View TikTok Anonymously with These 3 Simple Sneaky Hacks

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Last Updated: Feb 01, 2024

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Perhaps you’re just curious about the app or a user and want to check them out without creating an account. There are ways to view TikTok anonymously. TikTok allows non-users to explore the platform and enjoy public videos without signing up. However, you do need to download the app to get the full experience. 

Keep reading to find out how to experience TikTok and check profiles as an anonymous guest.

Anonymous TikTok Viewer

You don’t need a TikTok account to enjoy videos and view profiles on the platform. If you don’t want to install the app and use it as an anonymous guest, you can try an anonymous TikTok viewer instead. 

A TikTok account checker or viewer is a site that gives you direct access to any public TikTok profile. You just provide the username, and the site will show the user’s page and public videos. Here’s a list of five websites that are worth checking out!

  1. High Social: High Social’s Profile Analyzer lets you check any public profile’s analytics to measure against your own. 
  2. UrleBird: Explore TikTok, watch viral videos, and discover enjoyable content anonymously. You can search for a user with their username or find a specific type of content using a hashtag. 
  3. TikTokStalk: Find trending videos using hashtags, follow creators, stay up-to-date on their latest posts, or download public videos. Try any of their services for free. 
  4. Tiker: View profiles and download videos in full resolution without the TikTok watermark while remaining anonymous. The site also does not require users to sign up for an account. 
  5. Xaller: View anyone’s public feed and save public videos watermark-free, even without a TikTok account.  

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How To View TikTok Anonymously

Are you wondering how to view TikToks anonymously if you’re a TikTok user? One obvious option is to browse TikTok without signing in to your account. Log out of TikTok and browse as a guest. But if you want the full experience while remaining incognito, you have a few options. 

You can view TikTok profiles anonymously by turning off the Profile Views feature. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to your Profile and tap the Menu in the upper right. 
  2. Select Settings and Privacy
  3. Tap Privacy
  4. Under Interactions, select Profile views
  5. Toggle the setting to turn it off. 

When you turn on the Profile view history feature, you can see who viewed your profile in the last 30 days. But the feature only works if your profile viewers also turn on their Profile views. Those who enabled this feature will also see when you view their profiles. 

If you want to view posts from people you’re following while remaining anonymous, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Profile and tap the Menu in the upper right. 
  2. Select Settings and Privacy
  3. Tap Privacy
  4. Under Interactions, select Post Views
  5. Toggle the setting to turn it off. 

When you turn on Post views, people you follow will see when you viewed their videos and vice versa. Again, this only works if both viewers enable the feature. Post views will show you only views for videos posted in the last seven days. 

Another option is to unfollow the user. If their video is public, you can view it without them knowing. If they have a private profile and you follow them again, they’ll know you unfollowed them. Private accounts have to approve all follow requests.

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View TikTok Stories Anonymously

Is there a way to view TikTok Stories anonymously? Stories can only have the following audiences: your followers, friends or accounts that you follow back, or only you. If you view someone’s Story, they’ll be able to see that you did. You can’t view Stories without an account, given the aforementioned privacy settings for Stories. 

However, there are three options you can try:

  1. Check their other social media pages: People often link their social media accounts so they can simultaneously publish posts across all social media platforms. This means their TikTok Story may also be available in their IG Stories or Reels or their FB Stories. You can get lucky if they share their TikTok Story as a regular Facebook post, for example. You can view it without them knowing. 
  2. Use a third-party app: A search on Google will give you apps that claim to let you view TikTok Stories anonymously. Keep in mind that most of these apps are not safe. Proceed with extreme caution if you need to download something to use it.
  3. Create another account: If the Story is available to all followers and not only the account’s friends, this solution will work. Create another account and follow the profile whose Story you want to watch anonymously.  

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Turn Anonymous Viewers Into Lifelong TikTok Fans

Reaching a new audience is a new opportunity to grow your TikTok community. Anonymous viewers represent potential followers. If more and more people are getting curious about your profile and checking it out, then you’re doing something right!

Your first point of contact with new viewers is typically through their For You feeds. How you optimize your content helps TikTok’s algorithm identify suitable viewers for it. You need to make sure that these viewers will not simply keep scrolling past your video without a second thought. You want them to stop scrolling and watch. Hopefully, they’ll like your video so much that they’ll hit the heart icon and also check out your profile. 

You can also generate buzz around your name with a single viral video. Users who are hearing about you for the first time may start searching for you on TikTok. When they visit your page, your profile feed must be compelling enough to convert them into engaged followers.  

Knowing how to view TikTok anonymously gives you an idea of how anyone can gain access to your online profiles. If you’re a content creator looking to build a solid following, anonymous viewers also offer opportunities for growth.  You can never really know who you’re reaching with your content. 

But you can increase your chances of reaching the right ones when you sign up for a High Social plan. Increase your audience-targeting capability with High Social’s advanced proprietary AI solution. Start growing your TikTok today!

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