TikTok Recharge: TikTok Moneymaking 101

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Last Updated: Apr 28, 2023

TikTok 101

Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

TikTok offers plenty of opportunities to earn good money. Businesses can sell products or services. Influencers can team up with businesses via influencer marketing. Creators can monetize their videos through TikTok gifts or coins. Here’s everything you need to know about making money on TikTok through TikTok coins and TikTok Recharge.

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TikTok Recharge Coins: How Does Gifting Work on TIKTOK?

Users can purchase TikTok coins to send gifts to their favorite creators as a token of appreciation. They can top-up their digital wallets when they run out of coins via TikTok’s Recharge coins option. Let us break down how gifting works on TikTok.

What Are Gifts and How Do They Work?

Receiving gifts from viewers is one way to monetize your content on TikTok. TikTok gifts are virtual items represented by various emoticons. Viewers can reward you with gifts during a live stream or send them to a previously posted video. They can choose gifts based on how many TikTok coins theywill spend. If they run out of coins, they can buy more via TikTok Recharge.

You can convert the gifts you receive into diamonds. When you have enough diamonds, you can convert these into cash. The value of your collected diamonds is equivalent to half of the coins used to purchase them. So if your gift is worth 100 coins, you can convert the gift into 50 diamonds.

Each diamond is worth five cents, you can only cash them in once you have $100. The maximum amount you can withdraw in a day is $1,000. You will also need a verified Paypal account to collect your earnings from your TikTok diamonds.

Who Can Receive TikTok Gifts?

TikTok gifts are not available everywhere and for everyone. You must meet certain requirements to enable gifts for your videos and encourage your viewers to do a TikTok Recharge.

To receive Video Gifts, you must opt in to Creator Next, “the gateway to all of TikTok’s monetization features.” Here are the other requirements:

  1. You must be 18 or older (or 19 in South Korea).
  2. You need at least 100,000 followers.
  3. Your account is over 30 days old.
  4. You have published a public video in the last 30 days.
  5. You don’t have repeated violations of our Community Guidelines.

Some videos are ineligible to receive Gifts, including videos created by Business Accounts, Duets, Stitch videos, ads, sponsored content, promoted posts, or videos that violate our Community Guidelines.

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How Does TikTok Recharge Work?

You can purchase coins or top-up your wallet via TikTok Recharge through Google Play or the App Store. In some countries, coins are available directly through the TikTok website.

Follow these steps to recharge your TikTok coins from your TikTok account:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Tap Settings and privacy, then tap Balance.
  3. Tap Recharge and choose the Coins package that you’d like to purchase.
  4. Follow the instructions provided to complete the purchase through the applicable app store.

Here’s how to recharge your wallet from a video on your feed:

  1. Tap the Comments button on the video.
  2. Tap the Gifts button in the comment bar. If you don’t see Gifts, then the creator can’t receive Gifts now.
  3. Tap Recharge and choose the Coins package that you’d like to purchase.
  4. Follow the instructions provided to complete the purchase through the applicable app store.

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Sending Gifts After a TikTok Recharge

Your viewers can reward your efforts with gifts in two ways: through a previously posted video or during a TikTok Live.

Sending Gifts to a Video After Wallet TikTok Recharge

Currently, only personal accounts can receive gifts on pre-recorded TikTok videos. Sending gifts is also not available in some countries.

Viewers can reward your country and video with Classic or Premium gifts after a TikTok Recharge if your country and video are eligible.Here are some of the available virtual gift items and their coins equivalent:

  • Thumbs Up, 5 coins
  • This is Fire, 10 coins
  • Accept this Rose, 15 coins
  • OMG, 25 coins
  • Made My Day, 25 coins
  • Applause, 25 coins
  • Love, 25 coins
  • Cry Laugh, 25 coins
  • Gold Gummy, 1000 coins
  • Elite Status, 1500 coins
  • Ice Diamond, 2000 coins
  • Pure Royalty, 3000 coins

The steps to send a gift to a video are as follows:

  1. Tap the Comments button on the video you’re watching.
  2. Tap the Gift button next to Add a comment.
  3. Choose between Classic and Premium gifts, and select the gift you want to send.
  4. Tap Recharge if you need more coins and follow the instructions.
  5. Add a comment and tap Send.

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Complete a TikTok Recharge and Send a Gift During a TikTok Live

You can activate Live Gifts on your account to allow viewers “to react and show their appreciation for your LIVE content in real-time.” Your viewers can reward you with gifts while watching your live stream. They can also complete a wallet TikTok Recharge during your TikTok Live. Available Live Gifts include:

  • Panda, 5 coins
  • Italian Hand, 5 coins
  • Love Bang, 25 coins
  • Sun Cream, 50 coins
  • Rainbow Puke, 100 coins
  • Concert, 500 coins
  • I’m Very Rich, 1,000 coins
  • Drama Queen, 5,000 coins

Here are the steps to send a gift during a TikTok Live:

  1. During the Live video, tap the Gift button at the bottom. The Gift button will only be available if the creator has enabled it.
  2. Choose the Gift you want to send.
  3. Tap Recharge if you need to purchase more coins and follow the instructions to complete payment.
  4. Below the Gift, tap Send.

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TikTok Recharge Hack

Amazingly, you’ll find lots of “TikTok Recharge hack” content and “TikTok Recharge” and “Free TikTok Coins” accounts itself. You can find additional related content by doing a search using these top-performing hashtags:

  • tiktokcoins, 48.4M views
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An online search also generates video results that promise to reveal how to get free TikTok coins. You can take the bait and watch the videos. But don’t let these sites reel you in so far that you soon find yourself providing your credit card information. Think twice before engaging the services of these websites. You should already be aware of how online scammers typically operate.

The only legitimate way to purchase TikTok coins is through authorized third-party sites (Google Play and Apple Store) or the TikTok WebApp in some countries. You should only get coins via the TikTok Recharge option to stay safe.

Tips To Encourage TikTok Recharge and Gifts

Likes from your viewers are great, but gifts are better. Here are some tips to help you encourage users to complete a TikTok Recharge and reward you with gifts.

  1. Always show your appreciation for the Gifts you receive. Thank them in your TikTok Live, or let them know how grateful you are through private messages.
  2. Don’t ask for Gifts in exchange for something else, such as Gifts for follows or shoutouts.
  3. Ask viewers what types of content they want to see next. Inviting them to share their ideas or send requests will help you create videos that are appealing and will get more views. Doing so will also increase your chances of receiving more Gifts.
  4. Promote your videos. Make regular announcements about your TikTok Live.
  5. Know the best times to post videos on TikTok to reach your target audiences.

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Is Your TikTok Recharge Suspended?

Is your TikTok Recharge suspended? There are a number of reasons that you may not be able to complete a TikTok Recharge. According to TikTok’s Coins Policy:

“Coins do not have an expiry date. For legal, regulatory, or business reasons, we may stop offering Coins or Virtual Items to certain categories of users or in certain countries or regions, or we may stop offering Coins or Virtual Items entirely. If we do so and our decision affects you, we will give you reasonable advance notice. This notice will let you know how long you will have to use the Coins in your account.

We may terminate or suspend your right to buy or use Coins or to access Virtual Items, immediately and without notice if we have a legitimate reason to do so, including any serious or repeated breach by you of our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. If you believe that we have made an error in this regard, you can either follow the instructions to appeal on the Community Guidelines violation notice (if applicable) or you can get in touch using our feedback form here.”

Aside from TikTok Recharge and Gifts, you can also show appreciation for a creator’s great TikTok videos through TikTok Tips.

Target the Right Audience to Push More TikTok Recharge

Finding the perfect audience for your content is easier on TikTok than other social media platforms. TikTok’s unique algorithm prioritizes users’ interests and interactions on the platform when curating videos for their For You Page.

As long as you know your audience and what they want, TikTok will give your videos the necessary exposure. When your strategy targets the right audience, you can expect your viewers to be generous with their TikTok Recharge and Gifts.

If you can further fine-tune your audience-targeting capability, you’ll reach more viewers who are genuinely interested in your content. You can team up with a company like High Social to leverage their advanced, proprietary AI technology. The technology guarantees precise audience targeting and can identify authentic users whose interests and behavior history match your brand’s voice and content. High Social’s team of social media specialists will also help you generate more interest and views for your content through targeted promotion.

Level up your TikTok game and get the exposure you need. Start growing your TikTok today!

TikTok 101