How To Get More Views on TikTok and Secure Those Replays!

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Last Updated: Jun 24, 2024

TikTok Tips

Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

You are not vain for wanting to know how to get more views on TikTok. A popular video on the platform could catapult you into fame and success. You’ve seen what viral videos have done for other creators. Your view count is one of the most important metrics you could pay attention to.

While you brainstorm video ideas and increase your sound quality, let us help you. We have some great tips on securing more views on the platform.

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The How To Get More Views on TikTok Hack You’ve Been Waiting For

You can make simple tweaks to your content to get the desired results. You won’t have to be excessive to increase your views. TikTok makes it easy to increase your view count on their platform. You just need to know the methods. Here are three tips that you can incorporate over time.

1. Create a Countdown

People like to look forward to something. That goes for life and videos on TikTok. They are more likely to tune in when they know that something good is coming at the end. You don’t want people to scroll away from your video right in the middle. You’ll have to find a way to secure that view creatively. 

One way to do this is by creating a list in your video. People make a list of everything that you can think of. It’s a great icebreaker and conversation starter to find out what people value over other things. People like to watch videos that do this. 

Create your list in ascending order, leaving the most important at the end. This will allow people to become more and more intrigued. When they reach the end, they will have to see what attained the top spot on the list. This way, you secure a real TikTok view

They may even jump to the comment section while the video is playing again. They could have a passionate response that they need to tell you. This will increase your view count even more.

2. Make Better Captions

There are still some people on TikTok that read. They don’t just go on the app to watch videos. This fact means that the caption for your video needs to be well thought out. This tip helps with completion rates.

The best captions are the ones that encourage people to watch the video multiple times. Do you just write captions or encourage people to replay them? We aren’t saying that you should tell people to replay your videos. There is a creative way to strengthen that engagement rate without bluntly asking.

Drop a hint about the end of the video. Talk about something interesting that happens at the end. This could make people watch it through to see it. Before they knew it, the video started from the top again.

You can also mention something that happens briefly in the video. It could be a split-second occurrence. If so, viewers may not see it on the first watch. They may have to watch the video again to catch it. Some people won’t move on until they see what you discuss in the caption. 

Even worse, they may see people in the comment section talking about it in the video. These comments could further intrigue them to watch the video in full. They may not want to be the person left out. Adding “Comment when you see it!” to a caption could make this even better.

3. Repurpose Videos

Think about those high-quality videos in your phone gallery. The lighting was just right, and you looked perfect. You used them for a TikTok video already. But now you hear a trending sound that you also want to use these videos for. You think that it would match perfectly and the reception would be good. 

You can go ahead and use those shorter videos with a different sound. Repurposing videos to reach more people is a great tactic to excel on TikTok. There may be a specific target audience that one sound will reach while another will not. You can increase your chances of reaching everyone by using multiple audio clips. 

Do you worry that people will get tired of seeing the same clips? The audience on TikTok quickly gets over things like that. And remember that sometimes the same people don’t see the same clips. They may miss one of your videos and only see one with that clip. 

Using multiple clips is a way to reach new people. Add some creative text to the screen each time. This trick is one way to diversify the content a bit. You could mention different things on the screen each time.

Hopefully, you found a how to get more views on TikTok hack that works for you.

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How To Get More Views on TikTok After Posting Right Away!

Time is of the essence on TikTok. After all, the app gets its name from a clock. Let’s talk about how you can get video views as quickly as possible. The following is how to get more views on TikTok after posting.

1. TikTok Stories

You want your followers to know your videos exist. If they follow a lot of other creators, the chances of them seeing you will decrease. Your video could disappear in a sea of other videos.

Sometimes, you must remind them that you are still on the platform. Luckily, you have the TikTok Stories feature. This is where you put content you don’t intend to keep permanently. It is a great space to share your daily life with your followers. It’s also a great space to promote new TikTok videos that you uploaded. 

When you share a TikTok Story, your profile icon appears in the banner at the top of the screen. Sometimes, someone is more likely to see that than your TikTok video. Use the story to promote your newest video. Sometimes, people just need to know that the video exists. 

You can use creative text on the screen to make them want to watch the video. Hopefully, they will head to your page and look for the newest video you uploaded. All you had to do was use this feature. Some people forget it is also a great place to promote original content.

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2. Promote on Other Platforms

Let’s stick to the topic of promotion. Promoting on the TikTok platform is a great idea. But what about your other social media platforms? Do you have an Instagram or YouTube page as well? Some of your followers on those platforms may also follow you on TikTok. 

Some of those followers don’t even know you have a TikTok account. Some people don’t want everyone to know they have a TikTok account. They may act differently on each platform. But if you don’t have a problem, it’s time to cross-promote your content. 

Go to your Instagram account and tell everyone you uploaded a new TikTok video. Tell them that it is exclusive content just for TikTok. You can tell them you share a different side of yourself on TikTok. This tease could intrigue them to go to your page and follow you. Hopefully, they at least want to look at your TikTok videos there.

You could post TikTok videos on Instagram at first. Then, tell them to follow you on TikTok for more.

3. Do Not Buy Views 

You can take the easy way out by buying views, but you may regret it later. Do you want to appear to have more views? Or do you want to get more views? Buying views is not a sustainable way to build a following. 

Prospective followers may not fall for the trick. You could have so many views but very few comments. This looks suspicious at best. The trained user will know that the engagement that you get is not real. They may look at you like a fraud even though so many creators do it, too. 

Buying views on TikTok is not a long-term fix. It’s best to build a following and engagement organically. If you do this, you don’t have to worry that TikTok may punish you one day. Yes, this happy-go-lucky app does regulate the actions of its users now and then. 

Ensure you stay on its good side and don’t violate the Community Guidelines you signed up for. Using third-party tools to boost engagement goes against this.

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Lights, Camera, Action! How To Get More Views on TikTok Live

Is it time for your first Livestream? Maybe you’ve done it before, but you need ways to improve. Admitting that you need help is a good first step. Live streams are hard work. They take much more effort than editing videos and uploading to the platform. 

So many things could go wrong when you are speaking in real time. We hope these tips on how to get more views on TikTok live are helpful.

1. Create an Agenda

We don’t want you to run out of things to say. Awkward pauses are weird, even when staring at a phone screen. Some people may leave the stream and go elsewhere to avoid it. Pauses are a natural part of genuine conversation. But the awkward ones that go on forever make everyone uncomfortable.

To avoid this awkwardness, create an agenda for the TikTok Livestream. You may also want to go in with a list you promised your audience you would discuss. This can get people excited and ready to engage. The extra comments will attract TikTok’s attention. It may promote you to more people so that you can secure more views.

This list doesn’t always have to be something formal or rigid. Consider it an emergency backup if you run out of things to say. You want to keep your views up, so keep the conversation going. This list could include pop culture topics or conspiracy theories. You could even make thought-provoking remarks to get people to leave their comments.

2. Avoid Asking for Gifts

We know that TikTok is a great place to earn an income. Creators do it all the time and completely transform their lives. Some of them even made money from being NPC characters. However, a sector of the Internet still finds asking for gifts cringeworthy.

TikTok users know they can send you gifts. They would send you if they wanted to. Going onto a live stream where people request TikTok gifts can be a turn-off to some people. You could make a big deal when someone sends you a gift to let others know you welcome them. 

Holding back on entertaining your followers because you don’t have gifts is uncomfortable to watch.

3. Create Some Suspense 

Leave the best part of your livestream towards the end. You don’t want people to hop on, hear the tea, and then leave. You want to build up an audience. 

Ask their followers to share the live stream before you release the big news. This way, you can secure more views while you wait. Sending a gift would cost them money. But sharing it with a friend costs them nothing.

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How To Get Views on TikTok for Your Videos

Let’s increase these views even more. There are three simple ways that you could hike up that view count. You probably just don’t know they exist. Promise us that after reading this, you will incorporate them even more.

1. Use the Playlist Feature

Did you know you can create playlists on TikTok? You can organize your videos into categories of your choosing. This tip is great for the content creator who shares various types of content. You can group videos, and TikTok will play them one after the other. 

This means the viewer does not need to search for videos in a category. TikTok will play the video immediately after the other video ends. This means that you can secure views from your audience easily. You just need to categorize your videos well. With this playlist on autopilot, there is less work for you and your audience to do.

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2. Upload Often

TikTok is not the website for you to feel awkward about sharing often. It’s where people welcome oversharing and embrace the inundation of video content. Naturally, you can increase your view count by providing more videos to view. 

More videos also increase the chances of more people seeing your content. It could boost their interest in your page. They may want to view more of your content. In the end, you also rack up more views on other videos.

3. Add Hashtags

Having a good mixture of TikTok hashtags can secure a larger audience reach. People probably would enjoy your videos, but they can’t find you. The hashtags will help them to find your videos. When they see these videos, they will watch them over and over. 

This tactic is a great way to increase your view count. Just make sure you use a good mixture of these hashtags. Don’t just stick to the popular ones. Include some niche ones as well.

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Why Are My TikToks Not Getting Views? The Truth

Reasons outside of your control can lead to limited views on your videos. Do you ask, “Why are my TikToks not getting views?” We have some potential reasons here.

TikTok Shadowbanned You

Have you heard of a TikTok shadowban? It’s an unofficial ban TikTok places on your account. It’s unofficial because they don’t formally notify you that it is happening. You simply see signs of it. 

These signs could include your videos not landing on the For You Page (FYP), also known as the For You Feed (FYF). Or, there may be very limited views of your existing videos. 

You may have violated one of the Community Guidelines for them to do this to your page. Consider reaching out to TikTok to rectify the situation. A ban like this could cause serious damage to your long-term growth.

Users Are Blocking You

Maybe people are blocking your account. TikTok users can band together for a cause when they feel like it. 

Sometimes, they block certain users from getting on their FYP to make a point. This act limits the visibility of a TikTok account. It makes it harder for that account to grow. Maybe users are doing this to your page.

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We Know How To Get a Lot of Views on TikTok

We want to see those views go up! We want to see your page grow as well. We think you have quality content, and there is an audience. The tricky part is always finding that audience. They are so close yet so far. 

The tips we gave you above are great. If you use them, you will see a change in your overall TikTok performance. But there is still room for you to grow!

Consider using the services of a professional social media growth site. To see serious growth, you will need the help of sophisticated AI technology. The social media gurus High Social have that. 

We know how to draw in your dream target audience. Ultimately, this is how to get more views on TikTok: Attract the people who give you views willingly, then draw in the users who will replay your videos over and over. We can help you with that!

At High Social, we have the powerful tools to do it, and our work speaks for itself. Are you ready to grow your TikTok following? Sign up with High Social today!

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