What Is Spam Likes on TikTok? Avoid Spam and Spamming

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2024

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Nobody online is safe from spam. It’s a ubiquitous nuisance, at the very least, or a dangerous security risk, at worst. If you’re a regular social media user, chances are good that you’ve encountered spam in one form or another. What is spam likes on TikTok? Can you minimize your exposure to spamming on the platform? 

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What Is Spam Liking on TikTok? 

Spam liking on TikTok refers to the indiscriminate and excessive liking of videos within a short period. On the other hand, spam likes may also refer to likes from spam or fake accounts. 

On the internet, spam typically comes as an email message sent randomly to many recipients. Users may receive spam messages on social media in their inboxes or in comment replies. Spam messages often invite the recipients to click/open a link. 

Social media platforms have given spammers more opportunities to, well, spam people. Spam accounts are prolific across all platforms. These are fake accounts often under the control of a single or small group of individuals. The main purpose of these accounts is to spam-like posts, spam follow/unfollow accounts, post spam comments, and send spam messages.   

A spam like on TikTok may be any of the following:

  • It may refer to a like from a fake account
  • If your videos receive numerous from the same unknown account, especially if the likes come in quick succession. 
  • If the liker doesn’t seem to be watching your videos in full but likes them one after the other.
  • If a creator or brand boosts their video likes with fake numbers.
  • If a legitimate TikTok user scrolls quickly through their feed and hits the like button indiscriminately or randomly

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What Is Spam Likes on TikTok? What To Do About Them

Is it bad to receive too many likes too quickly for a single TikTok video? Should you feel proud or suspicious if an unknown user likes every single video on your page? Find out what happens when you have spam likes and what to do about them. 

When You Receive Spam Likes

Receiving too many likes too quickly for a single video may alert TikTok to possible spam activity. If you bought thousands of likes and received them in a single delivery, you’ll catch the attention of the TikTok police. 

The same thing would happen if an ill-intentioned individual sends you the likes. TikTok, and even your followers, will likely see this as an attempt to seed your numbers superficially. 

If an unknown user likes every video on your page, you may have a new number-one fan or a spam liker. 

When TikTok detects spam likes, it promptly removes the fake numbers. This may mean you’ll experience a big drop in engagement numbers. This, in turn, will affect the relevance and reach of your content. 

If your account has too many spam likes, you may also receive a TikTok shadowban. A shadowban is a temporary and “veiled” restriction on your account and videos. You may have significantly reduced reach and visibility on feeds and in searches. None of your new posts may be visible to your followers — while the shadowban is in force. 

If you have a spam-liker, you may also expose your fans to the spammer. Soon, you may see spam comments on your videos, as well. The presence of spammers will negatively impact your fans’ TikTok experience when they engage with your content.

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How To Stop Spam Likes on TikTok

You can’t possibly check every single like you receive to make sure it’s from a real account. But when you do detect spam likes, you can take the following steps:

  1. Check out the liker’s profile to determine if they’re a legitimate TikTok user. If the account looks suspicious and they’re following you, you should consider removing them from your follower list
  2. If you want to stop the account from seeing and engaging with your account and posts, you should block them
  3. You can also report a spam account to TikTok. 

Limiting who can interact with you on TikTok can minimize your exposure to spam accounts. Here’s how to stop spam likes on TikTok and other spam engagement:

  1. Make your account private. This way, you’ll have to approve every follower request. Only your followers can see and engage with your account and posts
  2. Manage your comments section. Limit video comments to only your followers or followers you follow back. Filter selected comment types. You can filter spam comments so they don’t appear in your video’s comments section. 
  3. Limit who can mention and tag you in posts and comments. 
  4. Limit who can send you direct messages. 
  5. Turn on notifications for likes, comments, and other interactions so you can keep track of them. This way, you’ll also know right away when there’s suspicious activity in your account. 

TikTok “Too Fast” Error Message

If you receive a message from TikTok that says, “Tapping too fast,” it means you’ve been liking videos too quickly. TikTok may flag your liking spree as spamming. As a consequence of spam liking, TikTok may deactivate your account for 24 hours.

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Keep Your TikTok Community Safe From Spam

The consequences of spam liking do little to deter spammers. It’s too easy to create new, fake accounts, after all. So, how do you keep yourself and your community from nuisance and dangerous spammers?

Understanding “What is spam likes on TikTok?” will help you clear off activities that TikTok identifies as possible spamming. While you can’t completely avoid spam, maintaining an interest-driven community ensures a safer experience for everyone. 

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