How To Search on TikTok Shop: Using TikTok’s Consumer Store

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Last Updated: Dec 21, 2023

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The fact that brands use TikTok to advertise products and generate sales through influencer marketing is common knowledge. However, most people don’t know that TikTok created an in-app store to make this easier. So, followers, viewers, and customers no longer have to switch from one website to another to make purchases. As a TikTok user, you can now get goods on the app. Thus, it’s important to learn how to search on TikTok shop.

Not knowing how to search for items in the TikTok shop puts you at a disadvantage. That’s because despite having heard about the possibility of in-app shopping, you’ll be unable to utilize it. So, if you want to enjoy a seamless shopping experience as social media and commerce intertwine, keep reading. I’ll help you discard the veil of ignorance and enjoy the endless possibilities of TikTok beyond content creation and consumption.

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How To Search on TikTok Shop for Newbies: Finding Products and Placing Orders

Some people may not know what a TikTok shop is. If you’re in that category, it’s an e-commerce store in the application that lets you shop while watching original videos. This way, you can get the same products as your favorite TikTok beauty influencer or celebrity. If you go with the flow of social proof, you must learn how to search for products on TikTok shop. So, below are steps to guide you through using TikTok’s consumer store.

Get the TikTok App

The TikTok shop is in the app, so buying or selling is impossible without downloading. Therefore, you must visit your Google Play or Apple App Store and download the app. Then, create an account and sign in. 

Afterward, open the app on your device and set it up. You can create a regular or business account, depending on your intent. Once all is ready, you can start surfing through vertical videos on your For You Page.

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Find a TikTok Shop

Your next step should be to find a TikTok shop. If you follow brand influencers, locating the shop won’t be challenging. As you surf, TikTok’s algorithm will fill your feed with videos from influencers who may be marketing products. You’ll see a Call To Action in their caption if you find feed videos from TikTok business owners. Alternatively, there may be a shopping bag icon on their videos.

Alternatively, you can locate TikTok shops by joining live sessions. Some famous TikTokers host live TikTok sessions where they may pin products for advertisements. This mode of advertisement facilitates live shopping as you can tap the pinned item or the shopping icon.

However, some TikTokers may not stumble across live shopping sessions or videos. When they eventually do, they may be unable to find the shop icon. If this happens, do not worry; you can use TikTok’s search bar. To do this, tap the magnifying glass icon and input the name of a product, brand, or seller. This action will enable you to shop directly from their TikTok profile.

After trying these methods, you’ll have to update your app if you still can’t find your TikTok shop. The challenges of how to search for items on TikTok shops mostly stem from having an outdated app version. Outdated versions often lack unique features like the shop, so updating your app should fix this.

Place Your Order

If you find an infeed or live shopping video, placing your order will be easy. You only need to tap the CTA, shop button, or icon. This action will display product information and take you directly to the TikTok shop. You can swipe around in the store to find the products you need. 

When you find stuff you like, add it to your shopping cart just like at any other e-commerce store. At this point, all that’s left is to make payment for your order. It’s really simple. From this, it’s obvious that the TikTok shop isn’t a different app, as some claim. It’s integrated into the TikTok app. 

Similarly, TikTok now has Shopify integration. So, sellers can manage their shop from Shopify. It’s exciting to know that TikTok’s usage is becoming diverse beyond entertainment.

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Making Payment Through TikTok Shop: Money for the Value

Now that you know how to search for products with keywords using TikTok SEO, the next hurdle is making payment. If the feature is new to you, you may have questions. However, the procedure is easy. After adding your items to the cart, click “Buy now.” Then, fill out your address and details, such as the number and color of items you want. You can choose to add a note if you’d like before proceeding to make payment for your order. 

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What Payment Methods Can You Use?

Questions often arise when learning how to search for products on the TikTok shop. Hence, it’s normal for first-time buyers to be curious about the acceptable payment methods on the TikTok shop. Knowing this will enable you to prepare adequately before venturing into the sales branch of TikTok.

The TikTok shop accepts various modes of payment to ease the transaction process between buyers and sellers. However, you may find that the mode of payment varies from brand to creator. The platform allows merchants and sellers to set their preferred transaction methods. 

However, certain methods of payment are more common. So, below is a list of five common acceptable ways to pay for your purchase on the TikTok shop.

  1. Credit card.
  2. Debit card.
  3. PayPal.
  4. Apple Pay.
  5. Google Pay.
  6. Pay on delivery.

Now, you can purchase stuff from the app and join the trending hashtag challenge “#TikTokmademebuyit.” When you select your preferred payment method, TikTok processes the transaction. Then, TikTok transfers the funds to the seller’s bank account. From this point, relax and await the estimated delivery date to receive your goods.

Are the Prices Regular or Extra?

No one can deny that shipping with the TikTok shop brings convenience. You won’t have to search stores and malls for a product manually. Neither will you have to ransack search engines and e-commerce websites looking for the item you need. Since TikTok brings the market to you, you may wonder if they charge for this.

The answer is yes. TikTok includes a service fee because it processes your transactions. But you don’t have to worry; this extra fee is only a meager sum. If you’re curious about how much the transaction fee is, it isn’t stable. It varies depending on your location and the outlined rules. 

So when learning how to shop for items on TikTok shop, prepare with extra cash. The transaction fee is meager and won’t dent your pocket. You’re on the lucky side as you’ll get mega value for your money. So, visit your favorite TikTok mega influencer’s shop tab and get all your needs in one place.

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Is It Safe To Make Purchases via the TikTok Shop?

You might be having safety concerns about shopping on TikTok. But I promise you, there’s nothing to worry about. Searching for products via the TikTok shop and buying them is as secure as making purchases on Amazon. The TikTok shop observes all the safety protocols governing e-commerce stores.

The transactions are secure and encrypted so that no one can steal your information. Therefore, you can shop confidently as the United States Digital Service, USDS, controls your payment information. Moreover, TikTok verifies all sellers. So you can be sure of the integrity of merchants on the app.

You can also check for reviews from influencers before patronizing a TikTok brand. If there is any problem, you can always contact TikTok’s customer support to share your concerns or give reports.

Brand owners who want to sell in the app will also wonder about the safety of opening a TikTok shop. The payment methods on TikTok are also safe for brands and affiliate marketers. So long as you set up your payment details appropriately, you’ll receive your money at the right time. This way, both parties can enjoy a seamless and secure checkout.

As a vendor, before opening a store, you should know how to search on TikTok shop and understand the features. But most important is having sufficient followers to form a reasonable customer base. Hence, it’s important to grow your TikTok followers with High Social, the best growth tool. High Social will help you expand your reach and create engagement by targeting users passionate about your niche. So, start growing your TikTok today!

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