How To Get Video Clips for TikTok: Create Posts in No Time

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Last Updated: May 21, 2024

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You don’t always have to create TikTok videos from scratch. You can use video clips from other websites, edit them, and then share them on TikTok. Don’t forget proper attribution, of course! 

Using video clips can save you time and help you create engaging content your target audience will love you for. 

Keep reading to learn how to get video clips for TikTok.

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Where To Get Video Clips for TikTok

Where can you source video clips that you can repurpose for TikTok? Remember that TikTok uses the full-screen, vertical video format for its feed videos. When sourcing video clips, you should be familiar with video dimensions appropriate for the platform. Fortunately, most video editing apps provide automatic sizing for different platforms. 

Here’s a short list of popular sites that you can explore for video clips and stock footage perfect for TikTok:

  • Shutterstock
  • iStock
  • Adobe Stock
  • Motion Array
  • Pexels
  • Pixabay

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How To Get Video Clips for TikTok: Using Stock Footage

On sites like Pexels and Pixabay, you’ll find tons of footage that are free to use. You can edit and repurpose the clips as you wish and share them on TikTok and other social media platforms

Many stock footage, however, may be copyrighted and require a license to use and share. 

Footage from Shutterstock, iStock, Adobe Stock, and Motion Array are often under copyright protection and available for purchase. In addition to paying for copyrighted footage, you may also need to secure the appropriate license/s to use them. Proper attribution may also be necessary when you post the video. There may also be video editing restrictions. 

Copyright protection and penalties for copyright infringement vary per region. As a platform that promotes and nurtures originality and creativity, TikTok takes intellectual property rights (IPR) very seriously. Copyright violations will earn you an instant strike against your account. Make sure you read and understand the licensing agreement for any stock footage before using it. 

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Convert Twitch or YouTube Streams Into TikTok Videos

Do you regularly stream on Twitch or YouTube? You can convert your content into TikTok videos with the help of third-party editing tools. Sites like StreamLadder and let you instantly convert videos from streaming platforms into TikTok’s vertical format. 

You simply need to provide the video URL or upload the video to the site. These sites also offer advanced tools for a streamlined editing process. Don’t worry about optimizing your video for mobile devices. The site automatically optimizes your video for TikTok or any selected platform.

Explore the TikTok Creative Center for Video Templates

TikTok is constantly introducing new tools and features to give creators new ways to get inventive. TikTok’s own video templates are an excellent alternative to pre-made video clips/stock footage.

Video templates give you more creative freedom and let you produce content that’s uniquely your own. At the same time, editing is made easier as much of the “groundwork” has already been done for you. You don’t have to start from scratch. Just select a template, upload your video or photo/s, and do additional editing. 

You can access TikTok’s video templates in the app and via the TikTok Creative Center. 

Here’s how to use video templates in-app:

  1. Tap the Create button. 
  2. Tap Templates in the bottom right. 
  3. Select your template and follow the instructions. 

The Creative Tools in TikTok Creative Center offers even more template and editing options. Many of the available templates are perfect for commercial use, i.e., for product promotion, etc. Here’s a quick navigation guide:

  1. Go to TikTok Creative Center, hover over Creative Tools, and select Video Templates
  2. Use the Basic Filters and Advanced Filters to search for video template options. Alternatively, you can click on the categories on top to narrow down your results. 
  3. Click on any template for a quick check of how you can edit it. Click the back arrow to go back to the main templates page and continue browsing. 
  4. Once you’ve selected a template, follow the instructions to edit your video. 

If you enjoy working with templates, you should also explore CapCut — the most popular editing app for TikTok. Create your own CapCut templates, or browse through countless visually stunning video templates from other creators. 

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Use TikTok’s Creative Tools for More Views and Engagement

TikTok’s revolving door of feature updates and new tools is a testament to its commitment to support and nurture creativity. From enhancing creative capabilities to providing monetization opportunities, TikTok’s innovative offerings make it a haven for creators. 

If you’re building a personal brand or growing a business, TikTok offers the best opportunities to reach your target audience. You’ll find all the tools you need to find your niche community and engage them within the app. The platform’s interactive functionalities facilitate meaningful interactions. And its recommendation algorithm does a great job of delivering content to interested users.

You can focus most of your efforts on creating quality content. Know who your target audience is and what they want. Then, utilize TikTok’s creative tools to produce videos that satisfy their needs. Help the algorithm identify the right audience for your content through optimization, and you’re all set! 

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