How To Blow up on TikTok: 11 Techniques That Actually Work

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Last Updated: Dec 12, 2023

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TikTok fame usually comes with many benefits, like a boost in visibility and exposure for your brand. TikTok-famous people can generate income from sales, merch, sponsorships, brand deals, and promotions. But there’s a problem; attaining that fame on the platform can be tricky. So, people are often concerned with how to blow up on TikTok.

Blowing up on TikTok involves going viral and gaining massive audiences on the platform. Users can employ several helpful strategies to achieve this feat. For instance, they can utilize content strategies and other growth techniques. This post discusses all the helpful activities that help users blow up on the social media platform. 

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How To Blow up on TikTok Overnight: 3 Important Strategies

Many people have recorded massive success on TikTok within surprisingly short intervals. This massive success comes from using several useful strategies that have yielded results. However, many newbies don’t know what to do to get TikTok fame. Since questions arise on how to blow up on TikTok overnight, here are several helpful strategies.

Actively Participate in Hot Trends

TikTok has become significantly popular for its convenient use of music and sound clips. For users, adding trending sounds and music clips to videos boosts their chances of dramatically blowing up. This trendy content is effective since it gives creators a better chance of appearing in searches. But how does this work?

People search for trending audio and sound clips to watch the associated content. Of course, users are often certain about the content they are after when making such searches. Such additions are useful to make more interesting content. 

While creating videos with their audio, you can also include these trendy sounds to make them more discoverable. For instance, you can use these sounds as background music.

However, besides using trending sounds and audio, users can also use trending hashtags for good results. One post can easily generate all the buzz you need to become a popular figure on TikTok.

So, the secret lies in discovering the trending elements on TikTok and utilizing them to your utmost benefit.

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Collaborate With Big Brands and Creators

Collaborating with brands and creators with wider audiences is another major way of enjoying abrupt growth on the app. By forming teams with these major players, you’ll enjoy massive exposure and reach other audiences, creating amazing results. Despite the great potential in this strategy, you must understand some factors.

First, you must conduct intensive research on the brands and creators you work with. To do this, scour their timelines to confirm that their content and profiles align with yours. This step helps to pick the common ground between both parties that’ll trigger interest and result in great responses.

Then, consider brands and creators with some features similar to yours. For instance, don’t insist on brands with large audiences since they may not play the game with you. Instead, prioritize brands and individuals with no-so-large audiences for more efficient collaborations that create better results.

Of course, going for such brands creates a better atmosphere since both parties may have something to gain. Look to boost your response rate by playing by your level. Alternatively, you can also get collaborations from the TikTok Creator Marketplace. One easy way to implement collaborations is by tagging each other as you both promote the relevant content.

Create Explosive and Engaging Content

The bedrock of growth and consistent success on social media lies in content. When targeting massive growth on TikTok, create and share explosive and engaging posts that trigger a response. While this type of content helps draw an audience quickly, there is another advantage. Users can follow several useful themes and topics to generate the desired effect.

For example, education is a major content niche on the social media platform. Hashtags like #LearningOnTikTokTogether and #LearnOnTikTok have helped users enjoy millions of views. You can enjoy dramatic growth on the platform if you follow this route. Teach people how to perform tasks and help them learn about surprising and eye-catching topics.

Another major activity with growth potential is creating entertaining and funny content. Of course, most people love sharing memes and funny videos with friends. This could create the buzz you need to generate explosive popularity on the app.

Then, you can also focus on inspirational content. Inspiration is a major area on the platform because it helps people improve their lives.

For instance, people enjoy learning skills that improve their health or boost their looks. When you inspire people to do better, they are bound to follow and share your content. It is an essential tip to going viral on TikTok overnight.

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How To Blow up on TikTok as an Artist: 4 Techniques for Achieving This

Over time, TikTok has grown, significantly promoting artists and their musical content. The platform has provided audiences to many rising artists, helping them scale to stardom.

However, many artists are still in the dark about the techniques that trigger this growth. So, many questions exist about how to blow up on TikTok as an artist. Let’s cover a few useful strategies.

Push Your Music on the Social Platform

As an artist, your major priority should be to push your music across all platforms for better visibility. So, you must share all your music to that platform via distribution companies. Also, consider creating different song versions, like the sped-up versions, for the best effect.

Pushing your music to TikTok creates an edge for you, allowing others to include the sound in their content. From the first instant, you must promote the music by creating videos that follow its theme. To do this, add the music as soundtracks to your content. Then, you should also encourage others to use the sound to bolster its popularity on the platform.

Create Duets With Other Artists

Collaborating with other popular brands and artists is one way to promote your profile as an artist on TikTok. One way of implementing these collaborations is by creating duets on TikTok. This feature allows people to share the spotlight with other users by placing their videos side by side. Many artists have created viral videos from these duets on the platform. 

First, create an original video that allows others to make theirs and place them by the side. These users can now record and incorporate their sounds into the original audio. Many artists have gathered hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views from these duet features.

Follow Other Users and Popular Figures

To blow up as an artist on TikTok, you must also follow other users massively, especially when they follow you. Besides following your fans, consider keeping up with other big names in the industry. For instance, as an upcoming musical artist, ensure you follow and interact with producers and other artists.

This strategy lets you know the helpful practices that boost your profile on the app. By following and interacting with similar profiles, you could build communities of like-minded individuals working together.

Hop on Popular Musical Trends

Another way to boost your pedigree as an artist on TikTok is to join popular trends around music. The platform is popular for its musical and sound trends that characterize the platform from time to time. So, you can always capitalize on these features to bolster your popularity, increasing your chances to blow up.

For example, you can always duet another artist’s song to help with their publicity and yours. Besides that, you can also jump on musical challenges and trends that align with your content. Participating in these trends places you in a better position to garner more engagement and reach.

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How To Blow up a Song on TikTok: 4 Crucial Factors To Consider

Due to the significance of music on TikTok, many musical artists now promote their songs on the platform. Of course, the app’s massive usage makes it an attractive location to promote songs.

This is because it offers the potential to reach a wider audience over a relatively short period. But the problem is how to blow up a song on TikTok. Well, several helpful strategies exist.

Go For Songs That Align With TikTok

The first step to blowing up your song on TikTok is recording one that aligns with the app’s style. Of course, the distribution company usually sets the duration to fit with the app’s 15 to 60-second video format. So, it doesn’t matter how long the song is since you can always pick a snippet.

Generally, the song has to be catchy, broad, and relatable to perform better on the platform. If you’ve been recording for some time, you could always check through your records to find one that fits.

Pick the Most Catchy Sound Clip

When TikTok content creators choose songs to add to their videos, only 15 to 60-second clips play along. This is due to the limited length of videos on the app, which usually fall within this range. So, many distributors generally choose a song’s first 15 to 60 seconds by default. This is sometimes a major impediment since the first part of a song may not be the most interesting.

To boost the potential of your song to blow up, you must display the most alluring part of your song. You can choose and save this portion of your song when arranging the song with the distributors. From past trends, you can notice that the most TikTok-famous songs have the most effective sound clips.

Promote the Song With Simple Video Ideas

Instead of using complex video ideas to promote your song on TikTok, use simpler promotional concepts. This is because such content is usually more relatable to the audience and, thus more popular.

Additionally, your videos should also relate to the song you’re promoting. Such content can trigger a significant wave that massively benefits your song in popularity. Overall, simpler concepts are capable of prompting massive responses and creating trends.

Create Contests and Challenges Around Your Song

Another important technique to help blow up your song is to create challenges on TikTok revolving around your song. Also, consider running contests and allowing people to win different prizes. Since challenges and contests are quite popular on the platform, encourage your audience and the public to hop on yours. When creating a challenge or a contest, also create hashtags to go along. 

Usually, challenges blow up when they are more fun and versatile for different users. Versatile challenges allow people to be more creative, adding their touches to create more effective results. This is why you must choose a part of your song that provides freedom to content creators on the app.

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How Long Does It Take To Blow up on TikTok? Is There a Specific Period?

One common question among new creators on TikTok is, “How long does it take to blow up on TikTok?” The answer?

People take different amounts of time to get meaningful results on social media platforms. While some users go viral on TikTok overnight, others stay for years without getting the desired effect.

It all depends on how much work people put in and how well they implement strategies for growth. People who align better with the TikTok algorithm tend to fend better over time. Overall, implementing these strategies answers the question of how to blow on TikTok.

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The company employs its expertise to offer a solid advantage for people aiming at organic growth. It also ensures that you reach the right people and build useful connections. Start growing your TikTok today!

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