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Last Updated: Jan 12, 2024

TikTok Growth

Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Whether you’ve been struggling to build a social media presence or you’re just starting, TikTok is the ideal platform for growing a following. But make no mistake about it — it’s still an uphill battle. Considering that TikTok has more than two billion active users per month, its market reach potential is massive, but the competition is also fierce. Should you buy likes and followers on TikTok to help kickstart your growth?

TikTok makes it a lot easier to reach your target audience as it matches users with videos and accounts mostly based on their shared interests. So, whether you already have a big following or just a dozen or so, TikTok gives you a fair chance of discovery by interested users. When potential new followers do discover you, what can convince them to hit your follow button? Having a decent number of followers and likes may help push them in the right direction.

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Can You Buy Likes and Followers on TikTok?

You can buy followers and likes on TikTok, but keep in mind that such activities violate the platform’s Community Guidelines. Can you get banned on TikTok if you buy likes and followers?  Fortunately, buying likes and followers is not among the list of violations that can get you banned on the platform. But you may still suffer any of the following consequences if TikTok detects this type of activity on your account:

  • Immediate deletion of the fake likes and follows. 
  • A TikTok shadowban
  • Significantly reduced visibility and reach and, as a result, a big drop in engagement. 

Now that we have the cautionary heads-up out of the way, we can also point out that buying followers and engagement is a fairly common practice across all social media platforms. So, the more important question should be: If you can’t beat them, should you join the fray? If everybody else is doing it, shouldn’t you inflate your numbers, too, to level the playing field?

Another thing worth mentioning is that TikTok does not recommend videos/accounts based on the number of likes and comments/followers. Projecting an image of popularity, therefore, will not help you land on more For You feeds. However, your simulated popularity may generate genuine curiosity from users who discover your content. 

So, if you want to “match” your competitors’ popularity, buying followers and engagement is one way to do it.

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How To Buy Likes and Followers on TikTok

Are there tricks you need to know to get positive results when buying likes and followers? Can you guarantee that your magnified follower count and engagement will lead to an authentic surge in numbers? 

These best practices will help you derive rewarding outcomes from your TikTok “acquisitions.” 

  1. Purchase small quantities. Even when buying followers and engagement, you have to be patient and increase your numbers gradually and in small increments. This way, the increase will look natural. A huge jump in your numbers will instantly get TikTok’s attention. It will also raise suspicion among other users. 
  1. Choose a vendor that offers drip/staggered delivery. These sites allow you to buy large quantities and automatically divide deliveries into separate and smaller batches. Other sites let you choose the length of time over which to spread your deliveries. 
  1. Watch your statistics to ensure corresponding increases across all metrics. For example, your increased follower count should “naturally” generate an increase in engagement. A build-up in your likes must make sense with a preceding rise in follows. Ideally, you should always buy follows, engagement, and even views together.
  1.  Make sure to gear up your TikTok profile for increased traffic. Your main goal for augmenting your numbers is to make a good first impression on users who discover your account and videos for the first time. So make sure to give them a profile that’s worth checking out. You need an eye-catching profile picture and a memorable username. 
  1. Prepare your TikTok video portfolio. You should have enough videos on your profile feed to justify your numbers, and they should offer value to viewers to convince them to hit your follow button. 

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Make an Investment in Your TikTok Success

Having organic followers and engagement is still the gold standard when building a social media presence. But sometimes, potential new followers need a push in the right direction. You need to give users a good reason to view your profile, watch more of your videos, and become loyal followers. 

If you’ve already been on TikTok for months and still only have a few dozen followers, your growth may plateau because your profile is not generating interest. Users who discover you for the first time may immediately conclude your account is not worth further exploration based on your low numbers alone. Boosting your numbers may help you get over this hurdle and prove to be a worthwhile investment in your TikTok success.

Where To Buy TikTok Follows and Likes

Here are the best sites to buy TikTok follows and likes! Explore each site, compare prices, and read customer reviews. You may also opt to buy from more than one vendor. We made this list based on these two crucial criteria:

  • The company’s enduring presence in the fickle world of social media
  • The site’s security, i.e., it has a secure URL and payment methods and does not ask for your account password

Happy shopping!

  • TikFame. The great thing about TikFame is that it lets you buy your desired number of followers, views, likes, comments, and shares in a single purchase. You can create a bundle that suits your needs. Just provide your username and select your orders. 
  • InstaFollowers. This site has been around since the early days of Instagram. It’s quick to adapt to changing social media trends and offers a wide range of services for all the major platforms. In addition to TikTok followers and likes, you can also purchase TikTok views, comments, shares, and saves. InstaFollowers also offers freebies, which you can claim every 24 hours. 
  • SocialWick. SocialWick is another forerunner among social media growth services. Aside from social media platforms, it also offers services for Twitch, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. For TikTok, you can purchase followers, likes, and views. 
  • SocialLyk. In addition to the usual TikTok products, you can also buy TikTok downloads, saves, and Duets! Explore the site’s wide range of digital marketing services. 
  • Celebian.  Before making a purchase, try Celebian’s two trial offers of free TikTok likes and views. The site has been around since TikTok’s early years and has grown alongside the popular platform. 
  • TikFuel. If you’re looking for quick delivery, TikFuel will send your followers and likes within five minutes of completing your purchase. Just remember to buy only small quantities for instant deliveries.

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Where To Get Free Followers and Likes

If you’d like to take a service for a test drive before making a purchase, there are tons of sites that offer freebies. Most of them offer only a handful of free followers and likes, but any increase in your numbers is always good! Here are some services that are worth checking out!

  • InstaFollowers. Claim ten free followers and ten free likes every 24 hours. Just provide your TikTok username. Take note that your account has to be public to avail of the free service. 
  • Trollishly. Get 100 free TikTok followers and 100 free likes. You only need to input your TikTok username and post URL (for the free likes). 
  • Allsmo. Grow your numbers with Allsmo’s 100 free followers and 100 free likes. If you share the site on social media, you can claim an extra 1,000!
  • SocialFollowersFree. If you don’t mind completing a survey to claim your freebies, check out the free services from this site. You can claim 25, 50, 100, or up to 350 free followers. 

Tips To Gain Authentic Followers and Likes on TikTok

TikTok is no longer just for teens; don’t be surprised if you find your friend’s grandmother on the platform. You don’t even have to be young at heart to appreciate the wide variety of content on TikTok. There’s something for everybody here, and TikTok’s algorithm ensures every user discovers content and accounts that suit their interests. 

While buying followers and likes can help you make a good first impression on potential new followers, you still need an effective strategy for organic growth. Here are some tips to help you gain authentic TikTok followers and likes. 

  • Get to know your target audience. Keep in mind that your target audience on other platforms may have different content preferences on TikTok. So, find out what they’re into on the popular short-form video platform. Check out other accounts in your niche to see what types of videos are popular among viewers. 
  • Stay up-to-date on TikTok trends. Trends on TikTok helped push the platform to the monumental heights it has achieved in a very short time. They have also done the same for countless creators, and they can do the same for you. Explore the TikTok Creative Center to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and promising new ones. 
  • Get on For You feeds with a proper TikTok SEO strategy. Know what hashtags and keywords will help rank high on feeds and search results. Using the right sound and trending filters and effects will also increase your visibility. Again, checking out similar creators in your niche is always a great help.
  • Post frequently and at the right times. Follow a regular posting schedule based on when your target audience is active on TikTok. Check your Analytics to find out their most active times.

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Drive Authentic Growth Through Proper Audience Targeting

If you want a TikTok community that lasts, you need real followers who genuinely enjoy what you have to offer. Sustained organic growth requires consistently high visibility and engagement, and having active followers can help you achieve both. The busier your videos get, i.e., by receiving lots of likes and comments, the more they’ll appear on feeds and generate additional views and engagement. 

How do you put your content in front of engaged viewers? You need to optimize your content and targeting strategy for your intended audience. The first step is creating content that meets your niche audience’s interests. The second involves optimizing your posts for proper categorization and high discoverability in searches. 

It sounds simple enough, and it could be after some trials and errors and, you figure out the best equation that delivers your desired results. TikTok’s recommendation algorithm takes over after you post your content, and it does a fairly good job of matching videos with interested users. With consistent posting, you’ll soon have a well-oiled TikTok content machine.  
You can also drive authentic growth when you buy likes and followers on TikTok — if you play your cards right. Increase your chances of success by getting expert help and signing up for a High Social account. You can instantly enhance your audience-targeting capability with High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI solution. Match your content with more genuinely interested viewers to grow with highly engaged fans. Start growing your TikTok today!

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