How To Find What Songs Are Trending on TikTok

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Last Updated: Dec 12, 2023

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Songs are essential to the TikTok experience. Adding a soundtrack to your video can make it more meaningful or enjoyable. Music helps create the right mood. It can also get your content in front of more viewers. If you want to know how to find what songs are trending on TikTok, here’s your essential guide!

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How To Find Trending Sounds on TikTok Creative Center

If you’re looking for trending sounds on TikTok, the TikTok Creative Center should be your first stop. It’s best to explore the platform on a desktop. Just follow these steps.

  1. Go to TikTok Creative Center via your browser. 
  2. Click Trends at the top, then select Songs. 
  3. Select your region. 
  4. Select your preferred timeframe. 
  5. Select the Popular category to view a ranked list of popular songs in your selected region and timeframe. The Popular list does not include user-generated/original sounds. 
  6. Select the Breakout category for a list of songs that are quickly becoming popular and might become viral sounds. 
  7. Click the Play button on any song to listen to it. 
  8. Click See Analytics to get more insights about the song.

When you click on any song, you’ll find the following insights:

  • The scale of video views for the song in the selected region and timeframe
  • The top related videos and how other creators are using the sound
  • Audience insights, including age range and their related interests
  • Regional popularity, or the top locations in the world where the sound is most popular

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Find Popular Sounds in the Commercial Music Library

TikTok’s Commercial Music Library is a massive collection of pre-cleared music for organic content and ad creation. Like the Creative Center, it’s best to navigate the library on a browser via a desktop. The library allows you to explore popular sounds using various criteria.

Commercial Music Library: All Music Tab

Within the All Music tab, you can discover songs, artists, and related videos according to the following criteria:

  • Region
  • Usage: TikTok commercial use or TikTok series
  • Usable Placements: All, TikTok, Helo, or TopBuzz & BuzzVideo
  • Themes: Food, Sound Effects, Spring, Autumn, Danceable, Beauty & Fashion, Cool, etc. 
  • Genre: Rock, Pop, Latin, Easy Listening, Country, Classical, etc. 
  • Mood: Excited, Happy, Chill, Romantic, etc.

The results will give you Recommended Playlists and Top Music. You can also input a music or artist name in the search bar. 

For each song among the results, you’ll also find the most relevant tags. 

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Commercial Music Library: Playlist Tab

The Playlist tab lets you discover songs by region and usage. The results will immediately give you TikTok Viral sounds. Alternatively, you can explore various Playlist categories, including:

  • New Releases
  • Emerging Artists
  • Pop
  • Indie
  • Country
  • Jazz
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • #memes
  • Sounds for Business

Find Trending Music When Adding a Sound to Your Video

No time for music insights research? You can still identify trending tunes for your video while in the process of creating one. The Add Sound tool during the in-app video creation process allows you to explore current popular music. You can also simply search for any sound you like.

  1. Launch TikTok and tap the Create button. 
  2. Record your video or upload one from your device. 
  3. Tap Add sound. 
  4. Use the search bar to search for a specific song, artist, or genre, or scroll through the categories and song selections. 
  5. Tap the play button to listen to each song; when you find the music you like, tap the check mark to add it to your video. 
  6. Finish editing your video.

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Discovering Music From Your Feed

The most common way users discover popular music and artists is through the videos in their feed. When you find a piece of music you like while browsing on TikTok, you can tap the music tag to learn more about it.

Tapping the music tag will take you to a page with videos related to the original one. The page will show you the number of posts for the song. You can immediately use the sound in your Story or video by tapping the Add to Story or Use this Sound button at the bottom. Or you can tap the Share button in the upper right to share the original video that led you to the song.

Tapping the song featured in the original video will take you to the song’s dedicated page. This page will show you recommended sounds and more videos related to the song and the artist. If you want to learn more about the artist, just tap on their handle.

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Know How To Find What Songs Are Trending on TikTok for Higher Engagement

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world; good music always brings people together. Language barriers don’t matter when everybody’s listening to the same catchy tune, heartstring-pulling melody, or foot-tapping beat. 

On TikTok, songs also have the purpose of connecting people in more ways than one. A viral hit can instantly create a community of people dancing the same choreography or completing a challenge. TikTok gives new artists excellent opportunities to make a name for themselves, build a strong following, and have their voices heard. Creators and brands can find common ground with their audiences simply by sharing their music interests.

Know how to find what songs are trending on TikTok and what your target audience is listening to. Share their music interests and influences to develop lasting connections and generate higher engagement.

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