Buy TikTok Followers and Likes: Is It Really Helpful?

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Last Updated: Jul 06, 2024

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Like other social media platforms, your number of followers and engagement volume are crucial for TikTok. In addition to other engagement metrics, your follower and likes count describes your influence and relevance. For this reason, people sometimes buy TikTok followers and likes to push their relevance. But is this helpful or detrimental?

While possible, many misunderstandings exist about buying followers, likes, and engagement on TikTok. This is partly due to the sellers’ lack of clarity. Although sometimes helpful, it can also be detrimental in some cases.

So, if you have questions about buying followers and likes, this article is for you! 

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Can You Buy Followers and Likes on TikTok?

Yes, you can buy followers and likes on TikTok. Many websites offer these and other engagement metrics for different prices. So, with a few clicks, you can increase your followers and likes to a desirable number. 

You can buy as many as 100 followers for your profile and 100 likes for a specific post. Also, you can get up to 10,000 followers and likes from some websites. While the cost differs from website to website, their quality also varies. 

While you can, it is a different question if you should buy TikTok followers and likes. Although many sites advertise real followers and likes for sale, there is no way to prove their authenticity. Most followers and likes come from bots and fake TikTok accounts. 

As a result, there are concerns about the safety of buying TikTok followers and likes. The social media platform continuously removes fake accounts, impacting your audience size and existing engagement volume. 

Buying followers can also affect your social proof since others can sometimes tell when your followers are fake. For instance, if you’re a big brand or a public figure, this discovery can dent your public image, affecting your popularity. 

You should always try to attract genuine followers by working toward organic growth on TikTok. The long-term rewards of organically growing your profile are always greater than simply paying for them. However, buying them could be effective if you’re targeting short-term follower boosts.

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What Are the Risks When You Buy TikTok Followers and Likes?

Buying followers and likes for your TikTok exposes your profile to risks such as dropping engagement rates. Also, this opens your profile to other problems, making you appear inauthentic. 

So, here are five significant risks you’ll expose your profile to by buying followers and likes.

1. Buying Followers Reduces Your Engagement Rate

Although the follower count is still important, most brands consider other factors when choosing influencers to work with. In most cases, the engagement rate is the most important factor determining your profile’s popularity. 

Buying followers increases the follower count without any accompanying effect. Since these followers do not interact or engage with your posts, they negatively impact your engagement rate. Remember that your engagement rate factors in the volume of engagement to your follower count. 

When your engagement rate is too low, people will raise eyebrows. Engagements typically go up as followers increase. For this reason, it is sometimes better to maintain a small audience that engages with your content. 

After buying followers, you may consider buying likes and other engagement metrics to increase your engagement rate. While this is possible, it is not entirely sustainable in the long term due to the costs. 

2. Buying Likes and Followers May Not Get You Real Likes and Followers

When you buy followers, there’s always a high chance that you may have paid for fake followers and bots. These bots and fake followers can affect your profile directly in many different ways. For instance, they can drop off your account soon after delivery. 

The platform encourages real accounts and active users to interact in communities. Since bots do not fit this profile, the social media site occasionally flags and removes them. So, you may notice a sharp decrease in your follower count from time to time if you bought them. 

In the same way, you may also notice a decline in the number of likes on your posts. This is because the app removes the accounts responsible for those likes. What do you do in this case? Do you buy more followers and likes?

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3. Buying Followers and Likes Risks Your Chances of Going Viral

Although buying followers appears helpful, it can affect your account’s overall performance. For instance, since it causes your engagement rate to go down, it also reduces your chances of going viral.

A low engagement rate puts you out of line with the TikTok algorithm. As a result, it affects the chances of your posts appearing on the For You Page (FYP). It also reduces the possibility of your content reaching a wider audience and going viral. 

Low engagement rates show the algorithm that your content is not interesting or relevant. Therefore, the app does not recommend it to more users, even if the content is not uninteresting. Ultimately, the reach and engagement you gather will come from your actual audience.

4. You’ll Risk Your Brand Image When People Find Out

Big numbers on your social media profiles are sometimes a big flex. Fans, other brands, and competitors may find those large figures impressive. Unfortunately, this does not always work. 

In most cases, people can quickly determine that your followers are fake by looking at your profile. After buying followers, your list of followers will most likely show many suspicious profiles with no photos or posts. 

Besides that, you’ll notice spammy names with lengthy numbers attached. You may also see notes on some profiles indicating that the app has banned them for guidelines violations. If most of your followers appear this way, your brand image may suffer when people find out.

5. Buying Followers and Likes Could Be a Waste of Money

Besides affecting your profile negatively, it is against the rules to buy TikTok likes and followers. Also, remember that the platform removes fake accounts from time to time. As a result, you may lose the followers and likes you buy. 

This means that you may have wasted your money and time in the process. However, apart from that, spending money on followers and other engagement metrics is not always a good idea. So, it is sometimes preferable to attract organic followers. 

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4 Benefits of Buying TikTok Followers and Likes

Despite the significant disadvantages of buying likes and followers on TikTok, there are some upsides. However, there are four reasons why it is still popular among users. So, here are some benefits:

1. It Instantly Increases Your Follower and Likes Count 

The instant boost is the first benefit of buying likes and followers on TikTok. If you’re looking to begin your journey on the app as a content creator or influencer, this could help. It can give you a headstart in growing your brand on the social platform. 

This sharp increase in your followers and likes could trigger a wave of growth in return. It could be a great way to start for people without significant knowledge of social media algorithms. You may get the desired results once you do not entirely rely on buying TikTok views, likes, and followers. 

2. Buying TikTok Followers and Likes Adds to Organic Growth

You may beat the algorithm if you’re using bought followers and likes to kickstart your account’s growth. Using this option as a foundation, the extra effort into organic growth may attract your target audience. 

You may enjoy faster growth as more people see and follow your profile due to your impressive follower size. Getting more likes on your posts is sometimes enough to push them into the FYP. 

In addition, buying followers and likes can also result in other forms of engagement. Remember that these abrupt increases in follower and likes count push your content to other users’ feeds, resulting in higher views and overall engagement.

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3. You Can Monetize Your Account Faster

To monetize your account on TikTok, you must reach specific numbers of followers and engagement. For instance, you must have at least 10,000 followers to access the TikTok creator fund and marketplace.

For this reason, buying followers to meet the requirements for these monetization options is sometimes helpful. This is an excellent alternative if you’re trying to increase your followers to meet the standards.

You may also need many followers if you aim to work with brands and companies. Remember that buying too many followers can make you appear suspicious. For this reason, you should be minimal about it to be on the safe side.

4. You Don’t Need To Break the Bank

Most TikTok users may not always be flush enough to pay for shoutouts. Individual packages and plans also cost money, making them not easily accessible to some. However, buying followers and likes does not typically cost that much. 

For this reason, anyone can use this method effectively. Most sites offer followers for as low as $10. So, no matter how low your budget is, you can always get one that fits.

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How To Buy Likes and Followers on TikTok

Are you considering boosting your account but don’t know how to buy likes and followers on TikTok? Most websites offer different volumes for different prices. Still, you can get them using the same steps if you know what sites to visit. 

Sites like UseViral, SidesMedia, and ViralHQ are among the most popular options. So, here is how to buy likes and followers on TikTok in six steps:

  1. Launch a browser and visit the site from which you wish to buy followers and likes.
  2. From the menu, choose TikTok Services.
  3. From the multiple options, choose Buy TikTok Followers or Buy TikTok Likes.
  4. Choose the number of likes or followers you need.
  5. Enter your TikTok profile link and your email address.
  6. Choose a suitable payment method and complete the purchase. 

Most websites offer additional resources to users. For instance, you can access a 24/7 customer support team. Most sites also provide refund guarantees in the case of unsatisfactory service. 

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