Can You Schedule TikTok Videos? Yes, and This Is How!

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Last Updated: Apr 04, 2024

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The content creators want to save time and wonder, “Can you schedule TikTok videos?” They want to create video content efficiently. Does this sound like you? TikTok may seem like a place for mindless scrolling to some. To others, it’s a goldmine. 

You haven’t maximized what you can do on the internet till you’ve used this feature.

Keep reading this article if you want to learn how to use this feature for your social media posts.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Videos on TikTok 

Now you know the answer to “Can you schedule videos on TikTok?” You might still be wondering if this is the right move for you. We don’t know the type of content that you create. We also don’t know the audience that you cater to. However, we can explain why scheduling content is an excellent idea.

1. It Helps To Organize Your Content

If you take content creation seriously, you can’t just post all willy-nilly. You will need a plan of action to maximize your growth potential. A degree of organization will have to go into sharing your content.

You need to be willing to set aside time to create a content calendar. Then, you can map out everything you want to share with your followers over the next few weeks or months. That way, you have an idea of the content you want to create. When you are ready to record, you will always know what to work towards. 

2. You Keep People Engaged, Even When You Aren’t Online

You can avoid going online and apologizing to your followers for not posting. This way, they won’t forget that you exist. You can send a little reminder, now and then, in the form of a scheduled post to remind them you’re still on TikTok. This is a good reminder for the TikTok algorithm as well.

When you don’t post, you miss out on viral opportunities. If you have a dormant page, TikTok has nothing to promote. Share new content regularly to give yourself the best chance at reaching more followers. Make sure that your followers always have something to engage with.

3. It Saves Time

Creating content when you don’t have a plan in mind takes a lot of time. This is why it is great to have a set time for content creation. Knowing that you have a video that will go live frees up time to do something else. You could host a live stream or work on your pitch to brands.

You could also take a well-deserved break. Remember that rest is also productive. Knowing that your page is on autopilot should make you feel relaxed. You will come back to your page rejuvenated and eager to create more content.

Reasons Why Scheduling May Not Be for You

For some people, it’s not a question of, “Can you schedule posts on TikTok?” This is because not all of TikTok’s features work well with all TikTok accounts. You might already be thinking about how appropriate it will be to use this scheduling feature. We will give you some instances where this feature may not fit well with followers. 

Your Page Prioritizes Current Events

News outlets know that people come to TikTok to learn about current events. Who is going to sit down and watch the news? Why would you trust them when you could just wait for your favorite TikTok creator to cover the news item? They can talk about the news in a way that you understand. Some viewers trust them more than they do traditional new anchors. 

If you have a page like this, you must create content quickly. You have to keep your ear to the ground regarding what is popular at the moment. Imagine that there is a trending topic. People are waiting to hear your hot take. Instead, you share a TikTok with nothing to do with the topic. It will come off as random. 

At worst, your post could be tone-deaf in light of a sensitive political climate. Planning may not work out for you in these circumstances.

It’s Not Trend-Sensitive

To grow on TikTok, you must pay attention to TikTok trends. There are TikTok challenges that you could be a part of. There are viral audio clips that you could set your video to. There are so many ways to gain favor with the TikTok algorithm. Unfortunately, you may miss the mark if you plan posts in advance.

The audio that trends today may not trend in the next few weeks. The viral challenge of the month may fizzle out soon. If you want to grow, you may also have to interpolate your planned content with some real-time content. 

This Is How To Schedule TikTok Posts Using Your Laptop

Knowing how to schedule TikTok posts is a great skill to have. You will be saving yourself a lot of time in no time. Let’s do it the right way. Here are the steps to schedule posts on a laptop:

  1. Go to the TikTok website on your favorite web browser.
  2. Choose the Cloud icon in the top right corner of your screen. 
  3. Your browser should take you to the page where you upload videos. There, you can add a full caption, including hashtags and even a cover image. 
  4. Make sure that everything is to your liking. You won’t get a chance to change anything after you schedule the post.
  5. Adjust your Privacy settings as you please.
  6. Select the Schedule button. This should be a toggle key. You can turn it off and on with a single click. When you initially see it, scheduling will be off.
  7. Select the time and date you want your video to go live on TikTok. The applicable time zone will be that of your laptop.
  8. Select Schedule.

Now you can relax for a bit. Hopefully, the content is nothing too time-sensitive. You wouldn’t want to share your views on a trending topic too late.

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Schedule TikTok Posts: Mobile Options

If you’re using TikTok, you are likely on your cell phone. The creators optimized TikTok for mobile devices, allowing you to film and edit everything with your thumb. Therefore, it may come as a surprise that the ability to schedule is just for the website.

So, mobile options are quite limited if you want to schedule TikTok posts. At least, that is as of the date of this article. Instagram allows you to easily schedule the release of videos on its app well in advance. You can also do this using your cell phone alone. 

TikTok is likely well aware of this level of flexibility. Who knows if they won’t adjust in the future? For now, you can look to your mobile device for a push notification that the video is live.

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Things To Note About Using the TikTok Scheduler

The TikTok scheduler is a game changer for so many users. However, before you think it can do anything, read this:

  • You can schedule a TikTok post up to ten days in advance: This may not seem like a long time compared to its counterpart, Instagram. At least it encourages you to create somewhat time-sensitive content. This may change in the future.
  • You have to know the optimal time to upload your video: It’s best to share this video when many people are online. That gives it the best opportunity, for you may not be available at the optimal time. This is why scheduling a post in advance is so useful.
  • It’s only an option for desktop users: There are online options that claim to allow you to use your phone, however. These are sites outside of the TikTok platform.
  • You will need to switch your account to a Business Account or a Creator Account: The account you have by default will not be able to access this tool. This is a fairly simple process, anyway. Just go to Settings, then Account to change your TikTok account type.

None of this diminishes how helpful this tool will be for many users. It’s worth giving it a try to see how it works out for your account.

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3 Tips for Scheduling in Advance

By now, you have weighed your options for using a TikTok Schedule. You decided that you want to schedule the uploading of your videos well in advance. We want you to make the best of this feature. Here are three tips that you should keep in mind.

1. Pay Attention to Your TikTok Analytics

It can be easy to think you can just sit back and relax. This is a very dangerous way to approach TikTok scheduling. You need to pay attention to how well each video is doing. With TikTok Analytics, you can decide whether to upload at the “optimal time.”

2. Plan Your Content Strategy Every Two Weeks

The app lets you schedule content up to ten days in advance. That’s just enough time for you to plan your content strategy every two weeks. In your downtime, take note of what works and what doesn’t. Use current events to inform your decisions.

3. Be Open To Adjusting 

Remember that you don’t have to stick to your original content plan. The best content strategies are the ones that can pivot. Social media is so dynamic. You will have to be able to revisit your scheduled content. Then, you will have to reassess whether something else should go live instead. 

Some pieces of content are timeless. Others may need priority uploading. It’s important to be able to know the difference. It’s still a trend-heavy platform. Prioritizing another piece of content doesn’t mean that the scheduled content can’t still go live. Perhaps you could upload them both!

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Can You Schedule TikTok Videos? Yes, but Aim for More Than That

Being able to schedule TikTok videos will help you in the long run. You can free up time to do other things that can benefit your growth. One of those things can be the implementation of more deliberate strategic growth. Consider using High Social to grow your TikTok page. 

We have the advanced targeting techniques to make it happen. So, can you schedule TikTok videos? Yes, but you can also do so much more. 

High Social can help you get followers who will engage on your page. We bring high-quality followers to your page who stick around. Start your TikTok growth journey today!

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