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Last Updated: May 10, 2024

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When a baddie walks into a room, everybody pays attention. They’re not always stunningly beautiful or impressively lavish and are not your typical “badass” babes. What makes people stop and stare is their electric confidence and can-do attitude. Their baddie aesthetic completes the whole package. So, how do you achieve the baddie TikTok style?

What Is a Baddie TikTok Aesthetic?

Different beauty gurus and fashionistas on social media platforms have different answers to the question, “What is a baddie TikTok aesthetic?” Some describe it as a “perfectly groomed style.” It can be a bold and fashion-forward look. You can be a TikTok baddie with a glamorous ensemble. Whatever your vibe, being a baddie is about self-confidence, fierceness, and a fearless attitude.

The baddie aesthetic dates back to the early 2010s when Instagram introduced it as a fashion and style subculture. We can thank African-American women for popularizing the baddie aesthetic on social media as a positive attitude toward femininity. 

You can be a baddie in any fashion style you choose. The key is to own it — to look your absolute best by being unapologetic about your aesthetic. 

You can be ultra-feminine, sporty, or daring and sexy. Step out in a shabby chic outfit or in flawless sophistication. Wear the latest styles from head to toe, or choose a vintage baddie ensemble. Manifest your female dominance your way in true baddie style! 

How To Be a Baddie TikTok

Edgy or classy, preppy or feisty, choose your vibe and wear it with 100% effortless confidence and swagger. Do you want to know how to be a baddie on TikTok? It’s somewhere between the mob wife aesthetic and the Barbiecore aesthetic. You can’t go wrong by mirroring the styles of Zendaya, Rihanna, or Kylie Jenner. They can wear anything and slay it! 

TikTok baddies are women oozing with confidence and fearlessness. They have absolute self-respect and don’t need other people’s approval to feel good about themselves. They embrace their uniqueness and femininity without compromising their sense of empowerment. 

They channel their can-do attitude through their everyday choices, big and small. You can easily spot a baddie by how they carry themselves, regardless of their sense of fashion. 
The baddie aesthetic can apply to almost all types of fashion. Most styles demonstrate the streetwear elements of hip-hop and urban culture. But you can also achieve a luxurious baddie look with a fancy, chic, and perfectly put-together outfit. Just as they’re willing to take risks to achieve their goals, baddies are unafraid to stand out with their fashion choices.

How To Reveal Your Inner Baddie

For some people, being a baddie comes naturally. For others, dressing the part helps. And then there are also those whose inner baddie may still need a bit of prodding and decking out. So, what does it take to capture the baddie aesthetic? Here are some quick tips:

  1. Develop your sense of style. Find a fashion style that defines and highlights your personality and own it. This means being comfortable in the clothes you wear. Your clothes should make you feel good and confident. If this means revealing a lot of skin or dressing yourself in head-to-toe fashion-forward pieces, then go for it. 
  2. Wear makeup for authentic self-expression and not as a camouflage or mask to hide behind. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different makeup looks and techniques. Again, choose one that reveals more of who you are. Your makeup should enhance your natural features and suit your overall aesthetic. You can highlight your eyes with bold eyeshadows or make a bold and sultry statement with the right lip color. 
  3. Wear your aesthetic with confidence. This is a must. If you’re still nurturing your self-confidence, you can fake it until you make it. Dressing the part certainly helps. Learn body language that demonstrates healthy self-esteem. Stand tall, keep your back straight and your head up, and walk with purpose. 

Baddie Usernames for TikTok 

As a creator who wants to build up a baddie reputation, you’ll need a profile that instantly lets people know that’s who you are. 

If you already have the aesthetic and attitude down pat, the next step is giving your TikTok profile the same “baddie treatment.” Your TikTok image has to look as unapologetically bold and self-assured as you are IRL. 

Is your page about your own brand of baddie approach to life? Or are you a fashion influencer passionate about promoting confident and bold femininity through baddie content? Projecting the right image starts with some great ideas for baddie usernames for TikTok!

  • Chicbaddie or poshbadie
  • Swaggerchick or girlyrebel
  • Bubblybadass or charmingvixen
  • Stylishsiren or stylishsensation
  • Glamgoddess or sophisticatedsiren
  • Fashionablyfierce or poshprovocateur
  • Dapperdiva or charmingchic

TikTok Baddie Inspiration

Do you need more TikTok baddie inspiration? These famous TikTok creators are known for different things, but they have the baddie confidence and attitude in common. Check them out to get a more definitive idea of what it means to be a baddie on TikTok:

  1. @charlidamelio
  2. @addisonre
  3. @bretmanrock
  4. @avani
  5. @noahbeck
  6. @dixiedamelio
  7. @lorengray
  8. @jamescharles
  9. @itsjojosiwa
  10. @thewizardliz 

Let Your Baddie Persona Stand out on TikTok

Once a baddie, always a baddie. Even if you’re realizing this side of your personality now, TikTok is the perfect place to develop it and express it.

You can be your authentic baddie self and find a nurturing and safe community that wholly accepts you. These two things are not mutually exclusive on TikTok. Whether it’s your sense of style or overall attitude and approach to life, you’ll discover many opportunities to let your baddie persona shine. 

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