How To Get More Views on TikTok After Posting

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Last Updated: Jan 16, 2024

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There’s more work to do after hitting the Post button. The first hour immediately after you post a video on TikTok is crucial. This golden hour is when you can get the highest visibility, the most video views, and tons of engagement. Keep reading to find out how to get more views on TikTok after posting.

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What’s Considered a “View” on TikTok?

On TikTok, a video gets a view the very first second it plays. TikTok also counts repeat views from the same user — again, as soon as the video plays. The only exception is the views from the video’s creator. And because TikTok automatically plays videos when they pass through a user’s feed, racking up views is easier on TikTok than on other social platforms. 

TikTok also counts unique views and calculates the completion rate for each video. A unique view is a user’s first view of the video; their repeat views don’t count. The completion rate, on the other hand, is the rate at which a video receives a complete watch-through. 

You can calculate a video’s completion rate by dividing the total view count by the number of viewers who watched it in its entirety. Or you can simply check your Analytics to see each of your video’s performance metrics. 

Your view metrics indicate how popular your videos are. They also show you the range of your reach and tell you if you’re reaching the right audiences. 
If you’re getting many views but minimal engagement, you may have a problem. This happens when your video has a wide reach, but viewers don’t find it interesting enough to “like” it. It could be because you’re not reaching audiences whose content preferences align with your posts. Or maybe it is because your content is just not landing with your target audiences.

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How To Convert Views Into Engagement

Getting tons of views immediately after posting offers many engagement opportunities for your video. The busier your video gets with likes and comments, the higher it will score in relevance. TikTok will pick up on the popularity of your content and recommend it to users who may also enjoy it. 

Converting views into engagement, therefore, generates more views and higher engagement rates—or a positive feedback loop. How do you achieve this?

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Get More Views From Your Target Audience

The key to getting views that convert is developing a content strategy. Your strategy should focus on satisfying your target audience’s needs and preferences

You want your viewers to watch your video until the end. It also helps if they play it multiple times and interact with it through liking and commenting. You’ll have to give them content they’ll enjoy or derive value from to achieve this. Share content relevant to their interests, that resonates with their ideals, or addresses a need/concern. 

Quickly showing up on the For You feeds of viewers after posting means it is likely to generate early engagement. This will help you build up on its early momentum and push it to greater prominence on more feeds. 

Find Out What Makes Viral Videos Go Viral

It’s true that anybody can go viral on TikTok, but what makes a video go viral? Getting tons of views after posting increases your chance of having viral content. And having viral content creates a snowball effect on viewership and engagement. 

To get an idea of how to reach viral status, check out top-performing videos in your niche and across TikTok. Find out what they have in common. 

You can ride a video’s popularity by using it in a duet, stitch, or reaction video. Just make sure to choose content your fans will also enjoy. This way, you’ll hit two birds with one stone. You’ll generate tons of views and high engagement from your followers and new audiences.

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Update Your Content With Analytics-Derived Insights and Re-Upload It

Keep an eye on the performance of each of your videos via your Analytics. Figure out what strategies give you the best results. For example, use the most effective hashtag combinations, the most popular filters, and the best times to post. Once you’ve identified these winning strategies, select some of your most compelling videos, update them, and post them again.

How To Get More Views on TikTok After Posting: Reddit Answers

What do Redditors have to say about generating more TikTok views? Here are the top three answers for how to get more views on TikTok after posting on Reddit:

  1. Stay active on TikTok after posting: This way, you’ll be able to respond to likes and comments as soon as you get them. Engaging with likers and commenters drives more engagement and helps increase your video’s visibility. 
  2. Replicate viral videos on your For You feeds: Participate in trends as quickly as possible before new ones replace them. 
  3. Post on time: Know the best times to post on TikTok and post content regularly.

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Get Quality Views for Your TikTok Videos

Quality is almost always more important than quantity. This is especially true on social media, where brands and creators can easily manipulate their metrics. You can’t get quality engagement just from sheer numbers. Your numbers must have substance. You need genuinely interested viewers behind them. 

Likable content generates likes. Your video must be interesting enough to prompt comments and shares. This formula seems simple enough, and on TikTok, it can be. You just have to know how to match your content with users who will relate to it. The reverse also works just as effectively. You need to know what your niche community’s interests are so you can create content around them. 

If you get these two elements right, i.e., relevant content and suitable audiences, you can be successful. Quality views as soon as you post your video will be highly likely for you. Optimize your content with the right hashtags, keywords, sound, etc., and you’ll have high and quality viewership in the bag! 

Knowing how to get more views on TikTok after posting allows you to magnify your viewership. It also increases the likelihood of engagement. But it’s crucial that the users who discover your content find value in your content and point of view. 

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