How To Use Voice Changer on TikTok

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Last Updated: Dec 07, 2023

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Using your authentic voice on TikTok does not mean you should always sound the same. Don’t fall into the trap of content monotony. You can stick to your niche topics or keep restating your values and beliefs without sounding tiresome. TikTok’s wide array of editing tools gives you countless options to get creative and keep your audiences engaged. Learn how to use voice changer on TikTok to make yourself sound different and more interesting!

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Steps for How To Use Voice Changer on TikTok

The game-changing social platform always has something new up its sleeve. It’s pretty obvious why the popularity of TikTok’s short-format videos went through the roof. It’s because they’re super engaging. Videos offer a more complete viewing experience, engaging both the eyes and ears. They capture people’s attention longer because they’re visually, audibly, and mentally stimulating.

TikTok’s voice filters offer users a fun way to play with sound in their videos. Changing how you sound in your TikTok videos is super easy! Here are the basic steps:

  1. Launch TikTok and tap the Create button. 
  2. Select your video length and start recording, or upload a video. 
  3. When you’re done recording/uploading, tap the down arrow from the editing tools on the right. 
  4. Select Voice (the mic icon). 
  5. Try the different voice filters to change the sound of your voice. Alternatively, you can tap the Record button to record sounds or do a voiceover. 
  6. Tap Save. 
  7. Finish editing your video. 
  8. Tap Next to finish your post.

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What Voices Can You Use?

Now that you know how to do voice changer on TikTok, let’s explore the different voice options you can try!

  1. Telephone
  2. Autotune
  3. Literature
  4. Philosopher
  5. Chipmunk
  6. Baritone
  7. Mic
  8. Vibrato
  9. Echo
  10. Synth
  11. Helium
  12. Giant

You may see some creators using a Santa voice filter or a trickster voice effect but not find either one in your app. Take note that available voice filters vary depending on your region. TikTok also updates these effects now and then. 

Use the autotune or baritone filter if you have a video of yourself singing in the shower or while driving. Try the literature or philosopher filter if you’re sharing an inspiring quote. The giant voice effect may also pair well with motivational speeches — it will certainly make people listen! Change your accent or pitch. You can sound more gravelly and masculine or soft and feminine.

Try them now and have fun! 

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Top Videos Using Voice Effects

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to use TikTok’s voice effects in your next video, check out these creators!

Morphing your voice gives you endless creative possibilities. Here are some tips to help you get your new sound just right.

  • Record your video in a room with good acoustics and minimal to zero background noise. 
  • Use a good-quality microphone if you’re singing a cover. 
  • Use a voice effect that offers an excellent contrast to or pairs well with your content. For example, the helium filter may work well when you’re out of breath after demonstrating a fitness routine. You can get surprised laughs from audiences when you use the giant voice effect while getting glammed up for a party. 
  • Use a voice effect on your own voiceover. 
  • Switch from one voice effect if you want to be hilarious. 
  • Try voice effects while doing an interview.

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Try New Ways To Make Your Voice Heard

Knowing how to do the voice changer on TikTok is a fun way to break your TikTok routine and offer your audiences something different. Using the right voice filter can make a funny video funnier. You can sound more commanding to get your point across more effectively. Switch “characters” by switching voices to keep audiences engaged longer. If you enjoy third-party editing apps for TikTok, you should also explore voice-changing apps!

TikTok’s voice effects are a simple editing tool that can help make your videos less humdrum — especially when you have a lot to say. Or you can just play with it to create funny content. See how other creators use different voice effects and how people respond. Surprise your fans with a chipmunk or robot voice while doing a makeup tutorial. Make them laugh by using the helium voice filter while sharing an anecdote, doing a product review, or giving cooking instructions.

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