Buy TikTok Fans: The Hows and Where of Purchasing Followers

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Last Updated: May 21, 2024

TikTok Growth

Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

If most of your biggest competitors have bought TikTok followers, should you buy TikTok fans, too? Can you increase and sustain organic growth with purchased followers? How can you derive real benefits from this shortcut to growth? Let’s answer these questions and more!

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Should You Buy TikTok Fans?

Buying followers has become common, from regular users to influencers and celebrities across all social media platforms. Building a social media presence often feels like competing in a popularity contest. More often than not, your follower count is just a vanity metric. A high follower count makes a better first impression than a low one. Do you want to get a leg-up on the competition when it comes to having that initial wow factor? Purchasing followers is one way to do it.

The accurate measure of your performance, however, is your engagement. You can have thousands of followers. But, if only a handful of them interact with you, your popularity is merely cosmetic. On the other hand, shouldn’t you also enhance your “facade” to get the attention of potential followers? If everybody else is doing it, you wouldn’t want to be left behind, right?

Here are valid reasons to purchase followers from a TikTok growth service:

  • You want to make a good first impression on profile visitors and sway them towards hitting your follow button. 
  • You want to catch up to or stay toe-to-toe with the competition. 
  • You believe boosting your follower count will help you attract more organic followers. 
  • Your analytics show that your profile views are not converting into follows. 
  • You’ve been struggling to increase your follower numbers for months.

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How Can You Increase and Sustain Organic Growth With Purchased Followers?

Keep in mind that when you use a social media growth service, you’ll be getting fake followers. But, it is possible to increase and sustain organic growth when you take this option. 

Create Content That Aligns With Your Target Audience’s Interests

It’s easy to capture views on TikTok. Capturing your viewers’ interest is another story. The most effective way to achieve the latter is, of course, by knowing what your target audience is interested in.

Remember that when you get views, the door to your profile page is already halfway open. You want your viewers to push it all the way open, walk through, and check out what you have to offer. And you need to make sure that they’ll like what they see. Your bait-and-hook strategy requires content that’s right for your target audience. Having a decent follower count may also help convince them to get to know you more through your videos.

But more importantly, you need content that lands on their For You feeds (more on this later) and converts them into instant fans. So familiarize yourself with relevant conversations, trending hashtags, and popular sounds and effects in your niche and industry. Visit pages similar to yours and identify their most popular videos to find out what your shared audiences are currently into. Create content that resonates with your niche community so they’ll be happy to discover and follow you.

Optimize Your Content for Your Target Audience For You Feed

Making sure your videos land on the For You feeds of interested users will put your purchased followers to good use. You need real people to impress with your numbers. But not just any random user will do. You need to reach suitable viewers.

Creating content that aligns with your target audience’s interests is only one part of your organic growth equation. The other part involves TikTok SEO and For You feed optimization. When you optimize for TikTok searches, you also optimize for the For You feed. So, how do you do it?

Offer Real Value With Your Content

You don’t need a lot of gimmicks to capture engaged audiences on TikTok. The For You recommendation algorithm does a great job of matching content with interested viewers. So, that’s half the work done for you. You can ensure their engagement when you consistently offer value to your existing fans and potential new ones.

How does a high engagement help you maximize the benefits of your inflated follower numbers?

  • High engagement boosts your relevance and visibility, helping you reach even more viewers. TikTok will recommend your videos to more users who may also be interested in joining your conversations. 
  • High engagement shows profile visitors that your content is worth talking about and, therefore, provides real value to your followers. 
  • High engagement lends credibility to your impressive follower numbers. With actively engaged fans, your boosted follower count is more believable. 
  • High engagement creates a positive feedback loop. More likes and comments on your videos generate more of the same, thereby sustaining high engagement.

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Where Can You Buy Followers?

Sites that sell followers fall under the broad category of social media marketing services. They offer a full suite of growth solutions, including increasing your TikTok views, likes, comments, and shares. You only need to provide your TikTok username and email address to avail of your chosen service. You can buy followers in bulk — in any quantity you want. These sites are worth checking out.

  • InstaFollowers. Buy anywhere from 10 to 30K followers. You can choose fast delivery or slow delivery to simulate a natural increase in follower count. Your estimated delivery period would depend on the size of your purchase. The site also offers ten free TikTok followers every week. 
  • TikFame. Follower quantities range from 500 to 10K. You can increase or decrease your purchase by 100 follower increments. The site also allows you to buy likes, views, shares, and comments in a single purchase — together with your followers. 
  • SocialWick. The great thing about this site is that you can purchase a random number of followers. This will make your follower growth look even more natural compared to increasing your numbers by whole numbers. Specify any number between ten and 100k followers, and just provide your username.
  • TikFuel. Try this site if you want followers delivered quickly. One hundred followers typically take 15 minutes to arrive, while delivery of 2,500 followers may take around 180 minutes. 
  • Social-Viral. The site offers High-quality and Active followers. High-quality followers use accounts with profile pictures but no TikTok activity. On the other hand, active followers use accounts with profile pictures and some TikTok uploads. Active followers cost more, but they often pass casual inspection — in case some profile visitors decide to do a bit of investigative work.

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Know the Benefits and Risks of Buying Fans

What do you need to know before buying followers? What are the benefits and risks of inflating your numbers?

Ten Tips When Buying Followers

Here are ten tips to keep in mind when purchasing TikTok fans.

  1. Avoid instant delivery for big purchases. Find a service that allows you to receive a big-volume order in small batches. 
  2. Always increase your follower count by small increments to simulate natural growth. 
  3. Whenever possible, split the delivery of your purchase over several hours or days, depending on the quantity. 
  4. If staggered delivery is not an option, buy small follower quantities instead. Wait a few hours or a day between purchases. 
  5. Avail of a free trial to test drive the service. Free follower offers also typically come with only 10 or 25 free followers. This means you won’t be increasing your count too much and too quickly. 
  6. If your budget permits it, get “premium/active” followers. Although they’re still fake followers, they can pass casual scrutiny. They often feature people in their profile pictures and show recent profile activity. 
  7. Don’t get more followers than your total number of views. 
  8. Don’t get more followers than your total number of likes. 
  9. Consider also purchasing views and likes to correspond with your increase in followers. Remember to keep the numbers random. 
  10. Don’t overly rely on this shortcut to growth. Remember that your purchased followers only have a minimal role in your strategy. You only need them to make a good first impression. You should be able to back up your simulated popularity with quality content.

Weigh the Benefits and Risks of Inflating Your Follower Count

Buying fans offers some short-term benefits, but you can maximize these benefits with a well-developed growth strategy in place. When you inflate your numbers, profile visitors need a good reason to believe why you have so many followers. They’re not just going to look at your follower count; take it at face value and hit your follow button. They’ll want to see why so many people are following you. This means they’ll check out your videos and comments. They might even look at your follower list and investigate those whose profiles look iffy.

And if you’re a creator or brand looking for a collaboration, potential partners will dig even deeper. They’ll want to make sure you’re not padding your account with fake followers. So, if you have purchased followers in the past, consider removing them so as not to compromise any potential collaboration. 

TikTok prohibits the artificial inflation of followers and engagement. If the platform detects such activities, it promptly removes the faked followers and engagement. TikTok does not outwardly state that it bans accounts that use fake followers. However, you may experience reduced visibility and reach if the platform identifies fake followers in your account.

Users are also more discerning these days when it comes to identifying accounts with bought or fake followers. You may lose potential followers if they discover you’re inflating your numbers. You may even lose your existing fans because authenticity and credibility are a huge deal to TikTok users.

This is why increasing your follower count slowly and by small numbers is essential. You don’t want to alert the algorithm and users to what you’re doing. Don’t be greedy and impatient. And make sure you have quality content to back up your numbers. Be smart when buying followers.

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Growing Your TikTok Community With Highly Interested and Engaged Fans

On TikTok, growing your community is less of a hit-or-miss approach than it is on other social platforms. You can produce your most awesome piece of content yet. However, it won’t do you any good when the platform’s algorithm doesn’t pick it up. 

As a creator or brand on TikTok, you still need to use the hit-or-miss strategy. But you only need it to develop the ideal optimization technique and reach and engage your audiences. You won’t have to worry about figuring out the TikTok recommendation algorithm to make it work in your favor. TikTok designed its algorithm to satisfy every user’s content consumption needs. Do the same, and you’re golden.

Know what your intended audience wants, and give it to them. TikTok will find suitable viewers for it. Genuinely interested users will easily discover you via their For You feeds and through searches. TikTok is a matchmaking master — if there ever was one. Focus on creating videos catering to your community’s preferences, passions, and values. TikTok will deliver followers straight to your doorstep.

You can buy TikTok fans to enhance your appeal or sign up for a High Social plan. With High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI technology, you’ll be doubling your AI-powered, audience-targeting precision. High Social will help deliver your videos to the For You feeds of users who will likely become lifelong fans. Start growing your TikTok today!

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