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Last Updated: Jun 18, 2024

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Maybe it’s your side hustle. Maybe it is your only hustle. Having a business on TikTok is an exciting venture. We love that you are delving into business ownership. We have some small business ideas TikTok entrepreneurs like yourself will love.

They will work for all business times. You may be promoting products or just creating educational content. There is a space for everyone on TikTok. First of all, is TikTok worth it for small businesses?

Is TikTok Worth It for Small Business? I’m Considering Using the Platform

Yes, we would say that TikTok is worth it for small businesses. Entrepreneurs should consider some small business TikTok ideas. 

Nothing is wrong with maintaining a website. But ensuring you have product displays on this app is a good idea. Let’s discuss the top four reasons why.

1. It’s a Great Place To Be Creative

TikTok gives users the freedom to express themselves, and they expect a level of comfort when using the app. 

It may be difficult to run decadent videos on a webpage. You have that freedom on this app. It’s a great place to put all your video content ideas. 

2. You Can Reach a Niche Audience

Your business may cater to a very small group. How do you plan to reach those people? People scattered all over the world can come to TikTok as an oasis. When they use the right TikTok hashtag to search, they may find your content. 

Now, you have attracted far more people than you could have if you didn’t have a presence on this app.

3. You Can Go Viral if You Follow the Rules

TikTok allows you to reach many people. One viral moment on TikTok could be the payday of a lifetime. It’s worked out like this for many creators before you. It evens out the platform between you and your fellow business owners. If you know how to use online tools, TikTok could change your life.

4. It Is Cost-Effective

Content creators will love the fact that this platform is free for them to use. Advertising and promoting a business can be very expensive. It’s good to know you won’t thwart your efforts because of a lack of resources. You can easily promote your content when you get the hang of the TikTok algorithm.

Can I Promote My Small Business on TikTok?

Yes, you can promote your small business on TikTok. It’s a great place to do it. Many people do it uniquely. You don’t always have to sound like a TV commercial. There is a stealthy way for you to bring attention to how you make a living. 

You also don’t have to depend on TikTok to pay you. We know that this is tricky when you live outside of the US. Let’s talk about a creative way to promote your business. Then, let’s talk about how you can receive monetary compensation.

Use Your Lifestyle

Find something unique about your lifestyle. There might be people who don’t regard something that you do as normal. Rather, they may think of it as aspirational. 

You could have secured a job that many people would want. You may have traveled to a place that is difficult to reach from your country. Perhaps you lost the weight that you always wanted to lose. 

All of these things are aspirational to someone. You can create content around doing these things. Make it part of your online brand. Keep checking the overall engagement to gauge whether people have an interest.

You might see comments where people ask how you did it. Don’t give away all your information just yet. You can drop hints, though. Give me just enough to entice people to want more. After making this content for a while, offer a monetized package. Tell viewers that you can show them how you did this. 

Put the information in an e-book. You don’t have to sell it for an expensive price. You can offer discounts at the outset. Just make sure your content sells the product well. 

Your videos will act as marketing for this product. Just like that, you have your own online small business. All you had to do was create content you would have already made.

Direct Them Elsewhere

Find a platform to offer digital products for download. TikTok is not the place for this. It’s a great promotional tool, but that’s about it. Write about your lifestyle and put it in digital format. This way, you don’t have to worry about shipping, handling, and returns. 

Of course, digital products are not the only way to make money online. You could have an online boutique. Selling products from a simple website is normal for some creators. You don’t have to rely on TikTok’s platform to make sales. Your page acts as the driving force to drum up those sales.

So, “Can I promote my small business on TikTok?” Yes, you can do it naturally and earn from making content you would already make.

5 Steps To Small Business Success on TikTok

You don’t just want to have a business on TikTok. You want to be successful. Here are five steps to achieve small business success on TikTok.

1. Define Your Target Audience

You need to know the person who would buy your product. It might be a general audience. Or, it could be a very niche sector of the Internet. 

Ensure you can define your target audience by age, gender, and location. That is how you know the kind of content to create.

2. Set up Your Goals

You won’t know if you’re doing well if you have no goals. What is your aim here? Do you want to increase the visibility of your product? Do you want more followers? Maybe you want to boost your engagement

Of course, a goal could be to increase sales. Ensure that these goals are measurable. Try to attach numbers or ranges to each goal. This way, you have something to work towards.

3. Create a Content Calendar

You are running a business. You can’t just post whenever you like. To avoid disappearing four months at a time, create a content calendar. Set out the objectives that you want to achieve over the next few months. 

It doesn’t have to be rigid. You should always make accommodations for social trends. The main aim is to avoid lags in uploads. You don’t want your followers to forget about you.

4. Engage With Your Followers

Do you see those few comments you are getting right now? Engage with them. Show your followers you’re grateful that they took the time to comment. This keeps your engagement rate healthy. Even mean comments improve your engagement rate.

5. Revisit Your Goals

Always refer to those goals you set in the beginning. Celebrate when you achieve them. Make notes of what you can do differently if you do not achieve them. Know where to pivot and what to adjust. Practice truly does make perfect.

4 Business Ideas Trending on TikTok That You Can Try

Let’s get some small business TikTok ideas from existing creators. Some tactics already work very well on the platform. Let’s check out four business ideas trending on TikTok right now.

1. Packing Orders

We are so used to seeing unboxing videos. What about videos of people putting packaged items together? Small businesses tend to show the packaging process of their items. People tend to like videos that show how much stuffing has to go into packaging a glass candle. 

There’s something about seeing a creator tie a bow on an order. While they watch this, they will listen to a voiceover of the business owner. They could be talking about just about anything. 

This is also beneficial to the business. So many consumers don’t know how much it costs to package a product. It’s a great opportunity to show viewers how much you care about packaging. Show them all that goes into giving them the luxury feel when opening up a product. 

It could help to justify prices in the eyes of consumers. I could humanize the business a bit. Seeing you add a personal touch by hand could make them appreciate your efforts even more.

2. Day in the Life

Some people only see the finished product on TikTok. They have no idea what goes into making items or providing services. Create videos that highlight this to them. 

You can tell them how early you wake up to prepare for your business. You can educate them on the hiccups you face. Sometimes, raw materials are scarce. Sometimes, you mess up and create a botched product. Sometimes, clients cancel on you minutes before an appointment. 

Sharing this unfiltered content with your followers humanizes your business. Now is the age when people like to spend money on people like them. Showing you are not a cold corporation could bode well with your audience.

3. Host a Giveaway

People have always liked free things, so a TikTok giveaway is a great idea. They flock to an opportunity to get free things. Allow your followers to get free samples of whatever you sell. Let them know that the entry to this giveaway is engaging with your content. 

This way, they earn an opportunity to win something. You gain extra engagement on your posts. This could increase your chances of landing on the For You Page (also known as the For You Feed) on TikTok. Ideally, this will create greater visibility for your brand to people in your target audience.

4. Create Tutorials

Show people how to use your products. It may seem simple but don’t assume it’s simple for everyone. Some people will need a visual representation of how something works. That’s just how their brains function. 

A live stream where you demonstrate how to use a product is a good idea. This facilitates questions in real-time. You can find out people’s specific queries about a product. There, you can answer them quickly. Waiting for a response in a comment section is inconvenient to some viewers. 

If you are bold enough, a live stream is also a great place to get criticism. Find out how your product could be better for your consumers. Consider it a focus group. It may surprise you how bold people become when you ask for their views.

3 Video Ideas for Small Businesses That Need Content

Even small businesses have to create content. How else will you compete on a social media platform like TikTok? If the big companies are doing it, you will have to do it too. Here are three video ideas for small businesses.

1. Show off Your Team

People are catching on to the fact that small businesses tend to be more ethical than large corporations. They are more likely to pay workers fairly and treat them like humans. You can tap into this by sharing your staff with your followers. 

Show them that the business is more of a family than a money-making entity. Sometimes, the employees are family. Of course, you may be the only employee in this business. You can poke fun at that in the video. Show yourself in different settings. This could include making, packaging, and delivering the product.

2. User-Generated Content (UGC)

Potential customers don’t have to take your word for it. But maybe they will believe the consumers who went before them. Share photos and videos of people who took the risk on your product. Perhaps they sent you a review in your DM. Maybe they showed you a photo of their results. 

After getting their permission to share, create a video. UGC will always seem more authentic than the average promotional video. Viewers will see themselves in this type of content. It makes the possibility of buying a product more realistic.

3. Product Announcement:

Show people you have more products to offer them. One of the most useful TikTok ideas for small businesses is announcing products. You can do it in a creative way that sparks interest. Tell them that they can pre-order and are the first to know. You could increase sales by drumming up some interest this way.

We Can Advance the Small Business Ideas TikTok Creators Love

Do you know what doesn’t have to be small? Your growth on TikTok’s platform. You might be a small business now. That doesn’t mean you have to be a small creator. 

We think your target audience is out there. You just need to find them. We can help you do that. 

We have the tools to expand your growth. Our advanced targeting techniques can attract real followers to your page. You have your small business ideas. TikTok followers are on the way. 

Start growing your online following with High Social today!

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