What Does Nudge Mean on TikTok?

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Last Updated: Jan 05, 2024

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When someone nudges IRL, they’re trying to get your attention. But what does “Nudge” mean on TikTok? What should you do when you receive a nudge on the app? Here’s everything you need to know about this feature.

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What Does It Mean When Someone Nudges You on TikTok?

On other social media platforms, the saying “The more things change, the more they stay the same” often holds true. In fact, aside from regular algorithmic updates and the ever-increasing frequency of ads and sponsored posts on feeds, it’s always more of the same stuff on different days. 

On TikTok, things are constantly changing. The app perpetually seems to have a new surprise feature up its sleeves. The nudge feature is one of these sleeve surprises. 

So, what does it mean to nudge someone on TikTok? The nudge button allows users to ask their favorite creators to go LIVE. It basically functions as a prompt. The nudge feature also enables LIVE notifications any time the creator starts a LIVE. 

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What Does Nudge Mean on TikTok? How To Use the Nudge Feature

TikTok has since updated the nudge feature for LIVE notifications. If you want to stay updated on LIVE broadcasts from accounts you follow, you can do so through your notification settings. 

Enable LIVE notifications through your Settings:

  1. Go to your Profile, tap the Menu in the upper right, and select Settings and Privacy. 
  2. Select Notifications under Content & Display.
  3. Swipe up to find the LIVE notification settings, then tap it. 
  4. Toggle the LIVE notification to turn it on and receive LIVE notifications from accounts you follow. 
  5. You can also select the accounts from which to receive LIVE notifications. Just tap an account and select All, Personalized, or None. 

Enable LIVE notifications from a content creator’s profile:

  1. Go to your favorite creator’s TikTok profile. 
  2. Tap the bell icon in the upper right. 
  3. Select your preferred LIVE notification settings. 

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What Do the Different LIVE Notification Settings Mean?

If you want to modify your LIVE notification settings to receive updates when a creator goes LIVE, TikTok will ask you to choose from All, Personalized, or None. What do these options mean?

  1. All: If you select All, you’ll receive notifications every time an account goes LIVE.
  2. Personalized: You’ll receive notifications based on how often you watch a LIVE from a creator and other engagement data vis-a-vis the creator.
  3. None: This turns off all LIVE notifications for a creator.

What Is the LIVE Events Calendar?

LIVE Events is another LIVE feature that allows creators to inform their fans in advance when they’ll be doing a broadcast. This way, interested viewers can register to watch the stream and receive notifications about the upcoming LIVE

When a creator creates a LIVE event, the link will appear on their profile page beneath their bio. To register for an event, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the creator’s profile page.
  2. Tap on the upcoming LIVE event (below their bio).
  3. Select the event you want to join.
  4. Tap Register.

When you register for an event, TikTok will add it to your LIVE Events Calendar. To view all your registered events:

  1. Go to your Profile. 
  2. Tap the Menu in the upper right, then select Settings and Privacy.
  3. Below Content & Display, select LIVE.
  4. Tap LIVE Events.
  5. Browse through your LIVE Events Calendar to see upcoming streams you registered to.

What Is LIVE Subscription?

LIVE Subscription is a monetization feature for creators. You may also see a LIVE Subscription option on a creator’s profile page, just below their bio. This feature gives fans access to exclusive LIVE content. 

When you subscribe to a creator’s exclusive content, you’ll enjoy the following perks during the stream:

  1. Sub-only chats. This lets you chat with a creator during a stream via the comments section. You can discuss your interests and ask them questions in real time. 
  2. Sub-only LIVE. You can enjoy special content and personal interactions when your favorite creator goes LIVE for their subscribers. 
  3. Custom emotes. You’ll get access to the creator’s custom emotes, which you can use during an exclusive broadcast.

If you want to subscribe to a LIVE, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the creator’s profile page.
  2. Tap the LIVE subscription button below their bio.
  3. Tap Subscribe. 
  4. Select a subscription plan, then tap Subscribe.

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Promote Meaningful Interactions With Your Fans for Higher Engagement

We have all seen brands and creators doing crazy stuff for the sake of views and engagement. While going viral can give you impressive numbers and put you in the spotlight temporarily, it does not guarantee consistent and quality engagement. Regular and meaningful engagement can only come from your community of dedicated followers.

Hopping on trends and doing something outside your comfort zone are effective strategies for increasing visibility. But your bread and butter on TikTok is content that caters to your core community’s interests. Building an online presence requires a delicate balance between not “missing the forest for the trees” and vice versa. This means knowing how to switch from larger goals or targets to smaller and more essential ones. 

Make sure you develop a TikTok SEO strategy that allows you to target a wider audience — particularly users who have yet to discover you. At the same time, your strategy should not neglect the content preferences of your existing followers. 

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