TikTok Secret Emojis: Learn Fun Emoji Tricks

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Last Updated: Apr 03, 2024

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When words aren’t enough, use emojis! And with the TikTok secret emojis, you have more ways to express yourself. 

Add flair and flavor to your content when you unlock these secret TikTok emojis!

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How To Get TikTok Emojis: Different Places To Find Common Emojis

From cave paintings to Egyptian hieroglyphs, humans have come full circle with our exuberant use of emojis. And TikTok recognizes that these cute graphics are not going to go the way of their primitive and ancient predecessors. 

TikTok has more emojis than other platforms, many of which are exclusive to TikTok. Like other platforms and apps, TikTok emojis are available for use in DMs, captions, comments, and even image posts and videos. 

Emojis continue to evolve in delightful ways. The simple and common expressions (such as smiling, laughing, and crying emojis) eventually gave birth to a motley of more nuanced and distinct characters. Here’s how to get TikTok emojis:

  1. Direct messages (DMs): Open any message in your inbox or start a new one. Tap the emoji icon in the message box. Scroll through the classic emojis and just tap on those you want to use. 
  2. Comments section: Find a video you want to comment on and open its comments section. Select from the row of commonly used emojis on top of the comment box. Or tap the emoji icon to find your desired emoji/s. 
  3. Image or video post: There are two ways to use emojis in a post. You can add emojis to the image or video itself. You can also use emojis in your post description. To add emojis to your image/video, when editing, tap Stickers on the right, then tap Emoji. To use emojis in your post description, start typing your caption on the Post page to access the keyboard. Tap the emoji icon above the keyboard. You’ll have access to an emoji keyboard with different emoji categories. 

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Hidden TikTok Emojis: What Are They and Why Use Them?

What are hidden TikTok emojis? These are native emojis that usually require secret emoji codes. A TikTok secret emoji code is a word or phrase describing an emotion. The code goes between square brackets. For example, you can type [happy] to generate an emoji with squinting eyes and an open-mouthed smile. 

Each secret TikTok emoji is exclusively available to TikTok users. If you type the emoji code anywhere else outside the platform, it won’t work. 

It may seem like too much work to type codes to conjure secret emojis. The reasons below will convince you to make the extra effort:

  1. You’ll look like a pro: Using emojis that are not readily available to everyone else will instantly level up your game as a creator. Set yourself apart and be among the “cool kids” who share a secret language.  
  2. You’ll have a unified language across all types of devices: “Universal” emojis actually lose their universal quality when users view them on an Android or iOS device. When you use a puking emoji on an Android device, for example, it will look different when your friend views it on their iPhone. TikTok’s secret emojis look consistent on all devices. 
  3. Your posts are more likely to trend: Using unique emojis will set your content apart from the competition. The “cool” factor alone will drive more views and higher engagement. Fans and non-followers alike will be asking you how they can also get their hands on the secret emojis. 
  4. You’ll attract a younger demographic: Users between 18 and 30 are harder to please on social media. Younger generations have a distinctly separate take on TikTok compared to those who started on Facebook and Instagram. Using secret emojis lets them know you can also be on the same wavelength. 

A 3D yellow emoji with a surprised face.

TikTok Emoji Codes: Level up Your Emoji Game

Are you ready to flex your emoji coding skills? Use these TikTok emoji codes in your posts, comments, and DMs to impress your friends and fans! Here are TikTok emoji codes to add flair and flavor to your posts, messages, and comments. Ready, set, type!

11 TikTok Secret Emojis Featuring Common Expressions

Here are the shortcodes for secret emojis that feature common expressions: 

  1. Type [smile] to generate a small, round, pink smiling face. Use this emoji to communicate pleasure, happiness, or appreciation. 
  2. Type [happy] to generate a peach-colored face with squinting eyes and an open-mouthed smile. Use this emoji to show extreme joy or excitement. 
  3. Type [angry] to generate a red face with furrowed brows, round and black eyes, and an angry mouth. Use this emoji to express anger or displeasure. 
  4. Type [cry] to generate a blue face with tears. Use this emoji to show sadness or sorrow. 
  5. Type [embarassed] to generate a teal-colored face with upside-down eyebrows and a pursed mouth. Use this emoji to express embarrassment, anxiety, or uneasiness.
  6. Type [surprised] to generate a peach-faced emoji with wide eyes and an open mouth. Use this to show surprise or shock. 
  7. Type [scream] to generate a blue face with wide eyes, an open mouth, and hands touching the cheeks. Use this emoji to express fear, horror, or even surprise. 
  8. Type [weep] to generate a blue face with closed eyes and a single tear. Use this emoji to express sadness or grief. 
  9. Type [funnyface] to generate a peach face with one eye winking and the tongue sticking out. Use this emoji to express silliness or to indicate that you’re making a joke. 
  10. Type [laughwithtears] to generate a peach face with tears coming out of its eyes and a laughing mouth. Use this emoji when you find something very funny. 
  11. Type [thinking] to generate a yellow emoji with a hand on its chin. Use this emoji to indicate that you’re thinking or confused. 

A phone screen displays an animated black-and-white smiling cat emoji.

12 Secret Emojis Featuring Emphatic Emotions

These codes are for those times when emojis expressing common emotions are not enough:

  1. Type [wronged] for a yellow face with upside-down eyebrows and index fingers almost touching each other. Use this emoji to express shame, remorse, or embarrassment. 
  2. Type [shout] for a purple emoji with crescent-shaped eyes and an open mouth with fangs when you want to vent your frustration or anger. 
  3. Type [flushed] for a yellow face with upside-down eyebrows, a tiny smile, and blushing cheeks when you feel shy or cute. 
  4. Type [yummy] for a pink face with arrow-shaped eyes, the tongue sticking out of a smiling mouth, and a thumbs up. This emoji expresses approval, satisfaction (particularly with food), or hunger. 
  5. Type [complacent] for a blue face with sunglasses and a smirk. Use this emoji to demonstrate chill vibes, contentment, or confidence. 
  6. Type [drool] for a peach face with hearts for eyes and a mouth with a tiny drool. Use this emoji to express desire or craving. 
  7. Type [speechless] for a teal face with suspicious eyes and a drop of sweat on the temple. Use this emoji when you feel disbelief, suspicion, or annoyance. 
  8. Type [wicked] for a purple emoji with devil horns, crescent eyes, a smirk, and a single fang. Use this emoji when you’re feeling naughty. 
  9. Type [facewithrollingeyes] for a peach face with eyes rolling upwards. Use this emoji when you’re unimpressed or find something ridiculous. 
  10. Type [sulk] for a red-faced emoji with twisted eyebrows, crescent eyes, and a frowning mouth. Use this emoji when you’re angry or displeased. 
  11. Type [lovely] for a pink-faced emoji with arrow-shaped eyes and a kissing mouth when you want to show love or appreciation. 
  12. Type [greedy] for a peach-faced emoji with dollar signs for eyes and a toothy grin when you’re feeling greedy or overeager. 

A phone screen displays a kissing emoji between two red heart emojis.

Use Emojis To Optimize Your Posts and Drive Higher Engagement

Did you know that using emojis is one of the best ways to optimize your content? Because they’re easy to interpret, the algorithm can immediately categorize your post and find suitable viewers for it. There’s little room for misinterpretation when you use emojis to communicate. And videos with emojis are often more engaging for viewers. 

Emojis also improve your content’s accessibility, particularly when you get viewers who speak a different language. Furthermore, these cute and straightforward graphics let others know you can be easygoing and playful. Emojis make you more relatable. 

TikTok secret emojis are a not-so-secret weapon content creators can wield to optimize posts and drive higher engagement. 

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