Skinfluencers: The Who’s Who of Skin Gurus

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Last Updated: Oct 25, 2023

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Whether you want alabaster skin, a dewy look, or wish to maintain your skin’s youthful glow and suppleness, skinfluencers can guide you. From skincare aficionados to certified dermatologists, these skin influencers take self-care and vanity to another level. Let’s get the skinny on this new breed of beauty influencers and get to know the who’s who of social media skin gurus.

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What Is a Skinfluencer on Tiktok?

A skinfluencer on TikTok belongs to a relatively new class of beauty influencers specializing in everything related to skincare. Skinfluencers’ interests and passions often go beyond skin-deep beauty.

They share their skincare routines. They address common skin problems. But they also provide expert guidance and advice through valuable content. They create content around scientific product reviews, break down ingredients in skin products, and discuss practices that are environment-friendly and good for skin health.

Top Hashtags for Skinfluencers

According to the latest hashtag trends for the past 30 days on TikTok Creative Center, these are the top hashtags among skinfluencers:

  1. #skincare has 11B views. This hashtag’s top creators include Joshua Morris, Miyaeva Renae, and Raghad. 
  2. #skintok has 1B views.
  3. #skintific has 478M views
  4. #skintips has 89M views
  5. #skintransformation has 58M views
  6. #skinhealth has 51M views
  7. #skinroutine has 40M views
  8. #beautifulskin has 33M views
  9. #skincareroutines has 29M views
  10. #skinspecialist has 12M views
  11. #skincarecareaesthetic has 9M views
  12. #skincarevideos has 8M views
  13. #skincarejourney has 7M views

2023 Skincare Trends To Watch Out For

Skinfluencers on TikTok ushered in the #SkinTok subculture, which has been massively popular among Gen-Zs. Doing away with smoothing filters and layers of makeup, skin influencers dare to reveal skin in all its bare beauty, albeit with the help of serums, masks, etc. In a report published by Marie Claire, top dermatologists and aestheticians listed the following as the biggest skincare trends for 2023:

  1. Buccal fat removal. The procedure involves surgically removing the naturally occurring fat between the cheekbones and jawbones to accentuate facial structure and minimize facial roundness.
  2. Skin cycling. This is a term coined by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe. “It’s a skincare approach that involves applying products intermittently in a four-day cycle, leaving out some products on ‘rest days,’”
  3. Psychodermatology. This takes a look at the relationship between skin health and mental health.
  4. Multi-tasking products. Expect to see a rise in multi-tasking, multi-ingredient formulations “that address a multitude of skin issues in a streamlined fashion.”
  5. Three-dimension fillers. These refer to unique fillers with unique properties used in specific areas of the face.  
  6. Quick contouring. Expect the rise in popularity of new contouring technologies that prioritize speed and downtime. 
  7. Combination therapy treatments. These treatments combine technologies and aesthetic modalities that achieve more dramatic results. 
  8. Holistic approaches. These are approaches that go beyond physical skincare and take an inside-out approach. 
  9. Mesotherapy. This type of therapy has been widely used in France, Japan, and Korea for many years. It’s a skin rejuvenation technique that uses a transdermal injection of a multivitamin solution and natural plant extracts. 
  10. Barrier strength. The trend focuses on keeping the skin barrier hydrated and avoiding over-exfoliation. 
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The SkinTok Trend

TikTok is no longer a stomping ground exclusive to teenagers and young adults. But this younger demographic continues to call the shots on the platform, especially when creating subcultures around well-received trends. “Skincare TikTok” or SkinTok is a subculture that quickly became popular among teens and twentysomethings and eventually paved the way for skinfluencers.

These skincare-savvy influencers promote loving one’s skin in its raw and natural form with some help from skin-healthy practices. They talk about keeping it fresh and real, not being ashamed of perceived skin flaws and improving and embracing the naked-skin look.

Many beauty influencers switched from makeup vlogs to skincare videos. Photos of dressers crowded with makeup products were replaced by bathroom-counter still lifes featuring rows of moisturizers, serums, night creams, cooling eye gels, beauty masks, and more.

TikTok’s short-form video content provides the perfect means for the skin health-conscious and obsessed to connect with a highly interested audience. You’ll find various sub-niches where skinfluencers are making a mark. There’s a TikTok community for black-owned skincare brands designed for melanin-rich individuals. You’ll find a community around skincare products that are healthy for the skin and environment. Influencers focus on skincare for older women and those who cater to a masculine niche audience.

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Top Skinfluencers on TikTok

Who are the top skinfluencers on TikTok that are worth following? Let’s have a look.

TikTok Top Skinfluencer @Hyram

Hawaiian skinfluencer @Hyram made a big name on TikTok through his signature duets with other TikTokers. He shares skin hacks, best skincare tips, and 60-second product reviews.

He currently has 6.1 million followers and a whopping 294.6 million likes. In the last 120 days alone, his hashtag, #skincarebyhyram, gained 24 million views.

Skincare Expert @drdustinportela

A certified dermatologist, @drdustinportela is one of the most trusted skinfluencers on TikTok. His 2.4 million followers enjoy his educational skincare videos, giving them 62.8 million likes, and they appreciate the opportunity to learn from a qualified professional.   

Dr. Portela shares product reviews, preventive skincare tips, common skin dilemma solutions, and even some videos of surgical procedures.

TikTok Top Skinfluencer @whatsonvisface

Vi Lai, or @whatsonvisface on TikTok, takes on her skinfluencer role with a refreshingly accessible approach. She reviews affordable, drugstore skincare products and focuses on the self-care value of skincare to mental health.

Vi is unashamedly open about her anxiety and how he uses skincare to cope. She has endeared herself to her 894.5 thousand followers with her dark humor and authenticity. Her TikTok content currently has 24.8 million likes.

Popular Skinfluencer @glowopedia

Alexa Johnson’s (@glowopedia) TikTok bio reads, “Self-care + skincare, basically dripping in SPF.” Gen Zers love this skinfluencer so much because of her self-care approach to skincare. Her content includes soothing ASMR unboxing videos and product reviews, drugstore beauty discoveries, and collaborations with smaller skincare brands. She currently has 303.6 thousand followers and 9.3 million likes.

Top TikTok Skinfluencer @bambidoesbeauty 

Taking a “Less is more approach to beauty,” @bambidoesbeauty is every girl’s skinfluencer best friend with her chatty and honest skincare videos. She shares product reviews, skincare hacks, and the popular “Things I wish I knew in my 20s” series. With 157.6 thousand followers and 8 million likes, Bambi Does Beauty is a must-follow for anybody who wishes to practice good skin habits.

OG Skinfluencer @paulaschoice 

Paula’s Choice (@paulaschoice) is a skincare brand created by Paula Begoun, crowned by influencers as the “OG skinfluencer.” For many TikTok skinfluencers, Paula’s Choice’s science-backed approach to skincare makes the brand a popular and highly credible resource for healthy skincare information.

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How To Have a Successful Collaboration With Skinfluencers

The beauty industry remains hugely popular on social media. With the growing obsession with raw, naked, and unfiltered beauty, working with skinfluencers will help you stay relevant within this fiercely competitive market. Collaborating with the right skin influencer will also help you capture a new niche audience. You’ll be able to connect with viewers who are more passionate about and invested in all things related to maintaining good skin.

Let’s look at some ways you can take advantage of the powerful voices of skinfluencers.

Ask Skinfluencers for Product Reviews

Product reviews are among the most trusted forms of user-generated content (UGC). Asking popular skinfluencers to review your skincare products will qualify as UGC if they don’t receive monetary compensation for their feedback. Many skinfluencers are willing to test products they receive for free and share their review with their followers.

Let Your Skinfluencer Do What They Do Best

If you have a sponsored collaboration with a skinfluencer, let them do what they do best. Give them enough creative freedom when creating content promoting your brand and products. After all, you chose them because they know how to connect with their audience effectively.

Remember that skinfluencers pull their audience in and generate impressive engagement because of their authenticity. So even with a sponsored collaboration, ensure their promotion does not feel like an advertisement by letting your skinfluencer make creative decisions.

Listen to What Top Skinfluencers Are Saying

You should pay attention to emerging trends among skinfluencers and their followers. This is especially important if you have noticed a drop in engagement on your beauty tutorial videos, content on makeup tips, and beauty product reviews.

You may lose the interest of followers who have developed a better appreciation for healthy skincare. Learn from what skin influencers are doing right to stay relevant and relatable to your audience.

Follow in the Footsteps of Top Skinfluencers

If you’re a beauty influencer, you can gradually shift your focus to healthy skincare to stay on top of your influencer game. The skinfluencer niche on TikTok still offers plenty of room for other players to throw their proverbial hat in the ring. Find your voice regarding self-care through skincare to introduce your followers to a new perspective on beauty. You will also be able to capture new audiences when you shift.

Hop on the skinfluencer trend with ample research on the competition and valuable audience insights from your analytics. As a beauty influencer, you already have some market advantage. Following top skin influencers’ footsteps would be a walk in the park.

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Be the Next Skin Influencer To Watch on TikTok

Skinfluencers on TikTok represent the platform’s mission of authenticity with their refreshing and daring perspectives on healthy skincare. The skinfluencer voice is all about loving the skin you’re in and wearing the skin you’ll love. This popular niche within the beauty and personal care industry continues to gain a big following on TikTok. There are more and more skincare influencers carving out their space and finding a highly engaged community on the platform.

If you want to be the next skinfluencer to watch on TikTok, start learning more about the types of content that are popular among interested audiences. Figure out how you can set yourself apart to get noticed more easily by your target audience. Is there something new you can offer? Or can you create similar videos with a unique twist?

Identify your brand’s audience demographics. Get to know their interests and preferences. You can find them by doing some reconnaissance on the competition and other famous creators in the bigger beauty industry. But how will you help them find you?

Help your target audience discover your brand and videos by learning the best strategies to appear on their For You feeds, on Explore, and in search results. When you team up with High Social, give yourself the added advantage of precise audience targeting. High Social will put your content in front of the right audience with the help of their advanced, proprietary AI technology.

When you sign up for one of High Social’s TikTok growth plans, you can match your videos with genuinely interested and highly engaged viewers. Grow your TikTok community and build your brand with invested and loyal fans.

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