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Last Updated: Jan 04, 2024

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Receiving tons of likes and positive feedback on a post is the best validation any content creator could ask for. Receiving TikTok gifts is the cherry on top of your success. If you’ve ever wondered how much your TikTok Gifts are worth in terms of cash, you can use a TikTok Gift Points to money calculator.

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How Do TikTok Gifts Work?

TikTok Gifts are virtual items users can purchase with TikTok Coins (TikTok’s virtual currency) and send to their favorite creators. These virtual gifts are an excellent way to support creators who deliver value through their content.

Users can show their appreciation by sending Gifts to a For You feed video or a LIVE. A user must first purchase Coins through the TikTok Recharge feature. They can then use the Coins to buy Gifts. There are different types of Gifts, and the number of Coins needed to purchase them varies per gift.

Only feed and LIVE videos from personal accounts are eligible to receive Gifts. According to TikTok’s Virtual Items Policies, “Business Accounts, Government, Politician, and Political Party Accounts, and any other public interest account are ineligible to send Gifts or receive Gifts on their content.”

Users can send Gifts to a For You feed video via the Comments feature. If a LIVE stream is eligible to receive Gifts, the Gift button will appear at the bottom.

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TikTok Gifts: How Much Is Your Content Worth?

While a Gift has an equivalent cash value in terms of the number of Coins it costs, TikTok Gifts are not convertible into real money. Creators also can’t sell their Gifts for cash or exchange them for the app currency.

However, creators can earn Diamonds from their Gifts, and Diamonds are convertible to cash. TikTok rewards Diamonds to creators whose videos are performing extremely well. One way that TikTok measures video performance is by the number of Gifts it receives. So, collecting Gifts is an indirect way to monetize content.

How much are Diamonds worth? According to TikTok Virtual Items Policies, “Diamonds are based on the Gifts a Content Provider receives, at a rate of conversion to be determined by us from time to time in its absolute and sole discretion.”

The Diamonds-to-cash exchange rate, therefore, is not fixed. It’s also not directly equivalent to the purchase amount of the Gifts.

If you’re curious about how many Coins different Gifts cost, below are estimated Coin equivalents:

  • Panda: Five Coins
  • Italian Hands: Five Coins
  • Love Bang: Twenty-five Coins
  • Sun Cream: Fifty Coins
  • Rainbow Puke: One Hundred Coins
  • Concert: Five Hundred Coins
  • I’m Very Rich: One Thousand Coins
  • Drama Queen: Five Thousand Coins

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TikTok Gifts Points to Money Calculator: Estimating Your Potential Earnings

According to reports from some creators, the Diamond-to-Gift conversion rate is 50% of the Gift’s value in Coins. If a creator receives a Drama Queen Gift, they can collect 2500 worth of Diamonds. The number of Diamonds a creator collects, however, does not directly equal the cash value of the Coins. TikTok determines the USD value of a diamond. The platform also retains a fee when a creator converts their Diamonds into cash. 

According to TikTok, “The applicable monetary compensation will be calculated by us based on various factors, including the number of Diamonds a user has accrued.”

Again, reports reveal that one Diamond is equivalent to five cents. So, to calculate how much money you can earn from your Drama Queen gift, here’s a sample calculation:

Drama Queen Gift = 5,000 Coins

Diamonds = # of Coins / 2 = 2,500 Diamonds

Cash Value = 2,500 Diamonds x 0.05 cents = $125

Remember that TikTok still deducts a fee from your withdrawal, so the cash you’ll get will be lower.

You can also get a quick estimate of how many Diamonds you can earn from your Gifts by using an online TikTok Gift calculator. You simply enter your total Gift points, and the online tool calculates your potential earnings.

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Tips To Earn More Virtual Gifts

Here are some quick tips to help you earn more virtual Gifts and collect more Diamonds!

  1. Encourage your fans to send you Gifts! Don’t be shy, especially if you know your followers are enjoying your content. Some users may not be aware that they can send you Gifts. In your call-to-action, include a message that says, “Please show me some love by sending Gifts!” or “Tap the Gift button in the Comments section!”
  2. Ask your fans what types of content they want to see more of. This way, you can give them exactly what they like and increase your chances of receiving Gifts. 
  3. Check out successful creators in your niche and see what types of videos are popular among your shared audiences.

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Collect More TikTok Gifts To Earn Cash-Convertible Diamonds

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? On TikTok, virtual Gifts from fans let you know that you’re doing a great job. Gifts can keep you motivated to produce more content your audiences enjoy. And the more Gifts you receive for a video, the higher your chances of receiving cash-convertible Diamonds from TikTok.

The surest way to collect more TikTok Gifts is to create content that’s relevant to your niche community’s interests. If you want viewers to like your videos, give them videos they’ll like. It’s really as simple as that on TikTok. The platform’s recommendation algorithm matches viewers with content and accounts based on their content consumption preferences. This means that as long as you understand and satisfy your audiences’ needs, TikTok’s algorithm will work in your favor.

When you have genuinely interested viewers, you can expect more virtual Gifts to come your way!

With a TikTok Gift points to money calculator, you can get a good measure of how much your audiences value your work. When you subscribe to a High Social plan, you can get your videos in front of more viewers who will value your work! High Social doubles your audience-targeting capability with its advanced, proprietary AI technology. Deliver your content to the For You feeds of more users who will likely become instant fans. Start growing your TikTok today!

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