How Many Users Does TikTok Have? TikTok History in Numbers

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Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023

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From its initial launch in China in 2016 to its worldwide introduction in 2017, TikTok’s growth and popularity have been phenomenal. TikTok took over the social media world by storm in only a few years. The platform owes its immense popularity to its dedicated and hyper-engaged users. So how many users does TikTok have today? What does TikTok’s growth in numbers say about the platform?

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How Many Active Users Does TikTok Have Today?

How many active users does TikTok have today? TikTok has more than one billion monthly active users. The platform is available in more than 35 languages and over 150 markets. By the final quarter of 2022, the app clocked 4 billion downloads worldwide. Let us break down these numbers further.

How Many Daily Users Does TikTok Have?

How many daily users does TikTok have? In China, where the app was born and is known as Douyin, TikTok boasts of having up to 700 million daily active users.

Statista’s 2022 report reveals that among TikTok’s more than one billion active monthly users, 29.7 million are daily active users via iOS devices, and 15.54 million are daily active users via Android devices.

How Many Users Does TikTok Have Worldwide by Gender?

As of January 2023, Statista reports that approximately 54 percent of TikTok’s global users were women. Male users make up roughly 46 percent of TikTok accounts on the platform. Estimates show that TikTok users worldwide grew to more than 1.4 billion by the 2nd quarter of 2022.

TikTok continues to be the go-to platform for young people. As of the beginning of 2023, younger age groups made up most of TikTok’s global user base, with 21.5 percent of TikTok’s users comprising women aged between 18 and 24 years.

How Many Users Does TikTok Have in THE US?

How many users does TikTok have in the US? Statista’s January 2023 report states that the United States has approximately 113 million users. This number accounts for 41% of users in the country. The distribution of TikTok users by age group is as follows:

  • Among users aged 18 to 19 years, 67% use TikTok.
  • Among users aged 20 to 29 years, 56% use TikTok.
  • Among users aged 30 to 39, 45% have a TikTok account.
  • Among users aged 40 to 49 years, 38% are on TikTok.
  • Among users aged 50 to 59, 25% have a TikTok profile.
  • Among users aged 60 to 64, 16% enjoy TikTok’s short-form mobile videos.

Indonesia has the second-largest TikTok audience, with 109 million users. The platform continues to catch users’ attention and keep viewers entertained. 2022 reports reveal that global users were spending around 95 minutes daily on TikTok.

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How Many Users Does TikTok Have Worldwide per Demographic?

TikTok has quickly become one of the most downloaded apps for iOS and Android devices. The video-sharing platform was the most downloaded app among Android users worldwide, with almost 24 million downloads on Google Play Store in September 2022. On the Apple App Store, TikTok was the second most downloaded app, with approximately 7.5 million downloads globally in the same month.

Let us look at how many users TikTok has worldwide according to different demographics.

TikTok Users Worldwide by Age Groups

How many users does TikTok have according to age? The percentages are below:

  • 13-17 years: 14.4%
  • 18-24 years: 34.9%
  • 25-34 years: 28.2%
  • 35-44 years: 12.8%
  • 45-54 years: 6.3%
  • 55 years and older: 3.4%

Brands whose target audiences fall within the 18 to 34 age range can expect decent marketing results on the platform.

How Many Users Does TikTok Have by Region?

Excluding China and India (where TikTok was banned), these are TikTok’s user numbers by region as of 2021:

  • Asia Pacific: 598 million users
  • North America: 183 million users
  • Europe: 257 million users
  • Latin America: 288 million users
  • Middle East and North Africa (MENA): 127 million users

These numbers reveal that you’ll find approximately half of TikTok’s one billion plus users across China’s neighbors in Asia. This is not surprising because TikTok is a Chinese company.

TikTok Penetration by Country

Statista’s January 2023 report shows that the country with the highest TikTok reach is the United Arab Emirates. The report indicates how many users TikTok has and that advertisers reach compared to the adult population. The source also notes that “values may exceed 100 percent due to duplicate and fake accounts, user age misstatements, different research dates, and differences in census data.”

Below is TikTok’s penetration by country:

  1. United Arab Emirates, with 105.2%
  2. Saudi Arabia, with 103.3%
  3. Malaysia, with 77.7%
  4. Chile, with 73.4%
  5. Thailand, with 69.1%
  6. Vietnam, with 68.9%
  7. Mexico, with 63.6%
  8. Israel, with 62.8%
  9. Philippines, with 58.2%
  10. Indonesia, with 56.8%
  11. Ireland, with 55.1%
  12. Colombia, with 52.1%

The above results reveal that TikTok reach is highly effective in many parts of Asia and South America. The United States ranks 19th, with approximately 43 percent of its digital population using TikTok. If you have a brand on TikTok and audiences in any of these countries, advertising on TikTok is an excellent option.

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TikTok History in Numbers

Answering the question, “How many users does TikTok have?” traces the platform’s impressive growth in under a decade.

TikTok’s birthplace is China, where the platform is known as Douyin. First launched in September 2016, TikTok’s first iteration was as a video-sharing platform for dance and lipsync videos. In 2017, Douyin’s parent company, ByteDance, acquired and introduced the platform to international users.

From 33 million Douyin users in China in 2017, TikTok’s user base grew to 133 million worldwide in 2018. The number of users more than doubled to 381 million by Q2 of 2019 and doubled again to more than 700 million by 2020. TikTok neared the 1 billion mark in 2021, registering 902 million users. The platform finally breached 1 billion users in the middle of 2022, with 1.466 billion subscribers. TikTok closed the year with 1.601 billion users.

In terms of downloads, the numbers are as follows:

  • 68 million downloads in 2017
  • 200 million downloads in 2018
  • 857 million downloads in 2019
  • 1.579 billion downloads in 2020
  • 2.560 billion downloads in 2021
  • 3.301 billion downloads in 2022

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What Does Tiktok’s Popularity Mean for Businesses, Influencers, and Creators?

Knowing how many users TikTok has will give you a good idea of why the platform is an excellent marketing channel for businesses, influencers, and creators.

TikTok’s incredible engagement numbers perfectly demonstrate why the platform continues to draw herds of users. An excellent case in point is Jennifer Lopez’s video, which she posted on both Twitter and TikTok. JLo has 45 million Twitter followers and five million TikTok followers. The video got two million views on Twitter and 71 million on TikTok. The vast discrepancy between follower numbers and engagement for each platform indicates the effectiveness of TikTok in keeping users highly engaged.

Check out TikTok’s most popular creators to get a feel for what TikTok users are looking for on the platform.

  1. Khabane lame, with 155,800,000 followers
  2. charli d’amelio, with150,400,000 followers
  3. Bella Poarch, with 92,900,000 followers
  4. Addison, with 88,800,000 followers
  5. MrBeast, with 79,900,000 followers
  6. Zach King, with 74,900,000 followers
  7. Kimberly Loaiza, with 73,900,000 followers
  8. Will Smith, with 73,000,000 followers
  9. TikTok, with 71,200,000 followers
  10. cznburak, with 69,800,000 followers
  11. The Rock, with 69,400,000 followers
  12. domelipa, with 65,400,000 followers

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How Many Users Does TikTok Have That You Can Potentially Reach?

Answering the question, “How many users does TikTok have?” will give you a clear picture of the opportunities for brand growth and success you can achieve on the platform.

TikTok’s massive user base represents an ocean of audiences you can reach and engage with your social media content. Whether you’re a local small business owner or running an online store with customers nationwide, you’ll find an audience on TikTok. If you’re a creator or an influencer hoping to make a mark in your niche or industry, you’ll find a community interested in the popular platform.

Even with the fierce competition among brands, TikTok’s unique algorithm can effectively facilitate the right connections between brands and their intended audiences. TikTok’s algorithm curates content for users’ feeds based on their interests and interactions on the platform. As long as you’re creating content that suits your target audience’s interests, passions, and identity, TikTok will make it easy for these users to discover you.

You can give your brand an additional advantage with precise audience-targeting capability. Subscribe to a TikTok agency like High Social and leverage their advanced, proprietary AI technology, which identifies real users who match your brand. When you place your content in front of interested viewers, you can guarantee an increase in your reach and followers and a boost in your engagement.

High Social will help fine-tune your audience-targeting strategy to reach authentic users whose interests and interactions on TikTok match your brand’s identity and content. High Social’s team of social media specialists will also help you generate more interest and views for your content through targeted promotion.

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