Organic TikTok Growth: How To Be a Bona Fide TikTok Success

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Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023

TikTok Growth

Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Fast entertainment you can watch in full in minutes. Fun or helpful videos you can consume on the go. Content that delivers an addictive and immersive experience. These are just some of the reasons that TikTok is THE place to be right now for businesses and creators. It’s been around for less than a decade and breached the two billion mark in monthly active users in less than five years and three billion by its fifth anniversary. Whether or not you’re late to the TikTok party, you must master organic TikTok growth strategies to become a bona fide TikTok success!

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TikTok Organic Growth: Is It Easy To Achieve?

Thanks to social media, we live in a creator economy where content is the most in-demand commodity. One of the main reasons that TikTok has become explosively popular among creators is its unique algorithm, which makes organic TikTok growth easy to achieve.

On other social channels, creators have to pay to play; the algorithm prioritizes top payers who, incidentally, also have the highest number of followers. On TikTok, the algorithm prioritizes user preferences.

TikTok prioritizes virality and value when it features content on users’ For You feeds. This means videos are suggested, “based on their entertainment and engagement value, not on the size of the account that posted the video.”

So as long as you know your audience and what they want, and you create content that suits their preferences, you can accelerate organic growth faster on TikTok. Even if you’re new on Tiktok and have less than a hundred followers, your video has a high chance of success if you give your target audience the value they’re looking for.

How To Grow On TikTok Organically

The real challenge on TikTok is making your popularity stick. Consistency is vital to sustaining organic TikTok growth. At the same time, you must be quick to adapt to rapidly changing trends. Here’s your essential guide on how to grow on TikTok organically.

Set up a TikTok Pro Account

Business owners or avid creators can create a TikTok Pro account for free. With a Pro account, you’ll get access to tools and insights that will help you track your organic TikTok growth.

Follow these steps to set up your Pro account:

  1. Go to your profile, tap the menu, and open the Privacy and Settings tab.
  2. Tap Account, then tap Switch to Business Account.
  3. Choose your category.
  4. Add your email address (this is optional).
  5. Add your bio, then tap Confirm. Or you can also skip this part.

You’re good to go! After creating your Pro account, the Business suite tab will appear on your menu. The Business suite tab will give you access to Analytics, Creative Hub, Branded Content, Promote, and more.

TikTok Analytics page for TikTok Pro accounts.

Cultivate Organic TikTok Growth by Creating Niche Content

The saying, “You can’t please everyone,” is more accurate now in our social-media-driven world. To kickstart your organic TikTok growth effectively, you should focus on pleasing only the right people. Create content for your niche and stick to this strategy.

Keep in mind that getting featured on TikTok’s For You feed is the surest way to expose your brand to your audience. If you want your content to land on their feed, it must be exactly what they’re looking for. Creating niche content will increase your chances of showing up on the For You feed of your niche audience. This, in turn, will practically guarantee that the audiences you reach will start following you and engaging with you.

With a regular influx of followers and consistently high engagement, TikTok will keep suggesting your content on the feeds of similar audiences.

You may have to experiment with different content themes and styles until you hit your niche audience’s sweet spot. Do some research to find out what kinds of videos they enjoy most. Keep a close eye on your KPIs to know which niche content gives you the best results.

If your brand is about health and fitness, for example, various types of niche content you can experiment with may include:

  • HRT exercises for women
  • Weight-loss exercises for women
  • Weight-loss recipes
  • Nutrition plans for menopausal women
  • Exercise regimen for menopausal women

You can pick two or three to focus on. Create more of your most popular niche content, and sprinkle a few videos that slightly diverge from the norm to keep things interesting. You can diversify your content to attract other niche audiences when you have a big enough audience. Just don’t forget to have something for everyone.

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Be Consistent

Consistency is crucial to sustained organic TikTok growth. Produce content that is consistent in theme, style, tone, and aesthetics, and post them on a regular schedule.

It’s okay to introduce new elements in your videos now and then. If you typically shoot your workout routines for menopausal women in your living room, you can change things up and make a video outdoors. On weekends, you can share delicious recipes your viewers can indulge in guilt-free. The important thing is to stay consistent in meeting your audience’s needs.

You also have to figure out an ideal posting schedule. Identify the hours of the day when your audiences are active on TikTok. Do this for each day of the week. And make sure that you share content at these times without fail.

Another practice in consistency you should adopt is giving your audience what they need when they expect to get it. This will involve some “audience conditioning.” For example, you can consistently post 15-minute workout videos at 7 am on weekdays (when you get the most views and engagement). This way, your viewers will know when to expect each new video, and you’ll encourage them to make you a part of their morning routine.

Make Full Use of Tiktok’s Unique Features and TikTok Trends To Promote Organic TikTok Growth

Monitor your Analytics to see how your content is performing. Which videos are the most popular? When did you get the most video views and profile views? How many followers did you gain in the past seven days? Your Analytics will give you an accurate measure of your organic TikTok growth.

Use trending effects and filters, camera and editing tools, the green screen, and other fun TikTok features. Explore the platform’s extensive sound library. Experiment with Duet and Stitch and see how these features affect audience reach, views, and engagement when you use them.

Stay up-to-date on trending hashtags related to your niche or industry. Use the most relevant ones when creating your content to optimize for search and For You feed rankings. Find out if your competition and audiences are obsessed with trending TikTok challenges, filters, or music. Know all the tricks to help you identify emerging TikTok trends to stay ahead of the pack.

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Organic TikTok Marketing

Why should you use organic TikTok marketing when you can pay for ads or sponsored partnerships? Because it’s free and, therefore, regarded as authentic and credible. Because authenticity produces better results than paid or branded content. And because ad fatigue is more common now, thanks to the heavy congestion of ads on social media. Adopt these two strategies to support your brand’s organic TikTok growth further.

Inspire User-generated Content To Boost Organic TikTok Growth

As the digital form of word-of-mouth promotion or personal recommendation, user-generated content (UGC) is an especially valuable tool in boosting organic TikTok growth. Viewers consider UGC more trustworthy than ads and sponsored content as it is more authentic. UGC can give your brand verifiable social proof and promote brand trust.

Encouraging your audience to produce UGC will also increase engagement, reach, and views. Greater brand exposure will ultimately lead to organic growth in your follower numbers. You can repurpose UGC for your brand’s marketing purposes. UGC is a gift that keeps on giving.

You can generate UGC by creating challenges or through TikTok Duet or Stitch. You can be more direct and ask your followers to feature your brand, store, or product in their videos. Give them the incentive to create content about you by offering discount coupons or a free drink/dessert on their next visit!

Encourage More Audience Participation for Organic TikTok Growth Through Giveaways

High engagement on a single TikTok video can quickly catapult the video into viral status. And what better way to fuel engagement and take advantage of your content’s viral potential simultaneously than by running a TikTok giveaway?

Giveaways are a surefire way to encourage audiences to engage with your brand and sustain organic TikTok growth actively. You can run contests and giveaways regularly to maintain audience interest in your brand. Keep your followers hooked by giving them something exciting to look forward to each week or month.

You can use giveaways to introduce a new product, service, or store feature. Run a giveaway to increase website or store traffic, generate leads, or gain new followers. A contest can also help you gain deeper insights into your followers’ needs.

You can turn a hashtag challenge into a contest. Run a giveaway during a TikTok Live. Or use giveaways to generate UGC. Just make sure to abide by TikTok’s Community Guidelines.

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Essential Tips When Creating TikTok Videos for Organic TikTok Growth

Use this checklist to help you create high-quality TikTok videos for your brand’s organic TikTok growth:

  • Go full-screen. TikTok recommends using a 9:16 aspect ratio for videos.
  • Keep your videos short. TikTok recommends making videos no longer than 60 seconds to maximize average watch time. The ideal length is between 21 and 24 seconds. Don’t share videos that are shorter than ten seconds.
  • Publish high-resolution videos. The minimum resolution should be 720p.
  • Audio is essential. Take full advantage of TikTok’s extensive audio library. Use trending songs as much as possible and as long as they’re relevant to your target audience.
  • Good lighting matters. Find good, natural light, or invest in basic lighting equipment.
  • Find good video editing software. Aside from TikTok’s in-app editing tools, try out third-party editing apps to take your videos to the next level.

TikTok Organic Growth Service for Lasting and Rewarding Success

Every creator on TikTok has an equal chance of going viral. Achieving organic TikTok growth should be your next priority once you get your big break at virality. When you succeed in capturing the attention of your niche audience, all you have to do is keep them entertained and engaged. Your chances at organic discovery and steadily gaining new followers will snowball from here.

Each step toward genuine organic growth on TikTok is simple enough for any creator to replicate. But there are many steps involved. And with each step, you must constantly be in tune with your viewers’ changing interests and needs. Your focus must be on your community — your niche audience — because your community will carry your brand toward greater visibility.

A TikTok organic growth service like High Social can help you identify your niche audience and keep them engaged. Let High Social know who your audience is according to their demographics and interests. Specify hashtags relevant to your brand and industry to help you further narrow down users who are suitable for your brand. High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI technology will work tracking down your target audiences on TikTok.

When you subscribe to a monthly High Social plan, you can expect steady growth with interested and engaged followers month after month. You’ll also benefit from the expertise of High Social’s social media specialists. They will lend you their TikTok marketing expertise to help you promote your content and generate maximum engagement.

Subscribe to High Social to gain organic and engaged followers month after month. Level up your TikTok game and get the exposure you need. Start growing your TikTok today!

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