Easy TikTok Dances: Time To Put On Your Dancing Shoes

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Last Updated: Jan 02, 2024

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You don’t have to dance with impressive and complicated moves to capture engagement. Just dance and have fun with it! Don’t worry about looking silly because these easy TikTok dances will get everybody moving their feet and body along with you!

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Most Popular Dance Trends on TikTok

Professional dancers may conquer the dance floor. But anybody can hustle, shake it, and rock ‘n roll to their favorite tune on TikTok. Some of the first viral TikTok videos were dancing videos, and the trend continues to this day. Dance videos, along with lip-sync videos, put TikTok on the social media map. Let’s take a look at the most popular dance trends on the platform. 

  • Cardi B’s WAP. Brian Esperon’s choreography went viral on TikTok back in August 2020. There’s a kick, a split, and some twerking on the floor. It’s not an easy dance to learn, but it still took TikTok by storm for many months. The #wapchallenge is still popular today.
  • Megan Thee Stallion’s “I’m a Savage” dance. Creator, dancer, and fitness instructor Keara Wilson choreographed the dance to this song. The hashtag #savagechallenge currently has 4.8 billion views on the platform. 
  • Renegade dance. Charli D’Amelio may have Jalaiah Harmon’s Renegade choreography to thank for her fame. The original dance is tricky, and Charli performed a simpler version of it. The dance is still among the most legendary on TikTok.

A photo of a person breakdancing on a bridge.

Easy Popular TikTok Dances

Watching TikTok dances is one thing. Learning them is a whole other story. Creators who perform viral dances make them look like so much fun! But not all of them are easy to do. Many of the most popular ones require hours of practice to perfect. There are plenty of easy TikTok dances to learn if you don’t want to miss out on all the dancing fun. Here are some easy, popular TikTok dances that will only take a few practice sessions to master.

  • Blinding Lights challenge. Gather your best buds and learn this super easy dance together! Try not to laugh once you hit the record button. The creators from @macdaddyz said they came up with the choreography because they got bored. If there’s only one TikTok dance you want to learn, make it this one. 
  • Savage Love dance. The catchy beat paired perfectly with the cute and simple moves made the dance go viral back in 2020. The iconic dance is forever part of TikTok’s remarkable trend-setting history thanks to Jason Derulo performing it with different TikTok creators over the years. 
  • Bejewelled dance. The choreography is super easy, but it put creator Mikael Arellano in the spotlight long enough for Taylor Swift to take notice! The music icon even performed the steps in one of her ERAS tour concerts, where she also gave her 22 hats to the Filipino Swiftie. 

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Easy TikTok Dances for Kids

You may have seen your kids or their friends learning some dance moves just for fun. Whether or not you allow your child to use the app, you can try these easy TikTok dances for kids for some enjoyable family time!

  • The Chicken Dance. This is an oldie but goodie, and, thanks to TikTok, many kids today are learning the silly and fun dance. Here’s a 2023 remix version with some cool choreography twists. 
  • Say, Hey, dance. The short and playful choreography is as fun to watch as it is to learn! You’ll be dusting off your hands like a boss soon enough once you get the knack of it. 
  • Fancy Like Dance. Like the name, the dance also has some fancy moves. Get ready to rock it with the whole family!

If you do allow your child to use the app, make sure you know all about parental controls on TikTok. TikTok takes child safety very seriously, giving parents all the tools they need to monitor and manage their children’s TikTok screen time.

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Can You Dance Your Way to TikTok Stardom?

Can you follow in the dancing footsteps of other TikTok sIt won’t Won’t hurt if you try! You may end up looking silly, but looking silly on TikTok always pays off big time! And if you end up dancing well, it could be the start of a new passion and TikTok journey. 

Dancing videos fit into almost any TikTok niche. You can easily segue into a dancing video after a series of GRWM or fitness content. Bust a move on Fridays to welcome the weekend and cap off your five days of life hack videos. Do you have good news to share with your fans? Do it with a dance! And if you’re a choreographer, find an original song that’s quickly rising in popularity and create a dance for it! Your dance could be the next TikTok viral hit, with top personalities performing it. 

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