TikTok Agency: Do You Need One?

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Last Updated: Oct 30, 2023

TikTok 101

Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Among all social media platforms, Tiktok stands out in terms of audience engagement and content discovery. The platform provides equal opportunities for rapidly scaling TikTok presence and growth. From a marketing perspective, TikTok is a veritable gold mine. Whether you should take your brand to TikTok is no longer a question. The more important thing to ask is whether you should go it alone or seek expert help from a TikTok agency.

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Why You May Need a TikTok Marketing Agency

Video ads have become the most preferred type of mobile advertising among viewers. TikTok’s short-form video format naturally lends itself to effective social media marketing. Do you need to subscribe to the services of a TikTok marketing agency to give your brand a leg up on the platform?

It took TikTok only five years to breach the 1 billion mark in monthly active users, three years faster than Facebook and Instagram. If your competition is already tapping the endless opportunities on TikTok, you should get on board asap so you won’t get left behind. If they’re not yet on TikTok, you should grab the chance to be one step ahead. Should you use a TikTok agency to ensure marketing success? Can a TikTok agency help you become a TikTok star? You can benefit from a TikTok marketing agency in two ways:

  1. A TikTok agency can help you with your TikTok strategy. A social media management company typically provides advanced software tools and hands-on expert help with identifying and targeting your audience. They can also assist with defining your TikTok goals, running analytics, and performing industry and competitor analyses. An agency can take the helm and direct your ad campaign strategy based on audience insights and industry trends.
  2. A TikTok marketing agency can take care of your content creation and management. This includes optimization, professional editing, content scheduling, and building and managing partnerships with content creators.

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How To Choose a TikTok Management Agency

Many TikTok management agencies offer a full suite of solutions for TikTok’ssuccess. These TikTok agencies may offer a one-size-fits-all approach to building a solid brand presence on the platform. But there are still a few things you need to consider when choosing an agency that’s right for your brand.

  • Your budget. Some offer different packages or plans depending on the specific services you need.
  • Your business size. Choose a TikTok agency that’s well-equipped to handle your needs, whether you’re an SMB, a mid-market, or an enterprise.
  • Your goals and needs. Some agencies specialize in SaaS, digital advertising, creatives, commerce, or influencer marketing. Or you may opt for a full-service agency, whether or not you need targeted or comprehensive solutions.

When choosing a TikTok agency, make sure the company has a verifiable and good track record of providing the specific services you require. Find out their success rate in helping brands like yours succeed on the platform.

What Is a TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency?

A TikTok influencer marketing agency can match you with influencers or brands most suitable for your identity, audience, and goals. If you’re a business, you’ll get quick and guaranteed access to a pool of influencers who can create fun and engaging video content for your brand. You can have your your products featured on their social media channels. If you’re an influencer, you’ll have more opportunities for brand collaborations.

Influencer marketing on Tiktok works the same way as on other platforms. For businesses that don’t have a limited budget but can send free products, you can simply send these to influencers. Include a request to feature your brand on their channels. This tactic does not guarantee a feature, but you might score a brand or product spotlight if you reach out to enough influencers. On the other hand, influencers can reach out to brands and offer to feature their products in exchange for samples or a fee.

If you work with a TikTok agency, you can guarantee a successful sponsored partnership or video collaboration. You’ll have your choice of influencers or brands to work with. You can also be assured of more efficient and professional campaign management from start to finish. With the right TikTok influencer marketing agency, your campaign goals are practically a slam dunk with a fully optimized content and audience targeting strategy.

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What You Need To Know About TikTok Marketing Partners

TikTok offers a directory of “marketing partners that can flip your TikTok strategy from an ‘oh-no’ to ‘woah’” so you can “grow your business with partner solutions that hit every goal.” TikTok’s pool of expert and carefully curated partners offer the best matches for businesses, content creators, or agencies.

TikTok’s partner solutions include:

  • Creative. Expertly build the best content for your audience with partners who have the audiovisual and technical know-how you need. You can “leverage existing assets to scale your creative output” or make new assets with the advantage of high-quality video production.
  • Commerce. Join the #TikTok mademebuyit revolution when you maximize online sales with the help of badged commerce partners. Your partner will help you integrate your product catalog into your TikTok for business account and manage your eCommerce shop dashboard.
  • Campaign Management. Leverage the innovative technologies and deep expertise of TikTok agency partners. They can help you maximize your audience reach and revenue, optimize and manage your campaign, and get accurate performance reporting and analytics.
  • Sound. Find music industry partners for a persuasive sound-on strategy that drives brand engagement and generates revenue. Get “creative assistance via music supervision and playlist creation”; help with popular music licensing or custom sound creation; and access to independent artists.
  • Effects. Get professional help to create custom effects that wow audiences. You can also utilize tools for “ideation and production for branded effects, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, CGI, animation, live action, and more.”
  • Measurement. Find a TikTok agency partner that will provide you with an accurate picture of your online and offline campaign performance.

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How To Manage Multiple Accounts Through the TikTok Agency Business Center

TikTok Agency Business Center lets you manage multiple TikTok for Business accounts from a secure, central hub. The business platform integrates performance reports and payment information in a single location to give you a comprehensive view of your ad accounts.

You can also assign permissions and roles for different assets and accounts via Business Center. Therefore, Business Center provides an efficient and all-in-one solution for managing “TikTok for Business assets within an organization or with external partners and vendors.”

Why You Should Use Business Center

If you’re managing a TikTok Agency or have multiple business accounts on TikTok, here are the benefits of using Business Center:

  1. Use a single login to manage multiple accounts from one location.
  2. Business Center allows you to assign, change, or remove roles and permissions securely.
  3. Team members can collaborate transparently, and you can see who made changes to which accounts.
  4. You can conveniently process billing and payments, view and adjust your Business Center balance in real-time, and access transaction details.
  5. You can access business-level insights and ad performance reports for different accounts.

Who Should You Use TikTok Agency Business Center?

If you require any of the following, you should use TikTok Agency Business Center:

  • More than one person to access and manage your TikTok for Business accounts.
  • You need to manage and share assets among multiple accounts.
  • Ownership of all your assets but receive third-party assistance with your ad operations.
  • You need to manage your clients’ ad accounts or create new ad accounts and manage a credit line for these accounts.
  • Collaboration with other TikTok agencies.

How To Get Started With TikTok Business Center

Are you managing a TikTok agency? Are you a creator or business with multiple accounts? Keep these things in mind if you want to start using TikTok Business Center.

  • Who do you want to be your TikTok Business Center’s administrator? The ideal candidate is the business owner or your marketing team’s primary contact. The administrator will have permission to act on behalf of your business and decide who else can access your Business Center assets. TikTok recommends assigning at least two admins so you’ll have a backup admin in case one suddenly leaves the company.
  • Sign up for TikTok for Business. This is a requirement to create ad accounts, make TikTok Business Center accounts, receive a role assignment, and receive assets.

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Top TikTok Agencies

If you’re in the market for a TikTok agency, here are some companies worth checking out.

  • Byte/Dept. This marketing technology agency has offices in New York, London, and Berlin. The agency provides analytics, technology, creative, and media services and is an official Snapchat Lense Partner. Byte/Dept created British online fashion retailer ASOS’ first TikTok campaign, the branded hashtag challenge #AySauce. The campaign encouraged users in the US and UK to show off their outfits.
  • Incubeta. Incubeta is a digital marketing agency that provides creative, media, and consulting services. The agency worked with Australian furniture maker Fantastic Furniture for their influencer marketing campaign. Incubeta collaborated with @brookestyless and @georgieandzac to reach a younger audience through their DIY room transformation videos.
  • Whalar. Whalar is an award-winning creator commerce company that helps creators, brands, and social platforms drive growth. Their services include talent management, brand partnerships, and technological solutions. Some of their biggest clients include Google, LVMH, Estee Lauder, Gucci, BMW, and Disney. On TikTok, Whalar worked with Chupa Chups for their Halloween campaign.
  • VMG Digital. VMG Digital is a creative services company specializing in sponsored video ads. Their services include social ads, interactive ads, animation, and augmented reality. The agency helped Samsung promote their new Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 to Millennials and Gen Z consumers in Vietnam via the hashtag challenge #VuDieuGapMo (Folding Dance).
  • High Social. High Social is a social media agency focused on helping TikTok brands grow organically through precise audience targeting and optimized content promotion. This TikTok agency is the ideal choice for business and content creators who are new to TikTok and need expert help building a strong presence on the platform.

Do You Need Expert Help To Grow Your Brand on TIKTOK?

Do you need to get 1000 TikTok followers quickly? You can take a shortcut to growth and buy followers. Or you can get expert help from a trusted TikTok agency to grow your brand consistently, month after month.

Whether you have multiple TikTok accounts or just one, a TikTok agency can give you the competitive edge you need to stand out among the competition. A TikTok agency will make it easier to catch the attention of your target audience. You can only achieve rewarding and lasting growth when you gain right followers for your brand and the community you’re building. These are followers whose values, aesthetics, and passions are similar to yours. They are followers whom you can rely on to give you high-quality engagement.

High Social can help you find and connect with your TikTok tribe. The company’s advanced, proprietary AI technology ensures precise audience targeting. Their in-house social media specialists will lend you their expertise so you can effectively promote your content and engage your audience.

High Social can help you grow organically and build a community of loyal, genuinely interested, and actively engaged followers. Start growing your TikTok today!

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