Is High Social Legit? How to Level up Your TikTok Game

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Last Updated: Jun 26, 2024

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

These days, building a solid following on any social media platform requires a combination of organic and AI-powered strategies. Is High Social legit? Does the popular TikTok growth service deliver the goods?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie, a pro, or anywhere in between. You need all the help you can get to stay competitive and relevant on any of the supersaturated social channels. Keep reading to learn more about High Social, its free tools, and its legit services!

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What Is High Social?

High Social is more than your typical social media growth service. It’s a social media agency that provides a full range of expert, hands-on services and digital solutions, specifically for TikTok users. From developing effective strategies in content development and marketing to AI-guided targeting, High Social is the ultimate TikTok growth expert. 

Although the site primarily promotes its advanced AI audience-targeting services, High Social plans actually come packed with other features. Depending on your plan, these include a profile review, email newsletters, activity logs, real-time analytics, growth expert insights, and more. 

The primary concern of many creators, influencers, and brands on social media is follower growth. And High Social always hits the target (audience-wise) and delivers the numbers in organic droves. How does it do it? And what other benefits can you expect?

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How Does High Social’s Targeting Solution Work? 

According to the site, you can expect an average of nearly 4,000 new TikTok followers per month. This means that you can be a nano-influencer in less than a month. With consistent growth, you can level up to a micro-influencer (with at least 10K followers) within three months! How does High Social do it?

When you sign up, High Social performs an algorithmic profile review to identify your ideal audience and most engaged followers. Based on the data, High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI technology consistently matches your posts with the most suitable viewers on TikTok. 

High Social’s AI targeting formula works exactly like TikTok’s algorithmic recommendation process. Both technologies hone in on user interests when selecting content to feature on their For You feeds (FYFs), also known as For You Pages (FYPs). Every time a user launches the app, their FYP shows them videos relevant to their content needs and preferences. 

The formula is advantageous to both users and creators/influencers/brands. Users can always expect a worthwhile experience on the app. Creators, influencers, and brands can expect higher chances of views that instantly convert into followers and an increase in engagement. 

The adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” perfectly sums up how High Social’s strategy delivers. Their technology perfectly complements TikTok’s algorithm and effectively doubles a user’s audience-targeting capability. This is why High Social has earned a 4.8-star average from verified users. 

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Enjoy Additional Targeting Solutions

What other benefits will you get when you sign up for a High Social plan? In addition to reinforcing your audience-targeting power, High Social further boosts your exposure and growth via advanced tools and avenues for promotion. These include:

  • Influencer shoutouts. A High Social account lets you tap into the company’s own roster of more than 13,000 influencers. Whatever your niche and whoever your target community is, you’ll have established influencers organically promoting your content to their followers. 
  • Email newsletters. High Social automatically adds your content to its daily newsletters and weekly digests, which it emails to more than nine million subscribers. Again, the site makes sure these emails reach users most likely to check out your profile and hit your follow button. 
  • Hashtag targeting. Let High Social know what hashtags are most relevant to your content and target audience. The service will identify users interested in your specified keywords for targeted content recommendation. 
  • Activity log. Access your High Social dashboard to keep track of all the activities the site generates for your account. You can keep an eye on all influencer shoutouts, email blasts, and other forms of outreach recommending your content.  
  • Real-time analytics. Your dashboard also provides to-the-minute analytics so you can analyze your follower growth, content performance, engagement trends, and more. 
  • Engagement sources. Identify the top channels/sources of followers delivering your profile visitors to help you fine-tune your targeting strategy. 

Is High Social Worth It?

Is Highsocial legit? Is signing up for a plan worth it? We can fairly say that High Social is as legit as they come based on the following:

  • An impressive roster of more than 15,000 clients which include leading influencers and brands. 
  • A catalog of success stories from creators all over the world, with follower bases ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. 
  • A 4.8 average star rating from more than 2,000 on-site reviews from clients across a wide range of industries
  • A 3.9 average star rating on Trustpilot from 130 users. 

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Are the Followers Real?

Unlike most social media growth services, High Social delivers not only real followers but genuinely interested ones. 

Following TikTok’s recommendation strategy, High Social matches clients with their target audience to ensure viewer-to-follower conversion. You can rest assured that you won’t get fake followers.

By combining AI technology with expert hands-on content promotion, High Social helps clients build a strong presence and solid following organically.

The AI-powered profile review facilitates precise audience identification and targeting. A growth strategy team takes on organic content distribution tasks to generate a boost in engagement. In-house influencers help boost visibility and reach through word-of-mouth promotion. 

Depending on the plan, clients can also take advantage of a manual targeting review to help develop a personalized targeting strategy. They also enjoy growth expert insights and specialized assistance from their own Dedicated Account Success Manager. 

All of these benefits combine to deliver authentic and suitable audiences to each client, ensuring organic and sustained growth. This also means that even after a client discontinues their plan, they won’t lose the followers they gained from High Social. These are followers who will stick around as long as the creator/brand consistently shares valuable content. 

What Are High Social’s Plan Options?

High Social offers two growth options:

  1. TikTok Elite. For only $1.37 per day, your follower numbers can grow between 2,500 to 4,000 per month. You can expect follower growth within the first two days of sign-up. Enjoy Manual Targeting Review, Expert Growth Insights, a Dedicated Account Success Manager, 24/7 Premium Support, and more. 
  2. TikTok Core. For only $0.97 per day, you can grow your fan base by 1,000 to 2,000 followers per month. You’ll enjoy basic benefits, such as an AI Profile Review, Influencer Shoutouts, Email Marketing, Real-Time Analytics, and more. 

High Social Free Tools

You can try High Social’s services for free via its free TikTok tools. These include:

  • Hashtag Generator. Generate relevant and trending hashtags to capture a prominent spot on FYPs, hashtag search results, and the explore page. 
  • TikTok Engagement Rate Calculator. Get an accurate measure of your TikTok performance. Just provide your username (or another creator’s) to generate to-the-minute engagement numbers. 
  • TikTok AI Analytics. Analyze any profile to get critical insights about their follower growth, engagement, etc. This tool is especially helpful when performing a profile audit for potential collaboration on TikTok

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Is High Social Legit? Give It a Try and Experience Accelerated, Organic Growth!

Organic growth remains the gold standard for social media performance and success. Platforms are expected to experience exponential increases in monthly active users. This means the competition for visibility on feeds will also become increasingly challenging.

Pages with followers numbering millions or with a substantial ad budget often get the lion’s share of views. However, if you’re on TikTok, you have a better fighting chance against established influencers, celebrities, and brands. 

However, to build a solid and lasting following on any platform, you must have a budget for ads and sponsored posts. Sign up for a High Social plan if you want to invest money in your TikTok growth. Doing so will give you lots of bang for your buck. 

Is High Social legit? You can expect High Social to deliver if you’re looking for organic and sustained growth with high-engaging followers. A High Social plan instantly reinforces your audience-targeting power. Leverage their advanced, proprietary AI technology to put your content in front of genuinely interested viewers.  

Start growing your TikTok today!

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