How To Turn Off Profile Views on TikTok

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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2024

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Viewing social media profiles on the down-low is a guilty pleasure for many people. Most times, it’s harmless online stalking. You’re curious about someone, so you check out their social media. On TikTok, you can ensure that the pages you visit won’t know that you viewed their profiles. Keep reading to find out how to turn off Profile Views on TikTok. 

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Should I Turn Off Profile Views on TikTok?

Should I turn off Profile Views on TikTok? If you don’t want other people to find out when you view their profiles, you should turn off Profile Views. Here’s how to turn Profile Views off on TikTok:

  1. Go to your Profile in the TikTok app and tap the three-lined menu button in the top right. 
  2. Select Settings and privacy
  3. Tap Privacy.
  4. Under Interactions, tap Profile views
  5. Tap the toggle icon next to Profile view history to turn it off. 

When you turn off the Profile Views feature, you can anonymously view as many profile pages as you want. However, the setting goes both ways. You also won’t know who views your profile. 

If you’re not curious about who visits your page, turn off TikTok profile views. You can enjoy browsing profiles secretly if you don’t need additional insight about your audience reach. 

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How To Turn Off Profile Views on Tiktok and Other Hacks for Incognito Browsing

Are you more of a quiet spectator? If you prefer not to engage with other users on TikTok, you can customize your privacy settings to keep your activities hush-hush. There are different ways to browse incognito, aside from knowing how to turn off Profile View on TikTok.

  • Switch to a Private account
  • Turn off Activity status so the followers you follow back won’t know when you’re online. 
  • Disable Suggest your account to others and Sync contacts and Facebook friends. Take advantage of this option if you don’t want TikTok to connect your account to people who may know you. 
  • Customize Tags and Mentions to limit who can tag and mention you in their posts. 
  • Select who can send you Direct messages
  • Limit the audience for your Stories
  • Make your Following list private. 
  • Make your Liked videos private. 
  • Make your Private sounds private. 
  • Turn off Post views

Are there other alternatives to knowing how to turn off the view profile on TikTok to remain an anonymous TikTok viewer? You can browse TikTok as a guest. You don’t have to log into your account or sign up for a TikTok account. 

You can watch videos, search for any type of content or any account, and view profiles as a guest. You can also use a TikTok Viewer tool to explore TikTok without using the platform itself. 

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Will People Know If I Turn My Profile Views On or Off?

Will people know if I turn my Profile Views on or off? Users who are extremely vigilant about the activities of people they’re following or following them may notice. Note that the Profile Views feature only works when both people viewing each other’s profiles have turned it on. 

Let’s say you used to have the feature turned on and frequently visited a particular user’s page. If that user also turned on Profile Views, they would know you’re a frequent profile viewer. If you suddenly disappear from the other person’s Profile Views list, they’ll figure out that you probably turned off Profile Views. 

For user security, privacy settings information is available only to the user. If people can deduce that you turned Profile Views on/off, it’s likely because of thorough detective work. 

If your privacy on the platform is important to you, your best option is to use a private account. With a private account, you will have better control over who follows you, sends you messages, and sees your posts. 

What if a public/business account is more suitable for your purposes than a private/personal account? Don’t worry; you can still customize the privacy of individual posts and certain profile information. 

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Measuring Your Audience Reach

Identifying who your profile visitors are gives you additional insights into who you’re reaching with your posts. As a brand or creator, the information can be valuable in developing and refining a more precise targeting strategy. 

The audience data can help you learn more about your viewers’ demographics, interests, activities, etc. 

Of course, your TikTok Analytics remains the most reliable source of information on your TikTok growth and performance. You’ll also find Profile Views data on your Analytics page. However, you’ll only see the total number of profile viewers for a given period. You won’t know who they are. 

However, you can also access more detailed follower insights, such as their age, location, and active hours on TikTok. 

The platform offers many tools to measure your reach vis-a-vis your views accurately, follows, and engagement. It’s always best to take advantage of all of them, including the Profile Views feature. The more audience information you can gather, the clearer the picture of how effective your audience-targeting strategy is. 

Knowing how to turn off Profile Views on TikTok gives you an extra layer of privacy while browsing the platform. However, it helps to know who’s viewing your page if you’re working to build an engaged community. Another great option is to get expert help by signing up for a High Social plan. 

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