TikTok Dating: Make a Match Without Swiping Right!

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Last Updated: Mar 25, 2024

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Wait. Don’t go. TikTok dating is not what you think it is. This is not your regular dating app article. We know that most people feel very hopeless when it comes to finding love through online dating. Every week, there’s a new scam involving someone who just wants love. If you’re on the TikTok app, you’ve likely seen stories about women and men who fell victim to others. 

They talk about how someone catfished them and stole all their money. If you see this content regularly, abandoning love is easy. Hearing about TikTok dating might make you roll your eyes. 

Don’t give up just yet. TikTok is not like other apps. You may not have the same experience you had on Tinder, Grindr, or Hinge. This could be the app that works for you. Let’s have an honest conversation about dating on TikTok. Don’t swipe right. Swipe up to keep reading this article. 

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How To Set up Your TikTok Dating Profile

TikTok did not develop a separate app for connecting eligible singles. When we talk about using TikTok for dating, we are talking about using the actual app to meet people. 

This means that you don’t have to download something else to start the process. If you have the TikTok app on your phone, you’ve already completed the first thing you need to do. 

The real work begins when you set up your TikTok dating profile. The app’s main purpose is not to connect singles, so you’ll have to do some homework. We will show you how to do your best with the tools TikTok gave you.

1. Set up Your Profile Picture and Bio 

You have to introduce yourself, and you have to make it good. We can all agree that the attention span of TikTok users is short. You have to grab people when they come to your profile as quickly as possible. There are millions of users on TikTok. People will think that they have options galore if they are looking for love.

Some key things that you need to pay attention to are your profile picture and your bio. You need to show these people who you are. At the very least, you need to make them intrigued to know more about you. Your profile picture should be an accurate one. 

Part of why dating apps have a bad rep is all the catfishing that goes on. There are so many filters on TikTok. It can be tempting to put a different version of yourself out there. Just remember, they will have to see the true you at some point. You’ll be wasting your time and their time if you try to reel them in with an inaccurate photo. 

You can make your TikTok bio funny but also share information about yourself. It shouldn’t feel like you’re filling out a form for a job interview. Share some information that you think is important for people to know immediately. This could include your faith, your job, or your location.

2. Share Content That Shows Your Personality

Now is not the time to pretend on social media. If you’re looking for love by dating on TikTok, you want people to know who you are. You want them to fall in love with you inside and outside. Every post will have to reflect your true personality. 

We know it is easy to get a lot of information about a person on TikTok. The video content format makes it even easier. You have the benefit of creating video content where you can share more than pictures. 

You could create TikTok videos that are short and fun but very informative. Some trends allow users to share information like their names, ages, and relationship status. This could be a great way to let people know you’re available with a bare-bones description of yourself. 

You could even pin the videos to the top of your page. That way, people will immediately know what they’re getting themselves into. 

At the same time, you don’t have to be boring with the content you share. You can use all the fun TikTok trends to show off your personality. You can give story times or join in on challenges. While putting your best foot forward, make sure it’s an honest foot that you’re putting forward. 

It is so easy to fake it on the Internet, especially when you think you’re competing against others. But remember that it’s important to show your true self at the outset. TikTok is a site for vulnerability and oversharing. Use that to your advantage.

3. Use Relevant Hashtags

You must do whatever you can to help people find you on the platform. Posting content on your page may not be enough. If you use trending sounds and challenges, it can help. Still, there is more that you can do.

There is a particular mechanism that you can use to bring attention to yourself. Hashtags are a very powerful tool on TikTok. It is how TikTok groups content that is similar. It is also how users find the content others are looking for. In the context of this article, let’s say that people are looking for future partners. 

Maybe they want to get back into the dating game and use TikTok. They can head to the search engine and type in some TikTok hashtags. There are a few that you could consider using to search:

  • #Someonedateme
  • #Loveme
  • #Dateme
  • #Love

You could even localize the hashtags by including your specific area. If you are pursuing a serious relationship, it would make sense that the person lives near you. Use hashtags that incorporate your country or a city.

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TikTok Dating Success Stories 

TikTok is not a dating site. TikTok is an app for sharing content in the form of short videos. However, some people ask, “Is TikTok a dating site?” Because they know that people meet on social media apps all the time, it seems feasible.

Relationships start on Twitter and Instagram all the time. We don’t see why TikTok would be any different. In fact, some people credit TikTok as the platform that allowed them to meet. Let’s talk about two couples who could recommend TikTok for dating.

1. Corey Brooks and Samantha Swanson

Wedding bells are ringing for these creators. In 2020, many people were locking themselves in. They were scrolling their phones more than they usually would. Samantha (@samanthaswanson1) was one of these people. Corey (@coreyb) showed up on her For You Page (FYP). In one particular video, he had a very flirty call to action. Amanda took the bait. 

Eventually, they met in person, and the rest is history. He had a headstart in getting to know her. Her TikTok content truly reflected who she was as a person. They were able to have a flourishing relationship that extended beyond the phone screen.

2. Amanda Saks and Ben Thompson

It’s always convenient when your partner shares interests with you. This is the case for Amanda and Ben (@bootsandmandy and @benandshuri). When Amanda saw a TikTok about single men and dogs, she had to make a response video. She expressed how she thought a single man with a dog was a good sign. 

Ben responded by saying that it was a green flag. He even added that he’s a reliable source. Amanda made note of this, stating that he just revealed his relationship status. Weeks later, Ben hosted a TikTok livestream. Guess who made an appearance? Amanda joined him and finally got to speak to him. 

Everyone else in the livestream sat back and watched the beginning of a beautiful relationship. While they connected initially over the love of dogs, their bond quickly transformed. They blocked out the world and had a great conversation. They didn’t want it to end there. 

Ben lived in Scotland, and Amanda lived in Miami. They decided to take everyone on their journey of meeting in person. They noticed people invested time in watching the relationship flourish. They earned over 1 million views when they built this suspense over time. 

TikTok definitely closed the distance between them. Of course, the frequent flights helped as well. Nevertheless, they made the decision that they would move to the United States in 2022.

Technically, TikTok is not a dating site. The creators definitely didn’t have that in mind. 

However, when you create an app to build a community around similar interests, users can also find dates on it. That’s because sometimes, their interests happen to be each other. 

Maybe you should try your luck as well. If it can happen to them, it could happen to you, too.

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Why Is the TikTok Dating App So Successful?

People find love on TikTok because they are a lot more confident about themselves on the app. This is according to Jaime Mahler, a licensed psychotherapist. To put yourself out there on TikTok, you must be very sure of yourself. The creators on this app are unapologetically authentic. 

They don’t impress anyone for views and likes. They show up messy and expect the world to take them as they are. Inadvertently, they find a tribe of people that appreciate who they truly are. Sometimes, that tribe includes a potential lover. 

Dating apps are different because people put themselves out there in a very curated way. They want someone to choose them, so they put their best foot forward. They try a bit harder and lose their authenticity in the process. The TikTok dating app gives you a better preview of what is in store.

If you’re ready to put yourself out there and find love on TikTok, go ahead and comment on your crush’s post. You should leave the TikTokers you fancy witty, flirty, or cute comments and see if they answer!

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Make a Commitment To Grow on This TikTok Dating Site

Who knew that TikTok could be a good app for people to meet? Straight and queer people alike can find their forever love on this platform. This means that there is hope for you as well. Still, you want to grow your numbers even without finding love. You don’t want to just make content after people start shooting their shots in your DMs.

Well, your friends at High Social can help you reach your content creation goals right now. Are you ready to fall madly in love on this TikTok dating site? Your true love might be going viral. We have the skills to make that love connection happen. Just call us your social media wingman!

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