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Last Updated: May 21, 2024

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Staying active on TikTok requires posting videos regularly. Establishing a regular posting schedule is crucial to staying relevant and keeping your audiences interested. But what will help you gain active TikTok followers? How do you build an engaged community that will keep your TikTok busy?

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Follower Activity TikTok: How To Fuel and Sustain Engagement

How do you fuel and sustain follower activity on TikTok?

On social media, keeping audiences engaged is the golden ticket to lasting success. But first, you must get your content in front of interested audiences. Without audience interest, your content will quickly get lost in the blur of swiped feeds. Fortunately, TikTok’s For You algorithm does an excellent job of matching content with users who are likely to enjoy them. It’s much easier to get views on TikTok than on other platforms. This means it’s also easier to gain active TikTok followers.

To build an engaged TikTok community, you need to prioritize these two goals:

  1. Understand your target audience’s interests; and
  2. Consistently produce and post videos that appeal to these interests.

Remember that the algorithm recommends videos based on a user’s interests. The system effectively helps creators find suitable audiences for their content. You must focus on achieving the above goals to get on the right For You feeds. Audiences become engaged followers when they like what they see.

The next important step is figuring out when and how often you should post content. You want your followers to see and engage with every new video you share. Aside from giving them content they’ll like, you should post your content to coincide with their TikTok activities. Your targeted content will help you find new organic followers while also satisfying your existing community’s needs. Your regular posting schedule will help you stay visible and relevant and sustain your community’s interest and engagement.

How To Know When Your Followers Are Active on TikTok

Knowing your target audience will help you develop an optimized content strategy. Understanding your existing audience’s TikTok behaviors is just as crucial to keeping active TikTok followers stimulated. You want to be able to reach your followers when they’re active on TikTok. Their TikTok hours are your window of opportunity to keep them invested in your content. If you’re looking at how to know when your followers are active on TikTok, here are your best options.

Track Active TikTok Followers Through Activity Status

To keep your active TikTok followers engaged, you need to create content that resonates with them. You should also be able to give them what they want when they want it.

You can do some old-fashioned investigative work to discover when your mutual followers are active on TikTok. The Activity Status feature shows you when somebody is active or was last active on the platform. There are two caveats, however:

  1. You can only see the activity statuses of mutual followers. Mutual followers are people you’re following and who are following you back. 
  2. Both you and your mutual followers must enable the Activity Status feature.

When you and your mutual followers have this feature enabled, you’ll be able to see when they’re online on TikTok. Your mutual followers will also be able to see your active status. You’ll see how long ago they were active when they leave the platform. By keeping a record of their active hours, you can schedule your posts to coincide with their TikTok schedule.

To see a mutual follower’s active status:

  • Look for the green dot on their profile picture. The green dot may still appear for some time after they become inactive. 
  • A mutual follower’s active status will also be visible in your inbox and message threads. 
  • You’ll also see their active status when you tag them in a comment or video.

To see a mutual follower’s last active status:

  • When a mutual follower becomes inactive, a timestamp estimating when they were last active will show beside their profile picture. 
  • You’ll also see their last active status in your inbox and message threads. 
  • TikTok displays a person’s last active status for a maximum of two days. If a user has been inactive for more than two days, you won’t see the last active status timestamp.

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Track Active TikTok Followers Through Analytics

A meaningful connection with your audience is more than possible when you share their ideals, passions, aesthetics, etc. Synchronizing your TikTok activities with theirs will help you become even more connected. Closely monitor your analytics to get more detailed insights about your active TikTok followers.

Follow these steps to access analytics:

  1. Go to your Profile and tap the Menu in the upper right. 
  2. Tap Creator Tools. 
  3. Select Analytics.

These are the sections you should check to view and analyze your followers’ activities through your posts:

  • Under Overview, the video view graph will show you when you received the highest number of views. Compare your video views per week to identify which days of the week are ideal for posting content. 
  • Within the Content tab, you’ll find extended data and analytics for each of your videos. Identify the videos that received the most views, likes, comments, and shares and check the day and time you posted them. 
  • Check the Followers tab to get more specific data about your community. Within the Followers tab, you’ll see when your followers are most active and where they come from.

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Track Active TikTok Followers via Accounts Similar to Yours

If you’re determined to track active TikTok followers, find videos and accounts similar to yours. The quickest way to do this is by visiting the profiles of creators and brands in the same niche/industry. And then follow these steps:

  1. Tap one of their recent videos and check the timestamp for when they posted the video. You won’t see an actual time; the timestamp will say how many hours ago the video was shared. 
  2. Tap the Comments. Browse through the comments and take note of the timestamps for each. 
  3. Repeat the process with other videos.

Compare the timestamps of when the video was posted and when they received the most comments. From these times, you should be able to determine when the video reached the most audiences.

You should also compare videos shared on different days to get a clearer picture of the highest reach and engagement. You can mirror the posting schedules of similar accounts to see if you’ll get the same results.

Can You Buy Active TikTok Followers?

Can you buy active TikTok followers? Tons of sites promise to deliver “real followers” and “active followers” (which they sometimes refer to as “premium followers.”) Keep in mind, however, that these “active” or “premium” followers only refer to how real the followers’ profiles look.

“Active/premium” followers have TikTok profiles showing profile pictures and a fair level of TikTok activity. When you visit these profiles, you may see recent or old posts, which may also show some views and engagement. This category of followers costs more than regular follower packages.

You can still buy followers to boost your follower count. But don’t let the “active” label mislead you. You can’t expect the followers you buy to interact with your videos. More often than not, these followers are fake accounts or bots.

There are ways to get real results from the followers you buy and grow your fanbase with active TikTok followers. Find out the pros and cons of using growth marketing services. You must understand how the TikTok algorithm works to make it work in your favor and reach a wider audience. You must know how to improve your content strategy to draw the right audiences and foster organic growth.

Before shopping for followers, make sure you already have a dedicated community. At the very least, have a targeted content strategy to convert new profile visitors and video views into real followers.

How To Get Active Followers on TikTok

Building and sustaining an engaged TikTok community is a two-way street. If you want active TikTok followers, you have to give them something worth talking about and sharing. If you want your followers to give you consistent engagement, you have to deliver compelling content consistently. Do you want to know how to get active followers on TikTok? These best practices will help you generate enthusiasm and start conversations.

Get Active TikTok Followers By Focusing on Your Niche

Find your niche on TikTok, and you can expect steady organic growth with genuinely interested followers.

TikTok niches are especially helpful when you’re still trying to find solid footing on the platform. More often than not, any TikTok niche already has a dedicated following. And because it has a more specialized focus, the competition is often less fierce. You’ll have an easier time establishing yourself in your chosen niche than on the larger stage of your industry.

Find a niche that aligns with your voice, identity, specialty, and other relevant interests. Choose three to five categories within your niche that will highlight your strengths and uniqueness as a creator.

Learn as much as you can about your niche community. Find out what types of content they enjoy. Check out creators similar to you and identify their most popular posts. See what hashtags they’re using in these posts. Read the comments section to get a good feel for their audiences’ sentiments.

Develop an optimized content strategy for your niche audience. Experiment with different video styles and find out which ones have the most audience appeal. Use your analytics to keep track of your video performance and audience engagement. Once you nail down a content strategy that delivers your desired results, just stick with it. TikTok’s For You algorithm will deliver your content to users who will likely enjoy your videos and become active followers.

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Get Active TikTok Followers With the Power of Sound

The TikTok experience is not complete without the sound on. Leverage the power of sound to get active TikTok followers and remain visible and relevant in your community.

Explore the various ways to find trending sounds on TikTok. What are your target audiences listening to or dancing to? What sounds are industry influencers and brands using to set the mood for their videos? Is there an emerging music artist or a breakthrough song you can introduce to your followers?

Whether you’re creating organic or sponsored content, make full use of TikTok’s Commercial Music Library. Always give your viewers the sound-on option for an enhanced TikTok experience. Even if you don’t use a trending song, adding sound can help you communicate your message more effectively. If you want your audience’s full attention, give them something to watch AND listen to.

Get Active TikTok Followers Through Collaborative Tools

TikTok thrives on collaboration. The platform’s diverse collaborative tools serve as bridges to larger audiences. Work with the right creator/business, and you’d connect with users who’d be thrilled to discover you and become followers.

Anybody can engage in video collaborations through Duet, Stitch, or trending challenges. Creators can land brand deals, and brands can discover suitable creators for their campaigns on Creator Marketplace. The new Creative Challenge gives creators free rein in creating campaigns for brands.

Whether it’s influencer marketing or a Stitch video, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with potential new active TikTok followers. Do you want to participate in a trending challenge or a brand’s creative challenge? Either way, you can get rewarded with increased exposure and engagement.

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Connect With Active TikTok Followers With Every Video

Creators who are struggling to connect with suitable audiences on social platforms can find greater success on TikTok. Connecting with active TikTok followers is easy once you figure out your target audience’s sweet spot.

On other platforms, competing with profiles with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers is next to impossible. It doesn’t matter if your content is as good as or better than that of big-name creators. Other algorithms favor popularity in terms of follower numbers over audience interest. On TikTok, it’s the other way around. The For You recommendation algorithm lives up to its name. It recommends videos that creators make “for you” — based on your expressed interests and TikTok activities.

So as long as you produce properly targeted content, TikTok’s algorithm will deliver it to interested audiences. As long as you create videos that satisfy your target audience’s needs, you can convert views into active TikTok followers.

Consistency in content quality and value and posting schedule will guarantee sustained audience interest. This, in turn, will help you stay relevant amidst the fiercely competitive creator economy. Build your community on a foundation of connected minds, values, aesthetics, etc., to kickstart your TikTok growth the right way. You can also enhance your audience-targeting precision by teaming up with a TikTok expert like High Social.

Leverage High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI tool to target active TikTok followers effectively. Rest assured that your videos will find their way to the feeds of interested viewers. Sign up for a High Social plan to experience sustained growth and sustain high audience engagement. Start growing your TikTok today!

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