How To Get Famous on TIKTOK: Tips To Become a Social Media Star

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Last Updated: May 21, 2024

TikTok 101

Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

TikTok can turn your dream of becoming a social media star into reality. Countless others have done it; you can, too! TikTok’s dizzying rise to fame was made possible, after all, by the TikTok stars it brought forth into the online universe. With more than 1 billion active users to date, you can have as many chances to go viral. To set you on the fast track to popularity, we have prepared a guide on how to get famous on TikTok. So keep reading and get ready for the spotlight!

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What Does It Mean To Be TikTok Famous?

Well, if anyone can learn how to get famous on TikTok, how much of a big deal can it be to become TikTok famous? First and foremost, it pays to be TikTok famous — and it pays really well. Top TikTok influencers can make a good living through brand collaborations. Second, there are countless possibilities you can explore to create your unique brand and offer viewers something they’ll find entertaining or valuable. Third, becoming famous on TikTok for doing something you love, especially if it’s a craft you spent a long time perfecting, is a personal milestone you can be proud of!

There was a time when a viral video literally got only 15 seconds of fame on TikTok. As the platform’s popularity gained more speed, with app downloads and account sign-ups hurtling towards the high nine digits, the limit for TikTok’s short-form videos was expanded to 60 seconds and then to three minutes. Early this year, TikTok announced that they’re starting to roll out “the ability to upload videos that are up to 10 minutes, which [they] hope would unleash even more creative possibilities for our creators around the world.”

So this is as good a time as any to learn the tips and tricks for how to get famous on TikTok!

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Is It Hard To Get Famous on TIKTOK?

It’s true what they say: it’s easy to get famous on Tiktok. But we have to qualify this truth further:

  1. Learning how to get famous on TikTok is easy, and so is successfully achieving viral fame. But this “easy” success is often built upon many years of hard work to excel at what you do.
  2. It’s easy to get famous on TikTok when you compare it to the more challenging and painful journey on other social media platforms. This doesn’t mean that TikTok fame has less value, however.

One of the reasons why TikTok is the best place to go after your dream of becoming famous is because its algorithm doesn’t look at content relevance based on follower count. Instead, it actually looks at what people want to see more of — via the For You page. This means that as long as there’s an audience that’s interested in your brand of content, TikTok will put it in front of them, and you’ll rack up the views and increase your visibility.

And once you get TikTok famous, it’s only a short skip and hops to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube popularity! But keep in mind that while it’s possible to go viral from just one video, real fame takes a lot more effort and dedication. If you want to learn how to get famous on TikTok, make sure you do it right the first time and aim for the stars.

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Tips on How To Get Famous on TikTok

How To Get Famous on TikTok Easy Tip #1: Focus On Your Strengths

Knowing how to get famous on TikTok is not just about getting tens or hundreds of thousands of views for every video you create; fame can also mean being known as the best at what you do within your niche, even if yours is a relatively small community. Getting TikTok famous can be easy when you play to your strengths and build your brand around them. Focus on growing a dedicated community and consistently provide quality content your audience enjoys.

If you need inspiration, you can start with popular hashtags on TikTok for your subculture, industry, or niche to understand what your target audience is most interested in and perhaps even identify needs that aren’t getting a lot of attention and which can be an opportunity for you to create your brand of content. If you can meet these unique needs, your content will appear on their For You pages, and your popularity will grow within this community. Once you have established a strong presence and a loyal viewership, you may explore other avenues of interest to you; just make sure to stay true to your brand.

Check out A Clothes Horse, a certified #cottagecore queen with more than 1 million subjects er followers. She has built her unique brand around whimsical wanderings in nature, playing on fairy tale elements.

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How To Get Famous on TikTok Quickly Tip #2: Ride a Trending Hashtag Bandwagon

Participating in a trending hashtag can help you get famous on TikTok quickly, but it’s important that you use this momentum to keep engaging the viewers whose interest you’ve successfully captured when you hopped on the hashtag bandwagon. Again, this means understanding the kind of content they love so you can create more of the same, and you can keep them fascinated beyond your initial viral video.

But keep in mind that participating in viral hashtag challenges does not always guarantee instant fame. The more people are doing a challenge, the tougher the competition for viewers. It’s also important that you choose a trending hashtag that’s relevant to your brand, subculture, or industry. Your goal is not to be a one-hit viral wonder; after all, you want lasting fame. Once you’ve decided on a niche or subculture, you should stay on this path long enough to build a strong presence, a dedicated community, and TikTok astral status.

You can also take advantage of trending music and effects to widen the audience reach of your content.

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How To Get TikTok Famous Tip #3: Keep Your TikTok Account Busy

It takes a long time to become an overnight success, as the popular saying goes. It also takes a lot of time and hard work to sustain success. Once you’ve figured out how to get famous on TikTok, make sure you deliver quality content time and time again and frequently. If you’re still on an uphill climb toward TikTok fame, then it’s even more important that you post videos regularly.

Unlike on other social media platforms, you will not get penalized if being prolific is a key element of your content strategy. On TikTok, you are likely to be rewarded with more views and followers when you post quality videos often. Considering how the For You page works and the sheer amount of content being posted on the platform on a daily basis, posting a few times a day, every day, is actually necessary to ensure that your brand always appears on top of people’s FY feeds.

Remember that while it’s easy to get Tiktok famous, it’s just easy to lose your star power and be forgotten if you’re out of your audience’s sight for too long.

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How To Get Famous on TikTok Tip #4: Inspire Audience Engagement

Another best practice you should adhere to for your strategy on how to get famous on TikTok is inspiring and maintaining good audience engagement. This is key to ensuring top-of-mind brand awareness, i.e., you will always be foremost in your audiences’ minds every time they’re on TikTok.

How do you achieve this? Here are two things you should keep in mind:

  1. Acknowledge your audiences’ engagement as much as possible. A simple appreciation post or a comment thanking everyone who liked, shared, saved, or commented on your video will let your audience know that you see them, and this will encourage them to like more of your videos.
  2. Respond to their comments. The sooner you reply to their comments, the better the chances that they’ll see it and post a response of their own. This is an effective trick to keep the conversation on your video going so it stays relevant for a long time.

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How To Get Famous on TikTok Tip #5: Engage With Other Users

One of the time-tested tricks to get famous on TikTok, especially if you’re still building your brand, is by engaging with other TikTok users. More specifically, you should engage with brands or influencers whose audiences are similar to your target. How do you do this? By utilizing some of TikTok’s features that are designed for “collaboration.”

For example, you can find a video of a popular brand within your niche/industry that’s available for Stitching. If your Stitch is good enough, and with a bit of luck, your video may be featured by the brand on their page, so you’ll be able to tap into their audience base. Engaging with other users through their videos is also a good way to jump on a relevant trend and get noticed.

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Final Thoughts: Achieve Star Status on TikTok and Keep Your Light Shining

Learning how to get famous on Tiktok is only half of the equation; maintaining your star status often requires a completely different strategy. While you don’t need a lot of followers to go viral on the platform, your follower numbers have to continue on an upward trajectory if you want to achieve real and lasting fame. Organic follower growth is relatively easier on TikTok than it is on other social media platforms, but AI-guided audience targeting is just as beneficial as it is anywhere else if you want to accelerate and sustain your growth.

You can take advantage of the advanced AI targeting capability of a growth service, like that of High Social, to get your content in front of genuinely interested audiences. With proper audience targeting, you can be sure of consistent and quality engagement and, therefore, rewarding and lasting growth. Start growing your TikTok today!