TikTok Photo Downloader: How To Save TikTok Image Posts

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Last Updated: Apr 24, 2024

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On TikTok, users can edit slideshow posts as they would video posts. They can use effects, filters, and sound to make their slideshow more fun and interactive. TikTok slideshow posts give viewers more time to appreciate images or completely analyze and absorb the information they offer. With stills, every detail is frozen in time. Learn to save pictures from TikTok directly from the app or using a TikTok photo downloader. 

TikTok Photo Download HD: 3 Steps To Save Images From TikTok

You can save TikTok photos the same way you can with videos. Here are three ways to do a TikTok photo download in HD:

  1. Long-press on the TikTok photo you want to save. Tap Save or the Copy link button. You can send the link to your preferred messaging app or email. When the post you want to save has multiple photos, you’ll be prompted to Select photos to save or Select all
  2. Tap the Share button on the post. You can then share the post link directly with other platforms or via a messaging app. You can also find the Save and Copy link options here. 
  3. Tap the Bookmark button on the post. This adds the TikTok photo to your Favorites folder. 

A TikTok photo download direct from the app includes a small watermark showing the TikTok icon and the creator’s username. If you want to download photos without the watermark, you can use a TikTok picture downloader tool. 

TikTok Photo Downloader Without Watermark: Things To Know

Technically, no one is allowed to remove the watermark when downloading TikTok content. The watermark on downloaded TikTok content is there for a reason. 

TikTok and the content creator share ownership of content created using the platform’s editing tools and royalty-free sounds. The watermark, therefore, serves as a stamp of ownership. 

To avoid copyright and intellectual property (IP) infringement, you should only download TikTok content sans the watermark for personal use. 

You can’t disseminate content that’s not yours without permission from and proper attribution to the creator. It’s easy to identify TikTok effects and filters. However, using content that features these but without the TikTok logo may still get you in trouble. 

If you want to share a TikTok post as user-generated content (UGC) on other platforms, you can do this directly from the post. You can share TikToks on Instagram. You can post a TikTok to your Facebook Story or feed. If you intend to use somebody else’s TikTok content in a picture-in-picture video, ask permission first. 

Always get consent from the creator before using a TikTok photo downloader without watermark tool to download and edit their content.  

TikTok Photo Slideshow Downloader

TikTok slideshows also benefit from the platform’s innovative editing tools and wide selection of royalty-free sounds. You can save these posts intact directly from the app or use a TikTok downloader photo tool to remove the watermark. These TikTok photo slideshow downloader apps are worth a try:

  • TikVideo. Automatically download TikTok slideshows and convert them into MP4 video files. Downloaded slideshows will include the sounds used in the post. Just paste the post link in the download field. 
  • SnapTik. Tap the Share button on the slideshow post you want to download, then tap the Copy link button. Go to SnapTik and paste the link into the download box. Tap Download. You don’t need to download any software to use the free tool.
  • TTSave. Enjoy unlimited downloads with this TikTok image downloader tool. All you need is the post URL. The app instantly converts the slideshow into JPEG format, so you’ll be saving the slideshow as individual photos. 
  • SaveTik. Download images in HD from the TikTok app or site. You can save the slideshow as an MP4 file to include the sound or as individual photos in JPEG format. The app works for all types of devices.  

TikTok Photo Downloader No Watermark: Growing Beyond TikTok

TikTok makes the task of finding the right audience and building a solid following online super easy. And once you achieve this, growing beyond TikTok is the next logical step. You can maximize the engagement potential of your TikTok posts simply by sharing them on other platforms. 

Many people use a TikTok photo downloader with no watermark. But it’s safest to share directly from the app.  

You can download your TikTok content without the watermark and repurpose it for other channels. But if you want to use somebody else’s content, do it with proper attribution. Preserving the watermark on downloaded TikTok videos protects you from infringement issues. 

A TikTok photo downloader gives you new opportunities to use highly engaging TikTok content. Just ensure you’re not infringing on anybody’s copyrights or intellectual property rights. 

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