon as it discovers that your views emanate from different user crops. Lack of growth concerning your follower count is another factor that worsens the situation in this case. Besides your views coming from different angles, this app deprioritizes your content if the growth rate is poor.

Infrequent Sharing of Posts

When you share too few posts or create content infrequently, the social media app takes your posts down the order. This means your content will only enjoy a few or no views. Many people are guilty of this practice. It is quite common for people to abandon their TikTok accounts for weeks or even months.

Some share posts at random with no consistency. But if you’re targeting serious growth and greater exposure on the app, you must have more presence on the platform. Content schedules work better in this area if you are quite forgetful.

Wrong Posting Times

Your audience should be the biggest factor when sharing TikTok posts. Because of this, you must target the windows when they are most active if you wish to get more views. Sharing posts at these strategic times bolsters engagement since they are in better positions to engage.

On the other hand, if you share posts at night when people are asleep, they may not access them. By the time they wake, multiple fresh posts would have saturated their timelines, rendering yours obsolete. Therefore, you must find the best times to post on TikTok while considering your target audience to obtain results.

Your Account May Be Private

Only your followers can see your posts when you make your TikTok account private. For people with only a few followers, getting a few or zero views on video posts is quite common. Of course, users can sometimes turn on this privacy setting without knowing. Of course, you can always check to be sure this is not the case before looking for other solutions. Regarding inquiries like “Why are my TikTok videos not getting views?” these may be the looming issues.

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How to Get More Views on Your TikTok: 5 Quick Strategies

Low views on TikTok can be quite disheartening, especially when you’ve been doing a lot of work. However, several helpful techniques exist for upping the number of people seeing your content on the app. These strategies hover around your approach to the platform and how you set up your content. Here are a few helpful ideas:

Target the Correct Audience

Targeting a specific audience class with your content allows you to build a consistent persona that draws loyal viewers. This strategy is one of the most important techniques for attracting and retaining followers who will keep engaging your content. Start by understanding the type of audience you want to attract. Then, decide on the content that will attract them the most.

To do this, go through similar profiles in the same niche you’re targeting. Study their posts and discover which gets more views and overall engagement. As soon as you have a clear picture, get to work.

Share Posts at the Right Time

While this may seem basic, your posting times also strongly affect your overall reach on TikTok. When building your profile, take your time to characterize your target audience. This involves learning the periods within which they are most active. 

Figuring out this information can be tricky. However, the social media platform provides analytics to help with this information. You can always trace back to determine which posts garnered more views. This way, it becomes easier to identify patterns and draw conclusions.

Maintain Quality and Original Content

Despite shooting your TikTok content on your mobile device, you can always maintain the quality at a high level. This involves using good sounds, proper lighting, and excellent framing to create the best effect. These elements combined all work to keep viewers engrossed. Besides, the app itself prioritizes high-quality content.

Also, you must ensure that you share entirely original content since the platform pays much attention to authenticity. In this case, maintaining authenticity involves generating your content instead of reposting it from others.

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Utilize Trending Hashtags and Sound Effects

Generally, trends dictate the flow of traffic on TikTok. So, correctly employing hot hashtags and sound effects is one way of flowing with the wave of traffic. These hashtags function effectively to categorize posts within specific topics. Consequently, the feature helps users browse posts within specified topics.

Sound effects function similarly. To exploit this particular feature, find trending sounds on TikTok and include them in your videos. The social media app also allows users to find suitable content from the sounds. Of course, the platform’s algorithm determines trending sounds based on user behaviors and the overall traffic around them.

Create and Share Much Content

Experts recommend sharing one to four posts on TikTok daily. However, if you intend to maximize growth on the platform and maintain the pace, share as many posts as possible. In this case, you can create content schedules or in batches. This technique increases a user’s number of views dramatically, so it’s worth the try. The answer is clear if questions like “Why are my TikToks not getting any views?” emerge.

Regarding targeting an audience on TikTok, hiring professionals with a baseline understanding of the platform is more advantageous. This is why High Social, a TikTok growth service, offers its expertise and advanced targeting features to users. This service helps users enjoy organic growth, reach the right views, and create useful connections. Start growing your TikTok account today!

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