How To Unfriend Someone on TikTok Without Them Knowing

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Last Updated: Feb 19, 2024

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Did you realize that an account you’re following is not right for you? Do you have a TikTok friend you don’t want to engage with anymore? Keep reading to find out how to unfriend someone on TikTok without them knowing. 

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Can Someone See If You Unfollow Them on TikTok?

Can someone see if you unfollow them on TikTok? You can rest easy if you’re worried the person will receive a notification when you unfollow them. TikTok does not notify users when somebody unfollows them. Sooner or later, however, the person may realize that you’re no longer a follower. 

Here’s how they might figure out you tapped their unfollow button:

  • When they check their follower list and don’t see your name on it.
  • When they check their following list, and it doesn’t say “Friends” beside your name — if you were following each other before.
  • When they notice that you’re no longer engaging with their content.
  • When they visit your profile and see that you’re not a follower.
  • If you’re mutual followers and you decide to unfollow the person, your posts will also disappear from their Friends feed.

What about if you block someone on TikTok? Blocking is the best option to prohibit all contact with another user completely. 

The blocked account will no longer be able to follow you. They won’t be able to send you direct messages and watch and engage with your posts, including your LIVE streams. As with unfollowing someone, the person also won’t receive a notification when you block them. 

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How To Unfriend Someone on TikTok Without Them Knowing: Unfollow in Secret

Do you want to know how to unfollow someone on TikTok without them knowing? There are two ways to unfollow a TikTok account. Let’s explore each one. 

1. Unfollow/Unfriend Someone From Your Following List

Follow these steps to unfollow/unfriend someone from your Following list: 

  1. Go to your Profile
  2. Tap Following under your profile picture. 
  3. Search for the person you want to unfollow. 
  4. Tap Following beside their name. 

2. Unfollow/Unfriend Someone From Their Profile Page

Follow these steps to unfollow/unfriend someone from their profile page:

  1. Tap the search icon. 
  2. Enter the person’s username/name in the search bar
  3. Under their profile picture, tap the person icon with the check mark.

You can also go to a person’s profile to hit the unfollow button when you see one of their video’s on your feed. Just tap the person’s username to visit their profile. 

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Restricting Access to Your Account: Exploring All Options

When should you remove people from your TikTok community? Below are instances when you should consider cleaning up your follower and following lists. 

  • When the person uses a fake account.
  • When a user posts abusive or inappropriate comments.
  • When an account shares inappropriate, fake, or inaccurate content. 
  • When an account facilitates violent, dangerous, illegal, or other prohibited behavior.
  • When an account’s posts no longer cater to your interests.

Fortunately, TikTok gives users many options to manage their privacy. You’ll find the following privacy features inside your Settings and privacy>Privacy

  • Activity status: Turn off this setting so your followers won’t know when you’re online. 
  • Suggest your account to others: Turn off this feature to restrict TikTok from suggesting your account to people in your phone, email, or Facebook contacts. 
  • Comments: Choose who can comment on your posts or filter all comments. 
  • Tags and mentions: Restrict who can tag or mention you in their posts.
  • Direct messages: Restrict who can send you direct messages.
  • Stories: Restrict who can watch and add your Stories. 
  • Duet or Stitch: Restrict who can use your videos in a Duet or Stitch. 
  • Stickers. Restrict who can use your posts to create Stickers
  • Video downloads: Turn off this feature to restrict who can download your videos and share downloads to other platforms. 
  • Following list: Make sure only you can see who you’re following on TikTok. 
  • Liked videos: Keep your liked videos private. 
  • Post views and Profile views: Turn off these features so people won’t know when you watch their videos or view their profiles. 

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Keep Your Followers Close and Engaged

How do you keep your followers interested when social media platforms have reduced viewers’ attention span to that of a goldfish? How do you keep their attention and engagement on you? How do you keep them on as loyal fans?

Make sure your followers don’t tap your unfollow button. TikTok offers useful tools to help you stay on top of trends and keep you up-to-date on your niche community’s interests. Make it a habit to visit the TikTok Creative Center to discover trending topics, hashtags, sounds, etc. 

Keep an eye on your analytics to identify strategies that deliver your desired results and to get valuable audience insights. 

Keep your focus on your core community’s content needs and preferences. Create content that resonates with them to guarantee their engagement. You will always stay relevant and highly visible if you keep them engaged. 

Do you want to know how to unfriend someone on TikTok without them knowing? Learning how to find the right audience for your content is more important when you’re a creator. 

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