Why Is My TikTok Under Review?

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Last Updated: May 21, 2024

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After hours of editing and perfecting your latest TikTok video, you’re finally ready to share it with the world. With bated breath, you hit the post and wait for the video to finish uploading. Then, a pop-up message on your screen extinguishes your hopes and dreams of achieving viral status. The message says, “Your video is under review.” Frustrated, you scream at your phone, “Why is my TikTok under review?”

Don’t panic. There might be a simple reason for this. Let’s explore the possible answers.

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Why Is My TikTok Video Under Review? 

TikTok must ensure that new posts comply with the platform’s Community Guidelines and are eligible for the For You feed. The content review process is SOP for all new posts.

After you hit the Post button, TikTok’s algorithm also performs a quick video analysis. It analyzes the content itself (including the sound, effects, and filters you use) and the hashtags and keywords in your caption. This is how TikTok determines which types of audiences may find your content interesting.  

If you receive a “TikTok video under review” message, the reason depends on what kind of post is under review: 

  1. Is it a new post?
  2. Is the post several hours or days old?
  3. Is it a video that’s quickly gaining popularity and getting more views and engagement?

What does it mean if you receive the message for an older post: “This video is under review TikTok”? Why is the video undergoing a secondary review? The most likely reason is that somebody reported the content for a violation. 

Check the notification for a specific reason. You should also review the video yourself. You can always submit an appeal if you believe TikTok made a mistake.  

If your video suddenly becomes popular, TikTok reviews it again to ensure the engagement is legit. 

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What Happens When TikTok Finds Your Content Ineligible for the For You Feed?

Why is TikTok not showing my videos? Videos that violate Community Guidelines are ineligible for the For You feed, and TikTok promptly removes them. When this happens, TikTok notifies the account that posted the content and allows them to appeal the decision. 

You’ll find notifications about content violations and removal in your Inbox>Activities>All activity>From TikTok

Remember that TikTok keeps count of an account’s content violations. Each violation earns you a strike against your account. The threshold for strikes depends on the policy area under which the violation falls or the severity of the violation. When you reach the threshold, TikTok may:

  • Temporarily restrict your access to an app feature related to your violation
  • Permanently ban your account.

Take note that strikes on your account expire after 90 days.  

How Long Are Videos Under Review on TikTok?

After hitting the Post button, you’d typically receive the message that says your upload was successful in less than a minute. Keep in mind, however, that a slow internet connection may also cause upload delays. 

If you confirm that TikTok is reviewing your video for a possible violation, the process typically lasts up to 48 hours.

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Why Is My TikTok Under Review? How To Avoid Posting Delays on TikTok 

Why is my Tik Tok video under review? How do I avoid delays in video uploads? Make sure you’re familiar with the platform’s Community Guidelines, specifically pertaining to For You feed content eligibility. 

While TikTok’s user base now covers all age groups, it still skews towards the younger demographic. This is one of the reasons that TikTok takes user safety very seriously. Below are the types of content you should absolutely avoid so your content always comes through with flying colors: 

  • Offensive content, such as videos that show graphic content from accidents or content that promotes violence or illegal acts.
  • Harmful content, including video challenges that may cause harm.
  • Sexually explicit content, e.g., showing excessive skin or sexual acts.
  • Stolen/plagiarized content, including copyrighted music/sounds.
  • Fake content or content that promotes disinformation or unfounded information.

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How To Achieve a High Content Score: Satisfy Your Audience’s Content Needs

After you pass TikTok’s review for new posts with flying colors, you still have to pass your audience’s content standards. Will they be interested enough to 

You need two things to get the results you want. First, you must create content that aligns with your target audience’s interests and satisfies their needs. Second, you need to optimize your post to help TikTok identify the right viewers for it. 

You need to reach people who are already interested in what you have to offer. You must place your content in front of viewers who will appreciate its value. This is the surest way to convert their views into engagement. 

When TikTok finds your content eligible and publishes it on For You feeds, how will it score among viewers? Will they watch your video all the way through? Will they hit your like button, post a comment, or share your post? “Why is my TikTok under review?” If you have to ask this question, you can expect delays in views and engagement. 

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