How To Get Unbanned on TikTok: Your Guide Out of Lockup!

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Last Updated: May 13, 2024

TikTok 101

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You haven’t seen a banner notification in a while. Your regular users aren’t even interacting with your content. You feel that TikTok has banned your account. Now you’re wondering how to get unbanned on TikTok. 

You have an idea of what TikTok doesn’t like. You don’t engage in hateful behavior or violent extremism to your knowledge. So, how can there be any severe violations? You don’t even think you’re guilty of a minor violation.

There are different types of bans, and maybe you can fix yours. Read this article before you go to a website to buy fake engagement! 

3 Signs There Might Be a Ban on Your Account

Do you want to know how to get a TikTok account unbanned? First, you have to verify that there is a ban. 

If the platform banned you, it may not be obvious immediately. You might have to do a little investigating to make sure. Luckily, there are three signs that you can look out for. 

1. Little Visibility

You can’t just focus on sharing with people who follow you already. Other people need the opportunity to see your content as well. How do they see your content? 

Do your existing followers share your content with them? That may happen, but it is not the only way.

Sometimes, you need a little help from TikTok itself. You get this help from the For You Page (FYP). That is where people discover new creators. It is how new creators get to reach brand-new viewers. 

Are you dependent on this mechanism working in your favor? Most creators are. So, it is disappointing when your content doesn’t reach this page. 

If TikTok banned your account, you won’t get a feature on this page. This limits the possibility of new viewers seeing our content. If they can’t see your content, they can’t engage in it. 

Without engagement, TikTok won’t want to share your content with others. If you see the number of new followers decreasing, pay attention. TikTok may have banned your account. 

2. Low Engagement

Your content depends on people interacting with it. This means that they may like the content, leave comments, or share it. Some TikTok videos are famous because of the high level of engagement

Unfortunately, your numbers are very low. You don’t see as many comments as you usually see. Your like count is plummeting as well. Poor numbers are an indication that your engagement is very low. This could be a result of TikTok banning your account.

This could be the kiss of death for your TikTok account. With little engagement, you could be on a steady decline.

3. You Can’t Upload Your Content

In those last scenarios, at least you have content on the platform. Sometimes, a ban means that you can’t even upload. This is the worst-case scenario. Now, you can’t even entertain the loyal followers you do have.

This isn’t even a case that your Internet connection is bad. You experience consistent issues when you want to upload content. Some videos stay under review for extended periods. Maybe processing is taking longer than usual. 

This is extremely frustrating and can kill your spirit. Let’s talk about why this might be happening to you.

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3 Reasons Why There Is a Ban on Your TikTok Account

You have waited a while, and it doesn’t seem like the comments are coming. The stagnancy has been going on for a long time. What could you have possibly done wrong? 

You thought TikTok was a place of free speech and expression. How can they do this to your account? We have to remember that TikTok is a private entity. They have the freedom to do what they want with their platform. 

Sometimes, you might be on the good side. Other times, you are not. That results in situations like these. We don’t know what your account is on TikTok, so we can’t give you a diagnosis right here. 

However, we can give you a few possibilities. One of these three scenarios may be the reason for the ban on your account.

1. There Was a Copyright Violation

As you know, content creation is not easy. To see the beautiful videos on the platform, someone has to do a lot of work. Creators put in hours of labor for potentially a few seconds. They deserve all the praise and accolades that come with creating that content. 

Unfortunately, some creators on the platform don’t respect that kind of labor. They take advantage of another creator’s efforts. They might do this by downloading and uploading the content again on their page. They won’t give adequate credit to the original creator. Or, they may pass it off as their content completely. 

This goes against the spirit of TikTok. The platform wants people to hone their creative skills. If you like another creator’s work, you can always repost it. Passing it off as your own is against your agreement with TikTok. At worst, it is a copyright violation. 

Plagiarising content can be illegal. So naturally, TikTok will want no part of someone doing illegal activities. If someone reports this activity on your page, TikTok may take action.

2. You Used Explicit Content

A lot of users share their personal experiences on TikTok. The things you learn by being on the app for five minutes are amazing. Unfortunately, some people do too much on the platform. 

Sometimes, your FYP features highly suggestive or sexual content. TikTok is all about creativity, of course. But some people do go overboard. Adults on the platform are not free to treat it like platform X. 

Nudity, highly explicit content, and drug use don’t exist comfortably on the platform. This goes for extreme violence as well. Hopefully, your content doesn’t require you to focus on these themes. If so, you may face a perpetual ban from the platform. 

You might say there is an age restriction for certain content on the platform. That is true. TikTok tries to limit what young children see. That doesn’t mean the rest of the platform gets to see everything, though. 

If you enjoy risky content, perhaps another platform will work better for you. You could even make a living from that content. Unfortunately, TikTok still has its boundaries when it comes to this.

3. You Didn’t Adhere to the Guidelines

Did you read the Community Guidelines for TikTok? There are rules to using this app. Sometimes, people violate the guidelines, and they don’t even know. We understand why you would question if they enforce the policies. 

Some people do very outlandish things on the app. But you may not be so lucky. You don’t want to say or do things that could qualify as hate speech. Bullying, harassment, and self-harm content may receive a flag as well. 

This is why using coded language on the platform is so popular. People don’t want to get in trouble but want to speak freely. We suggest that you don’t take that risk.

TikTok is popular when it comes to challenges. There are dance, makeup, or prank challenges that go viral. The popularity of these challenges encourages other people to take part as well. Unfortunately, some of these TikTok challenges are very dangerous. 

Some impressionable children take part and jeopardize their lives. TikTok doesn’t like this; it’s a bad PR. To discourage people from taking part in dangerous challenges, they punish accounts. They may stifle creators who take part in potentially fatal challenges. Hopefully, they discourage young children from taking part as well.

Do any of these factors ring a bell? Maybe you upload content that TikTok would perceive as harmful. You could’ve been innocent when you shared it. 

Unfortunately, the powers that be just did not see it that way. We would advise you to remove the content as quickly as possible. If the engagement is low, it’s not like your followers may notice anyway.

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How Long the Ban Will Last

You are reasonably sure that there is a ban on your account. You need to know how long it will last. You can’t exactly go forever without your TikTok account. It has nothing to do with you getting bored while waiting in long lines. 

It simply has the potential to create an income for you. A ban would be equivalent to a layoff for some creators.

You want to know how to get your TikTok account unbanned. What is a waiting time like? Word on the street is that it may take about two weeks for this ban to leave. Is that too long for you? In a fast-paced world like social media, it might be. 

Maybe it is a good time for you to capitalize on your other social media platforms. TikTok is independent of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat. Maybe you could look into uploading more content on those platforms in the meantime. Hopefully, your audience knows of your other accounts. 

There is also the option of creating another account on TikTok. Some creators have backup accounts for this very reason. Yes, you likely won’t have the same number of followers on it. 

But at least this way, you keep your followers aware of your existence. It is so easy to forget about creators these days. Influencers are everywhere, and there seems to be an alternative for everyone. 

We don’t want you to get lost in the matrix. Try to maintain your presence on the Internet as much as possible during this ban.

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How to Email TikTok About Banned Account To Expedite the Matter

In serious times, you may have to go full Karen on TikTok. Yes, you have to ask to speak to their manager to get some answers. The fact that there is a strike on your account is not a good look for the brand. 

You might feel very strongly that you don’t deserve this strike. You would prefer to have a clean record with TikTok. In situations like this, maybe you shouldn’t sit and wait for a result. This is why some creators want to know how to email TikTok about a banned account. 

You can always appeal in the app, but will you get an adequate response? We wouldn’t count on it. There are so many users on the platform. There are millions. The team might be dealing with copyright infringement matters on a regular basis. You don’t want them to give you the runaround. 

If you want to expedite the matter, you should email them. Here is a list of a few email addresses that you could contact:

Hopefully, these email addresses will work, and you will get some answers. If not, you may have to wait out the process. It can’t hurt to remove the videos that you think are offensive.

How To Get Unbanned on TikTok Live and Resume Your Livestreams

The TikTok livestream is a popular way for creators to earn an income. Getting a ban on going live is a serious problem. It might be a short-term one or a permanent one. The short-term one lasts seven days. 

Hopefully, you can wait out this period. If you are experiencing a permanent ban, you may have to be proactive. This is how to get unbanned on TikTok live.

Email Them

You can send an email to the following address:

Try to include as much information as possible. Use the subject line to indicate that you are mistakenly banned on TikTok Live. 

Include your username so they don’t email to ask for it afterward. This saves some time. Plead your case in this initial email address. State why the reason for the ban was unjustified.

Report the Problem

You don’t have to seek redress with just one avenue. You can also report the problem through the TikTok app. Luckily, the app still works, so you can access these features.

Share Feedback

You can also share your feedback on the platform. Simply fill out the form and explain the situation at hand.

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