Cool PFP for TikTok: Make People Look Twice

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2024

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Have you ever picked up a book to learn more about it because the picture on the cover captivated you? How many times did you stop scrolling on social media to take a closer look at someone’s profile photo? Across all online platforms, pictures often loom large to pull audiences in. With a cool PFP for TikTok, you can stand out from the countless faces and instantly catch users’ attention. 

Find out how to pick a TikTok profile picture that screams, “Check me out!”

A woman poses for the camera as she floats in white liquid.

How Do You Pick a Profile Pic?: 5 Top Tips

How do you define a cool Tik Tok PFP? The best profile picture ideas create an immediate, memorable, if not powerful, impact on viewers. 

On Facebook, for example, you know you picked a good profile photo for your personal page if it receives tons of likes. 

In comparison, users can’t like beautiful, interesting, or cool PFPs for TikTok. However, your profile visits may give you some idea of how appealing your photo is. 

If you’re a brand or creator on TikTok, how do you pick a good profile pic? Here are five top tips:

  1. Use eye-catching colors: Don’t have a logo for your page yet? You can refer to marketing experts to help you pick eye-catching colors. Just go online, and you’ll find many tips on choosing the best color combinations for your logo. These tips are also helpful even if you’re not using a logo for your PFP. 
  2. Your brand logo: This is ideal if you’re still building brand awareness and a good following on TikTok. 
  3. Use an image that clearly reflects your identity: A distinctive image that clearly and authentically represents who you are is a great choice for creator pages. Choose a photo that sums up what people can expect from you, whether you’re using a personal photo, an avatar, or an object. 
  4. Use editing tools to enhance your photo’s visual appeal: Explore TikTok’s innovative tools or try photo-editing apps. Get inspiration from top influencers in your niche or your favorite personalities. Or hop on the latest photo editing trend on TikTok
  5. Use a high-resolution image: You should also use the right TikTok dimensions for profile pics to preserve image quality when you upload.  

A woman kisses her dog.

Cool TikTok PFPs: 6 Ideas for Various Themes

Remember that your TikTok profile picture appears within a circular frame. Whatever image you choose, ensure all the essential elements are visible within the frame. 

Check out these six cool PFP TikTok ideas to help you select a striking image for your page. 

1. A Picture in Motion

A picture that shows you in action is perfect if you’re adventurous or into physical activities. 

A picture in motion can show you jumping rope, surfing, or dancing. You can also showcase your quirky side with an image of you doing something fun, like jumping in a muddy puddle. 

A woman performs an acrobatic dance on a pole.

2. Capture Your Passion

Are you creating content around something you’re passionate about? Does your passion define your personality? Take a photo of yourself engaging in your favorite activity or showcasing your skill. Create the right setup for your image, or find a location with a nice backdrop. 
A candid shot while you’re at work would be a great PFP if you’re a makeup artist. If your passion is reading, you can take a picture of yourself with a book in a field of flowers. Are you an interior designer? Create a before-and-after collage of your best work. Again, always mind the framing of your picture, especially when you want to include many elements.

A man paints a clay vase as it turns on a pottery wheel.

3. Create Your Likeness

If you’re an artist, create a self-portrait. Or turn yourself into a caricature, an avatar, or an anime character. Tons of online editing tools let you convert an ordinary photo into something artistic. 

Using your artistic likeness as a profile photo is a great choice for gamers, graphic artists, or traditional artists.

A painting of a woman’s eye.

4. Breathtaking Wonders

Take people’s breath away with a picturesque landscape, a stunning skyscape, or a macro-image of a flower. This is a great choice for photographers or travel influencers. It’s important to use photos you shot yourself. 

Avoid using stock images, or you’ll be risking copyright violations. On the other hand, copyright-free stock images have the downside of appearing everywhere online.

A woman stands in front of towering waterfalls.

5. Beauty Shot

A beauty shot does not always mean a close-up shot of a face. And you don’t have to be a professional model or a beauty influencer to use a beauty shot. You can also take a beauty shot of a product or scene. The “beauty” refers to the photo’s emphasis on the subject matter’s attractive qualities. 

You can highlight your desired aesthetic or style when taking a beauty shot. Ensure proper framing and that the image is relevant to your page and target audience on TikTok. 

A close-up shot of a woman wearing bold and colorful makeup.

6. Tell a Story

Create a narrative with an editorial-style image. Focus on the mood or tone you want to convey. For example, if you’re an acoustic music artist on TikTok, you can take a photo of yourself with your guitar. 

Choose a darkly shadowed room to express melancholy. Or shoot the photo outdoors during sunset to convey warmth.

A man pulls his luggage as he walks on a deserted road.

Let Your Profile Picture Say a Thousand Words

On TikTok, a person’s PFP appears rather inconspicuously in a small, round frame on top of a post’s react buttons. On a profile page, the profile photo takes a more prominent spot at the top. However, it is still smaller than the videos below it. 

Your PFP is often the first thing profile visitors look at. They might glance at it briefly — nonchalant and unimpressed — before browsing through your videos with little to zero expectations. Or your image can make them excited to see what else you have to offer. Ideally, your TikTok PFP should have the latter effect. 

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