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Last Updated: Feb 09, 2024

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Are you an avid TikTok Story viewer? Stories generate a balanced mix of curiosity and a sense of urgency, making them a highly popular content format. Like Stories on other social media platforms, these bite-sized videos expire after 24 hours. Stories also often showcase intimate or candid moments. Who can view your TikTok Stories, and can you view Stories anonymously?

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Can You See Who Views Your TikTok Story?

Yes, you can see who views your TikTok Story and who likes or comments on it. 

Stories on TikTok offer a unique opportunity for creators and brands to connect with fans more meaningfully. However, Stories don’t have a dedicated feed on TikTok. Your followers will only know that you have a Story when they see the blue highlight around your profile picture. And they’ll only see your highlighted avatar when one of your videos passes through their feed. 

So, how do you increase viewership for your Stories? Here are some tips!

  1. Create a video announcing an upcoming Story or Story series: Post a video ahead of your Story to advise your fans that you’ll post one soon. Tell them when you’ll be posting it. Ask them to set their alarms so they can look for you on their feeds or visit your profile. 
  2. Post Stories regularly: Make your Stories part of your regular viewers’ TikTok habits. Start a daily or weekly Stories cycle so your followers know when to watch for the latest one. 
  3. Post Stories at the right time: For example, when posting regular feed videos or doing a LIVE stream, share a Story when your fans are active on TikTok. Monitor your Analytics to identify the best times to post content. 
  4. Create a Story series: Keep your viewers hooked with a complete Story divided into a series of clips!

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View TikTok Stories Anonymously

For the viewers, is it possible to view TikTok Stories anonymously? There are two ways to do this. Let’s explore each option. 

TikTok Story Viewer: Watch Stories as a Guest

Don’t want to sign up for a TikTok account? You can use TikTok and watch Stories from your favorite influencers without signing up! You can do guest browsing on the platform and view TikToks anonymously. Even if you have a TikTok account, you can simply log out and explore the platform as a guest. 

As a guest, you can watch viral videos, perform searches, view profiles, and watch publicly available Stories. While browsing For You feed posts, keep your eyes peeled for the blue highlight around the creator’s avatar. The highlight means a creator has a Story you can also watch. Just tap the avatar to watch the Story. 

Because you’re a guest user, the creator won’t be able to identify you as one of their Story viewers. The only caveat is that you can only access Stories creators have made available to everyone. 

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TikTok Anonymous Story Viewer

Another way to watch Stories incognito is with a TikTok anonymous Story viewer. You’ll find plenty of third-party tools online to browse TikTok without going on the platform. 

If you want to watch Stories from certain creators, these tools also give you access as long as the Stories are public. Here are a few sites that you should check out!

  • Urlebird: Find trending content. Watch videos. Discover users and popular music and hashtags. Explore TikTok while remaining off the platform. Search using a username or hashtag. Or start browsing viral TikTok posts on the site’s home page. Keep an eye out for the blue highlight around the creator’s avatar if you want to watch Stories.  
  • Xaller: Remain anonymous while watching TikTok videos and Stories and viewing profiles. Find creators and content via the site’s search function. You can also download videos to your device without the TikTok watermark. 
  • TikTokStalk: Indulge your harmless stalking habits and discover viral content, sounds, hashtags, and more without creating a TikTok account. This site offers a great alternative if you don’t want to install the app or browse as a guest. 

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Sustain Your TikTok Story Views

Regular For You Page (FYP) TikToks can be as short as 15 seconds and as long as 10 minutes. TikTok Stories can be only up to 15 seconds in length. The short video length allows only minimal to zero editing. This limitation encourages the creation of more authentic and raw content — which often has a greater appeal to viewers. 

As with all TikTok content formats, reaching your target audience is the key to sustaining high viewership. Having high Story viewership helps generate even more TikTok Story views and engagement. Interested audiences almost always deliver engagement. And when you have good engagement, your content achieves greater relevance and higher visibility. 

If you also want your Stories to be available to a guest TikTok Story viewer, always make them available to everyone. Ensure your posts are properly optimized to rank high in searches and make your profile easily discoverable. Even those who use TikTok as guests represent potential fans. 

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